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Why U.S. Prisons are Incorporating Video Visitation

Technology hit the 21st Century like a wave, washing over different aspects of Society, life, and work. This technological revolution did not exclude correctional facilities, which are stereo-typically shunned and forgotten by the society. Correctional industry technology is presently a lucrative business with advancements like the remote sensing technology that controls facility doors, electronic ankle monitors, handheld devices for detecting cell phones, and Video Visitation.


How Video Visitation is incorporated in Correctional Facilities


The video visitation procedure is easy to understand. An online appointment is made by the visitor to book a visit with their incarcerated loved one and pay a non-refundable fee. The inmate is informed about the visit and is expected to be at a specified corresponding video terminal. A timely login is imperative for a flawless video visitation experience. Incarceration facilities monitor all visits on an online website platform.


Pros and Cons of the Interactive Video Visitation Platform


The benefits of video visitation are many. A sample of prison administrators found out that video visitation is helpful in reducing contraband infiltration. Video visitation has further increased visiting hours and cut down on staff labor cost. Unlike previous visitation procedures, the use of correctional staff as escorts has been drastically reduced and so has the staff workload. Moreover, families with children can safely talk to their incarcerated relatives from home.


Despite the thrill that came with prison technology advancements in video visitation, various economic, psychological, and emotional drawbacks have been identified. Video visitation rates are expensive because the government does not regulate the technology. Moreover, stakeholders have observed that video visits are less intimate than in-person visits.


Poor pixelated images during visits have made it challenging for families to decisively identify the well-being and status of their incarcerated loved ones. Also, video visits offer little privacy with loved ones.