IC Solutions: Why Won’t They Change?

One of the oldest expressions in the book is, “If it isn’t broke, why fix it?” I believe that is something IC Solutions, an inmate phone provider, is really pushing over at their company headquarters. They feel like they are making their money and they are doing it any way they see fit. Because of this, they see no need to change their way of business and they way they conduct themselves. They see things as working just fine. Having said that, there are always two stories to every story. Things are not as simple as IC Solutions would like to have people believe. It is easier for them if they simplify things and make them seem standard and straightforward. I assume it allows them to keep doing what they are doing without taking a step back to ponder it.


However, they need to really look at what people are saying and they need to examine it further. It is causing serious harm to both the inmates and their families. I don’t see any reason why this poor parent needs to lose almost one hundred dollars in an attempt to reach their son. IC Solutions gets their money upfront, which means they are prepaid. Because they are prepaid, there should be no issues in terms of them allowing inmates to speak to anyone that has paid for the ability to speak to them.


This is especially critical when it comes to a parent and a child. That is a sacred bond and there is nothing stronger than that. IC Solutions needs to change, but I fear they are in too deep at this point. Because they are so deep into it, it would take a lot for them to really improve the quality of their business unless a class-action lawsuit came against them.