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GTL – The Corrections Innovation Leader

Global Tel-Link is an innovation chief in correctional technology, in addition to service solutions for government. GTL provides visionary solutions that are configured bolster the necessities of virtually any agency. The organization’s services and products seamlessly integrate to provide financial value, deliver security and ease the operation for all clients.

Within the sector of correctional technology, Global Tel-Link has spent more than 27 years assisting departments to attain unprecedented vision into virtually each facet of their inmate facilities and populations. That drives grater levels of safety and control ensuring they accomplish operational problems of today and tomorrow with confidence. GTL likewise provides services that permit inmates to stay linked to their families and friends, which researches have revealed as key to minimizing recidivism.

Global Tel-Link progresses to remain at the forefront of the consistently evolving correctional market, with the history of normally establishing the best products initially. That is the first web-based inmate platform for telephone services, wireless tablets that can be used to make phone calls and the initial web-based jail management system in addition to other products. GTL is a special organization that most correctional agencies consult before implementing their new technologies. Know more about GTL at

GTL comprehensive suite has integrated solutions that assist correctional facilities to view the big picture and operate more efficiently, secretly and smoothly. Part of the services entails inmate education solutions, inmate tablets, investigative & intelligence solutions, financial services, jail management systems, visitation management solutions and inmate telephone systems. In the sector of government payment services, Global Tel Link provides great-impact for technologically advanced items that cater special necessities of the entire agencies including child support agencies, municipalities and courts. Watch this video on Youtube.

Global Tel-Link is thus the trusted company that provides integrated technology solutions by investing energy, time and resources needed to wholly comprehend the special predicaments and problems that government agencies and correctional facilities face. Being the industry pioneer, GTL understands what it is required to deliver unmatched services and technology products to clients.

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The Keefe Group Launches Sophisticated Software For Jails

The Keefe Group is a company that designs, installs and manages IT hardware and software for correctional facilities in the United States of America. One of the agency’s most innovative products is called the ENFORCER. This is a sophisticated telecommunication system that enables law enforcement to manage phone calls that involve inmates and other contacts who aren’t locked up. Since the ENFORCER is powered by the Linux operating system, it’s very flexible and dynamic enough to work with external IT solutions. For the most part, this call-monitoring system is optimized to work with the Keefe Groupe’s other proprietary publications such as the Inmate Banking System. The ENFORCER can be easily accessed via any web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari. Therefore, officials can monitor phone calls without actually being in their offices at prisons or jails. Available with 24/7 technical support, this telecommunication system is very reliable even when power outages occur in correctional institutions.

The Access Secure Data Detective is another signature software that’s designed specifically for the criminal justice system. This cutting-edge program as described by STL Today enables users to launch comprehensive investigations that involve inmates and other suspicious liaisons. The Access Secure Data Detective can be used to track the flow of money via multiple channels. For example, some inmates are authorized to receive monthly payments from relatives, friends and other people who are willing to deposit cash or checks. This sophisticated software searches for any suspicious patterns in the movement of electronic funds between jails and external entities. The Access Secure Data Detective is powerful enough to crack down on gang activities and other illicit operations that are secretly done by inmates. This advanced platform works well with kiosks that are already installed in correctional facilities. For example, some kiosks allow users to withdraw cash and access email messages with photo attachments.

Based in Texas, the Keefe Group has been in business since the 1970s. For generations, this corporation has transformed the American criminal justice system. This entity is also proud to support various charities such as Puppies Behind Bars, Amachi Big Brothers Big Sisters and United Way. To learn more on Keefe, go to