Viral Video Effect Backlash

If you are on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram you are probably no stranger to viral videos. It only takes a matter of seconds before you log onto the internet and see the newest trending video. Most recently the black lives matter movement has taken over the internet and led to many trending videos. These trending videos include videos of people such as Mike Brown being killed by a police officer when allegedly his hands were up in the air. The videos being released led to many protesting because they feel the police system isn’t like it used to be.

Recently, an article was released that mentioned the “viral video effect” it is the effect that many believe has led to a decrease in hostile police environments. It is believed that many police officers no longer use deadly force because they fear they may end up losing their jobs if they use too much force when arresting men who are in trouble with the law.

This viral video effect has slowed down police brutality but many also fear that this effect will cause police to look the other way when they see crimes occurring simply because they are afraid of the backlash.