The City Of Fife Jail Implements New Communications System

The City of Fife has replaced its old, outdated telecommunication system with an updated, user-friendly system that is far more efficient.

The state-of-the-art Nexus Inmate Communications System, courtesy of Lattice Incorporated is a more mordern system that works very well with the prison. The platform is automated and will allow inmates to communicate with loved ones.

“The new system will definitely be an improvement,” according to Lattice CEO Paul Burgess. “It will allow staff and administrators to focus on more important things.” All parties agree that effective communication to the outside world will boost morale and cause recidivism rates to drop.

“We are hoping our partnership with Fife will be a good one,” said Burgess.

Lattice Incorporated is one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the U.S., according to a report in the Corridor Business Journal. The company provides highly-secure communications systems, voicemail, mobile phones, video visitation services and other devices for correctional facilities.

“The new system has been a tremendous improvement. The old system was very outdated and we are very pleased whit the new one,” said a spokesperson for Fife.

Lattice says its customer base is growing. Beside the U.S., Lattice provides services in Canada, Japan and Europe.