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Securus Technologies Inc. Holds the Largest Patent Portfolio in the Inmate Communications Industry

Securus Technologies Inc. now holds the largest patent portfolio in the inmate communications industry, according to CEO Richard A. Smith. The leading civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider announced in a PR Newswire press release, on October 19th, 2016, the company received approval for five new patents in the past three months. Smith said Securus received notice from the U.S. Patent Office acknowledging the five patents.



From 2013 until 2016, the United States Patent Office has issued 36 patents for corrections and enforcement to Securus. During the time, the company filed 90 new patents for approval from the federal agency. Richard Smith said in the press release that Securus patents increased to 248 in their portfolio. It’s the largest total of patents owned by a company in the inmate communications industry.



Securus’ patent portfolio comprises of fraud detections, commissary services, audio calling, video visitation, inmate calling, and other products. Smith accredits their team of developers, marketing professionals, R&D experts, and technicians for contributing to its patent portfolio. He said Securus currently leads the inmate communications industry by 113 patents.



Securus Technologies Inc. is the top national provider of high-technology software solutions to correctional, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. The company was founded in 1986 as Tele-Matic Corporation and was named Securus Technologies after various acquisitions. Securus leads the inmate communications industry in developing the most sophisticated technologies for law enforcement personnel, inmates, investigators, and emergency employees.



The patent portfolio of Securus is expected to increase to more than 300 patents when U.S. Patent Office approves 90 applications. Their technologies connect investigators to leads, correctional personnel to important data, and inmates with family members.


Securus Enhancing Communication By Providing Intelligence Devices

Securus Technologies recently announced that that it had deployed over 84,000 intelligent communications devices, which do more than just allowing inmates to make calls. Securus Technologies is a company that investigates and offers civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard Smith, said that in the 28 years his company had served the prison market, they have successfully managed to install 80,000 inmate telephones, which provide communication for the prisoners. He said that presently, there are more than 84,000 ‘intelligent inmate devices’, which were serving USA and Mexico prisons. He explained that the intelligent inmate devices are sophisticated inmate tablets, video visitation kiosks, and proprietary S-Phones. All of these devices were designed with the highest level of security.

The intelligent devices educate the prisoners, both at the high school and college levels; allow video communications between inmates and friends and family; allow efficient grievance filings; and also provide entertainment, which helps maintain a safe environment in correctional facilities. Detainees can now enjoy better access to law libraries and also find jobs when released.

Securus Technologies is playing a huge role in the rehabilitation of prisoners by providing education. The education they are providing helps to ensure that prisoners are well prepared for life after their time behind bars comes to an end. The more education that inmates receive, the less likely they are to return to prison.

Securus Technologies is investing heavily in the jail industry. The CEO said that he expected more than 150,000 intelligent devices in prisons by the end of the year. He said that this investment would serve not only the prisoners, but also friends, family, and law enforcers. He concluded by saying that provision of the intelligent devices were improving communications and making the jail environment safer.



Securus Technologies Continues To Pile Up Advanced Patents

The U.S. Patent office has issued five new patents to Securus Technologies, which is another milestone in the history of the company. Securus Technologies is a leading provider ofinmate communication technologyserving approximately 3,450 criminal justice, private and government organizations in North America. Use of advanced patented technology is a hallmark of Securus Technology, which claims that it has 248 patents compared to 113 patents for the entire industry.


According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, he is proud of his new patents because each one of the patent represents unique requirements of customers and the industry. Unlike other firms, Securus Technologies excels in offering a custom-made solution to its client, which has resulted in an almost unbelievable amount of intangible assets in the form of patents. He also explained that the primary reason for such a high number of patents is huge investment on research and development. In fact, there are more than 200 highly-qualified engineers and 100 field technicians who provide support to a growing number of customers.


Actually, Richard boasted that he is confident that his patented technology is the best in the industry without any doubt. He also claimed that Securus Technologies has consistently challenged its competitors to display the quality of their patents through independent evaluators. However, none of the companies, including one of the other largest inmate communication providers, came forward. Therefore, they had to call for an unbiased test, which clearly demonstrated that Securus Technologies is at the forefront of inmate communication technology sector. It is also notable that the U.S. patent office has granted nearly 90 new patents for Securus in the last three years.


Securus Technologies Offers Communication Options

A recent article in PR Newswire addressed the changing communication situation between inmates at facilities in America and the list of person these inmates want and need to keep in contact with. Securus Technologies is the company making limited and monitored communications possible between loved ones, attorneys, and the inmates. The system being used by Securus also allows for limited outside contact by the inmates for education and possible opportunities when incarcerations are ended. Securus Technologies is now operating 84,000 of these intelligent communication devices in a system that allows for this limited and restricted communication for prisoners. Securus plans for an increase in the number of units deployed, stating it will be 150,000 by the end of 2016.
Securus has in place a communication system that will allow friends and family of inmates greater and easier contact with their loved ones behind bars. The incarceration of a criminal is not only difficult for the prisoner but the family and friends as well. Imagine that your wife or sister was suddenly convicted of a crime and forced to spend years away from everything that had meaning to them, friends, family, home, car, clothes, jewelry. It is an unimaginable existence for most civilized humans, but people under the influence of alcohol or drugs do commit crimes and must be punished by the set of rules that we adhere to as a society.
Incarceration is the penalty aspect of those who have committed crimes and are a danger to society. They are separated from the society that they have harmed, but their return to society playing a positive role must be the objective of incarceration. The means to return are not only remorse but in many cases education. Many criminals commit crimes because they have no alternative avenue to make a living. But when in prison education to obtain a job must be the highest priority. Securus has included this in their communication systems, and we are all better off for their efforts. Source:Your text to link…