IC Solutions: All The Blame Is On Them

IC Solutions does not have the right to blame anyone but the company for the reputation they have earned online with so many unhappy customers. Here is the thing, though: IC Solutions is not interested in what people have to say about them or how people feel about them. They are only interested in making money. If it means they have to make a few enemies along the way, so be it. It is how they view the world and it is how they operate. It is a rather sick and repulsive way to run a company, but it is how IC Solutions runs their company. It is the ugly truth, and it is the truth that no one likes to read about or hear about it.


However, just because something is ugly or unpleasant, it does not mean we should ignore it as a society. If anything, it means we need to look into it, try to understand it, and try to make sense of it. With IC Solutions, they they seem to operate on a level that is completely and totally selfish. It makes sense for them even though I hate it, but it makes you question what you know about the world today and the people in it.


You might have though the world was filled with good people that maybe just made mistakes or got a little greedy. With IC Solutions, they are proving no one is safe and they can’t control themselves. They will go after anyone and everyone as a company. They don’t hold back and they don’t show even an ounce of remorse in what they are doing. They never speak to the customers and they don’t seem to have a CEO in charge that is going to take any accountability for their actions.