GTL pays out over $500 million in 2016 to prisons where it operates

Global Tel Link has become the nation’s largest provider of inmate communications services as well as a major provider of prison security solutions. Controlling over 50 percent of the inmate calling market in the United States, GTL has surpassed its closest rival, Securus Technologies, by providing high-quality calling services at low cost and continually rolling out new technologies that add value to all of the prison system’s stakeholders. Know more at

One of the challenges unique to operating in the prison space is the duality of the customer that GTL serves. On one hand, GTL is charged with providing inmates high-quality calling services at the lowest feasible rates. The company’s own internal data strongly suggests that lowering the cost of calling to inmates can increase the demand for prison phone calls at rates that are disproportionately higher than might be expected. For this reason, it has always been the company’s main goal to provide the absolute lowest cost calling solutions to all of the inmates at the prisons where it operates. Learn more about GTL on

But on the other hand, GTL also has the responsibility to make sure that the phone systems it operates comply fully with the prison’s safety protocols and enable the corrections officers who oversee it to easily maintain order and safety within the system. This presents a number of steep challenges, as the guards are often diametrically opposed to the inmates in ways and to degrees not seen in any other industry. At their worst, prison-guard relations are akin to those of opposing soldiers in an armed conflict. In fact, this is not an inaccurate way to describe the way many prisons throughout the United States operate. Read more on

But GTL has managed to deliver quality products, even under these difficult constraints. It is through the deep expertise of its employees and dedication to providing the best solutions in the industry that GTL continues to lead the way in the prison calling space.

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