Reliable Inmate Communications Services at IC Solutions

IC Solutions is widely recognized for its reliable inmate telephony services that enable individuals and families to connect with their loved ones in incarceration environments. The firm also offers extensive inmate management solutions to enable facility officials to execute their duties more conveniently. IC Solution provides different options for its clients to open accounts and subscribe to the company services such as voice messages, phone services, real-time chats and video visitations.

The most popular services offered by IC Solutions include:

Automated Information Line

This service is a hosted Interactive Voice Response platform. It offers prompt phone responses to those questions that are often asked by inmates. The system is also handy in retrieving real-time data of the inmate about court appearances and amount of bond when merged with the Jail Management System.

Inmate Voicemail

This system is mainly used to alert inmates to new messages. It also allows them to listen to their messages.

Flexible Calling Options and Kiosks

This service connects inmates with their loved ones at IC Solutions. On the other hand, kiosks serve to collect and safeguard money for new inmates joining the facility.

Phone and Web-based Deposit Services

Through this services, inmates can receive funds from their friends and families conveniently. The facility also offers full-time customer support on payments, billing issues, queries, and accounts. IC Solutions offers a variety of account services including Debit Telephone Account, Prepaid Account, and Collect Calling. All the phone services are readily available for subscription through the company’s website, toll-free customer service line, and mail. IC Solutions offers its clients high-end technology to safeguard incarceration facilities while connecting the inmates safely. The company understands the crucial role that video visits play, especially for relatives who stay far from the incarceration facility. IC Solutions offers phone services at a call rate of 22 cents per minute. The company recently announced its plans to cut this cost to 21 cents.