Prison Task Force: Ban No-bid Contracts

The Mississippi Corrections Department is determined to eliminate all their no-bid contracts from their system. According to research by the Dispatch, the no-bid contracts have had numerous accusation and allegations to corruption. For this reason, the individual companies like Keefe Group come to prison state officials and bribe them in exchange for a win. For this reason, the Mississippi Correction Department wants to do away with these no-bid contracts to curb the following corruption cases reported in national Television. For the prison setup to get better deals, they must also eliminate these contracts. According to the prison task force for the project, ta former corrections officer was accused of conducting fraudulent deals in prisons with the no-bid contracts.

The six-member task force agreed to meet on Monday and discuss a couple of issues affecting the prisons in the county. For this reason, the panel’s main agenda was to formulate ways in which the no-bid contracts would be replaced using the bid contract and the winner awarded in a fair manner. The task force, during their Monday meeting, came up with numerous recommendations to present to the state Governor and other lawmakers before the end of the three-month legislation.

The Governor appointed the task force in November following the allegations of corruption dealings by one of the highly-ranked prison officials in the State Prison. A report by the Tampa Bay Times, found out that Chris Epps was receiving bribes from Cecil McCrery in exchange of business contracts to operate in prison state. She was also indicted on other federal charges upon reception at the court. The two businessmen have pleaded guilty. Therefore, they were released and awaited trial in July.

The attorney in charge of the task force, Andy Tergat, said that these recommendations would promote undue transparency in the correctional facilities. As a matter of fact, the proposals will also work to promote justice in the election of the companies to serve the prisons, for those businesses that have better deals for the prisons. They will be analyzed through the vetting panel. According to him, the tightest regulations and laws cannot prevent the most honest people from dealing in fraudulent activities. Our job is to make it possible to stop corruption.