Norway Looks To The Netherlands To Cope With Rising Prison Population

The movement of people around the world in the 21st century has had a surprising effect on the prison industry, which can be seen in the jail at Veenhuizen in The Netherlands where Norway’s government has recently been sending prison inmates. The approach taken to prison terms differs between the two neighboring nations as the cells of Norway are overflowing, while at the same time those in The Netherlands remain only two thirds full, according to

The 240 inmates at Veenhuizen live and work on the site in an institution that offers many of the modern amenities seen in European jails; inmates enjoy large green spaces around the prison and the latest in modern technology that allows them the chance to Skype family members in Norway. Technology is not the only upgrade the prison has seen; a nearby factory provides work for inmates each morning and is followed by a range of sports, library and other activities to be undertaken each afternoon and evening.

The progressive approach to the time inmates spend in prison is seen in both Norway and The Netherlands, which includes the chance to become better prepared for life once their prison term is over. The benefits of renting out the Dutch jail to Norwegian authorities can be seen in the local community where high unemployment has been lowered with around 240 staff members from The Netherlands working at the jail.