Keefe Group Forced to Lower Its Prices for Goods and Services After Complains Pile Up

The prison industry has become a profitable niche for the private investors. With more businesses entering the prison industry, the competition is fierce. It means that the companies are doing their best to earn huge profits, sometimes at the misery of the prisoners and their family members. Among the many companies in the industry, the oldest is the Keefe Group that has been serving prisons in the US for over four decades.


Keefe Group holds a large part of the prison service market and offers inmates with many different products such as food, music players, phone service and many more. Also, it also handles a unique service for the inmates using which the family members of the inmates can send them care packages that are thoroughly checked for contraband before delivering it to the inmates. These companies must ensure that the prisons become more than a cage and allow the inmates to be in touch with their loved ones. It helps the inmates fear coming back to the prison again once they are released as they can see how their family members suffer without them and how much they love them.


According to a number of critics, Keefe Group has been taking advantage of the prisoners and is making profits by taking money from the poorest in the society for necessities. It seems that the company is continuously finding new ways to drain out the last penny that the family members of the inmates. The company currently does business with more than 800 prisons, including public and private prisons in the US. Since the prisons do not pay anything to the Keefe Group and it is left to them to recover their cost from the inmates.


The family members of the inmates have been complaining the steep price of the goods and services, and it has led the Federal Communications Commission to cap the cost of the calls that the companies can charge from the inmates. It has come as a relief for the inmates and their family members who were finding it difficult to pay the huge amount for the services.