I’m Worried About The Keefe Group

Keefe Group has been active since 1975.

It is one of the most sizeable commissary nationwide operators for the corrections market in the United States.

Yes, there is a such thing as an inmate corrections market and it’s perfectly legal for one to exist..

The Keefe Group is also rather large; so much so that it’s involved in most services: financial services, television, health and beauty supplies, cable television, money transfers, footwear for inmates, and even video visitation.

The Keefe Group are receiving private contracts to give service to prison systems for counties and states as they act as an exclusive operator and distributor for goods and even management services for prison inmates.


Is The Keefe Group Good?

At first, I would like to start by addressing the good things about The Keefe Group.

One particular good thing about The Keefe Group has been involved are charitable efforts.

A charity that is in association with The Keefe Group in is the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. What this is is a large sanctuary for race horses that do not run on the racetrack any more.

So, where does the The Keefe Group come in? They helps prisoners build actual skills where they are trained to care for these retired houses.


Now, Let’s Talk About Prisoners

From what I’ve learned, prisoners are treated not the best that they could be because of The Keefe Group being a such a large operator that for the inmate corrections market.

One criticism I heard was that food should cost less for the inmates in prisons that The Keefe Group are actually responsible for. Because of this, prisoners will have a harder time accessing fresh and healthy food.

However, there are great things that I hear about Keefe Group, too.

One peculiar charity that they are involved is called, “Puppies Beyond Bars”, which actually transforms and trains puppies into service dogs.

The Keefe Group sells MP3 players to prison inmates for $115 that also includes sales tax.

The Keefe Group does have its criticisms but there are some beneficial things that The Keefe Group are doing, too.


What Does the Keefe Group Do That’s Wrong?

Now, I am mention some of the other criticism that the Keefe Group has been receiving.

One particular accusation that is floating around is the Keefe Group is doing ‘sneak attacks’ on the prison canteen for the inmates that they are supposed to be caring for.

Many of the complaints that I’ve heard are that the canteens are too costly.

In fact, the effect is that prisoners are more inclined to eat unhealthy foods in prisons.

I see this as a violation of the prisoners’ rights that is preventing them from eating healthy foods at an affordable price.

The other downside is that because of the higher price, there has been higher number of robberies,thefts, and violence in Florida’s prisons.


From What My Perspective

From the evidence that I have seen, The Keefe Group can implicit in price gouging.

Based on what I heard, it may be for you to be investigate further.