Global Tel-Link- The High-Cost Telephone Service Provider in Prisons

Global Tel link is one of the largest telephone service providers in the US. It is mandated by the prisons department to offer secure telephone services to the inmates. The incarcerated prisoners need to get in touch with their families, friends, and attorneys.

Global Tel-link ownership changed hands in the year 2011 at the cost of $1 billion to a New York-based firm, American Securities. It affirmed its profit position immediately after by posting record high 215 million prison calls. The company prides itself on offering high-quality services to the department of corrections.

High cost calls

In a report by, there have been claims however that the firm is charging way too high for the calls and causing distress to the families affected. Inmates’ relatives argue that making a phone call to the prison costs much more than making an international call, irrespective of your locations from the jail.

The families who have to keep up with the lawyers’ fees feel that they are getting the second sentence by not getting the freedom to speak freely with their loved ones in an affordable manner. The company, however, insists that the high costs are a result of the extra security measures that they have to put in place in offering these services.

Service charge

Sources who are privy to the issue intimate that the cost is as a result of the commission that GTL pays to get the lucrative contracts. They say that the company has every intention of recovering the money, and thus passes on the bill to the clients. The company in its defense says that these commissions which they refer to as service charges that they had negotiated with the prisons department are paid to cater for the much needed extra security.

According to the ACLU, there has been a plan to remove the service charge fee from the customer’s bill, but it is facing a lot of opposition. The matter is being deliberated on, and the case will be ruled soon.