Telmate Is Working To Keep Inmates and Families Connected With Use Of New Technologies

For more than a decade, Telmate has been used to create affordable yet reliable inmate calls. The inmate system offers the users a secure and monitored communication line between inmates and their loved ones. The connections that are used are meant to help keep others safe.


The use of Telmate phone calls is to help provide the jails with the intelligence they might not have within the walls of the jails by letting officials know what is going on through the calls being placed to those on the outside. The Telmate business is committed to helping to build cases and get a conviction where one is due.


The center of Telmate is to provide a solution for the industry which provides a connection between inmates and families while also helping to provide a safer environment for inmates and officials guarding them.


Telmate uses the VoIP system to keep inmates connected to those on the outside. The Voice over Internet Protocol is helping to make technology more user friendly and is using the day to day operations of the system a completely web based product.


Through the use of one touch call acceptance, the friends and family are able to accept the calls placed by the inmates and helps to make the inmate connections easier. There is also the chance that an inmate is able to leave a voicemail in case they have missed a call from their loved ones in prison.


To help make things easier on the inmates and their family, Telmate offers a variety of ways to make deposits into accounts to keep the phone lines open to inmates and families. The deposits can be made through an online deposit method, through a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users. If you want to make a payment with an operator, the use of a live agent can help to provide the assistance that they need to make a payment and through use of kiosks, the families can also make deposits into the inmates accounts.


Telmate is the most used connection method between inmates and mobile cell phone users. They also help to provide communication between international users as well as incorporating Google Voice and Skype into the methods to be used for inmates and families.