Profit On Others Mistakes

One of the largest issues in America is the rate of incarceration. Our public and private prison systems are bursting at the seams. The word corruption is thrown around in both the public and private sector often in reference to the bottom line and lining pockets. However, there is light on the horizon with laws and the legislature slowly coming from the over population of the nation’s prison system.

Treatment Industrial Complex is rising up against larger private prison companies and opening facilities that focus more on mental health and addiction problems than incarceration. They are chasing prisoner reform not the bottom line. But accusations are flying their direction, also. Seemingly, everyone wishes to profit off of the incarcerated, even those that seem like they have the prisoners’ needs at heart.

Grassroots Leadership has always stood up against the unjust and in the case, it is no different. While pointing out the obvious differences between Treatment Industrial Complex and larger private prisons, they continue to express their concern over loopholes that keep prisoners longer than intended. All of the reform legistature in the world could be passed and unless there are constraints on how a prison can profit, these leaks will continue while men and women remain locked up and prisons make money on their mistakes.