What Is Happening With The Keefe Group

Based out of St. Louis, the Keefe Group has been involved with some controversies lately. The company was recently mentioned in a report from PrisonCensorship.com about bribery and kickbacks that occurred in Florida, a state where the Keefe Group supplies food to prisoners. The news reports about the incident surely has caused some embarrassment for the Keefe Group.

The Keefe Group is by no means a small operation. The company earned $40+ million through contracts signed to deliver services in a number of correctional facilities.

The Keefe Group is far from a new enterprise. The company was founded in 1975 and, since that time, the Keefe Group has supplied food, clothing, technology, and other products to the correction industry in all its forms. The reports of bribery and kickbacks are not exactly going to be helpful to the public image of the company. More incidents of this nature could even lead to the Keefe Group losing contracts, which according to Corrections.com would be a devastating blow to the company’s bottom line.

A lot of discord could emerge no matter how the legal matters related to the accusations play out. Once the public gains a distrust or distaste for a business, such feelings may roll into perceptions about the entire industry. To say this would be unfortunate is an understatement.

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