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Global-Tel Link Not Being Completely Honest

Global-Tel Link is a telecommunications company who makes exclusive contracts with prisons and jails on the local, state, and government level. One of the luxuries people take for granted every day is the ability to go to a competitor if they’re not pleased with the services or prices of the current company they’re handing their money over too.

Inmates don’t have this luxury and if anything, it’s a burden on them and their family members. Global-Tel Link and other private telecommunications companies charge a premium for family members and inmates to stay in touch with one another. Families can easily spend up to several hundred dollars just to stay in touch with their loved ones. And this is just a chance to be able to speak with loved ones on the inside on a weekly basis, attempting to do it on a daily basis will probably result in a few more hundred dollars each month.

According to a post in Prison Talk, a user by the name of JamaicanChula reported they had an issue with Global-Tel Link recently. They were called in the middle of the night to collect a call from a loved one in prison, but their phone couldn’t accept the collect calls. They were then requested to hand out some account information so they could be billed for the call and the money could be collected.

The user did some digging and came to two conclusions about the issue. Either it’s scam pretending to be Global-Tel Link or the company itself is hoping people or naïve enough to set up prepaid accounts. This is disconcerting and puts the company in a bad light, but they weren’t in a good one, to begin with. The telecommunications industry alone makes a couple billion a year from the profit it makes off of the misfortune of inmates and their family members.

IC Solutions: There Is No Way Out

It is always a sad state of affairs when a customer finds themselves in a situation that they can’t get out of, no matter how hard they try and no matter what they do. In many cases, I know a lot of people are not going to feel much sympathy if any for an inmate in prison. They probably feel as though the inmate has earned their time in prison and they must pay the piper. They view it one certain way and there is little they can do to change it. However, as with most things in life, it is not black and white and it is not that easy.

There is a whole lot more to it than that. For certain people, they are in prison, because they made a mistake. It does not clear them of their mistake and it does get them out of prison, but it at least helps people understand why that person is in prison. There is a reason behind it such as theft or a small crime. Crime does not pay and it never will pay, but they deserve a chance to prove that they are better than that and they can overcome it.

IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider, would rather have you think otherwise. They see the inmate as a means to an end. They see them as a way for them to make as much money as humanely possible. They are simply in the money business, says They are supposed to be there to allow the inmates to speak to their families and get hope, encouragement, friendship, and support as they battle prison. While in there, those phone calls can really help them out and really get them through the hardest times of their lives. That is if IC Solutions would play fair.

Company website:



The Keefe Group Launches Sophisticated Software For Jails

The Keefe Group is a company that designs, installs and manages IT hardware and software for correctional facilities in the United States of America. One of the agency’s most innovative products is called the ENFORCER. This is a sophisticated telecommunication system that enables law enforcement to manage phone calls that involve inmates and other contacts who aren’t locked up. Since the ENFORCER is powered by the Linux operating system, it’s very flexible and dynamic enough to work with external IT solutions. For the most part, this call-monitoring system is optimized to work with the Keefe Groupe’s other proprietary publications such as the Inmate Banking System. The ENFORCER can be easily accessed via any web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari. Therefore, officials can monitor phone calls without actually being in their offices at prisons or jails. Available with 24/7 technical support, this telecommunication system is very reliable even when power outages occur in correctional institutions.

The Access Secure Data Detective is another signature software that’s designed specifically for the criminal justice system. This cutting-edge program as described by STL Today enables users to launch comprehensive investigations that involve inmates and other suspicious liaisons. The Access Secure Data Detective can be used to track the flow of money via multiple channels. For example, some inmates are authorized to receive monthly payments from relatives, friends and other people who are willing to deposit cash or checks. This sophisticated software searches for any suspicious patterns in the movement of electronic funds between jails and external entities. The Access Secure Data Detective is powerful enough to crack down on gang activities and other illicit operations that are secretly done by inmates. This advanced platform works well with kiosks that are already installed in correctional facilities. For example, some kiosks allow users to withdraw cash and access email messages with photo attachments.

Based in Texas, the Keefe Group has been in business since the 1970s. For generations, this corporation has transformed the American criminal justice system. This entity is also proud to support various charities such as Puppies Behind Bars, Amachi Big Brothers Big Sisters and United Way. To learn more on Keefe, go to




Keefe Group Makes Money From Prisoners

I have long heard stories of the prison industrial complex in America, and I have been concerned about how our nation locks up millions of people who pose little or no danger to society. I was researching this topic, and I learned that our nation’s exploitation of prisoners goes beyond simply imprisoning them. I was shocked to learn from that a company called Keefe Group has been been able to profit from prisoners by selling them basic necessities.

Keefe Group was first created in 2006 with it landing major contracts to provide commissary services in 2008. Since this time, Keefe Group has been able to renew its contracts despite a number of scandals, and the founders of Keefe Group being convicted of forty-nine counts of fraud. In addition, the founders of Keefe Group have been forced to pay over forty million dollars in court fines as the result of their practices.

One of the things that shocked me the most was how this company is able to profit by charging prisoners for basic services that allow them to maintain contact with their families, and to receive commissary items. Keefe Group’s exploitation of prisoners begins the moment that they enter the prison system. The group converts their money into a prepaid debit card that they can use to purchase products in the prison. A fee is charged for this required service. The group then charges prisoners an exorbitant about of money to make phone calls. The group charges prisoners over a hundred dollars for a MP3 player that I realized could be purchased online for less than twenty dollars. A fee is charged for all song downloads, and any purchases at the prison commissary carry a twenty-four to twenty-nine percent fee.

These revelations shocked me and firmly established that our prisons are designed to enrich a few corrupt individuals. I encourage all people to look into the abhorrent behavior of Keefe Group, and I feel that the only way to stop this group is by letting elected officials know that this behavior will not be tolerated. Read more here:


I Finally Found A Way For Our Homeless Shelter To Help

I have had a lot of people come into my homeless shelter every day talking about people they miss from back home. I never ask or judge how someone could get in the position they are in, but I always thought it was really sad to have people talk about friends or family they had who were in jail and did not know where they were. That was pretty sad to listen to every week, and I got tired of not doing anything about it. I got an IC Solutions account because I learned from that it was the best service to call jails.

I even got someone on the phone at IC solutions who explained to me how I could help make the calls for people who come into the shelter. Basically, I have to sit down with them to make sure they tell the operator where their friends or loved ones are, and then they are going to be able to talk for the five minute limit I set in the shelter. I only have a couple people a week who are using the account, but I still think it is worth it.

I never knew that calling a jail could be so hard, but I am glad I did the work to get the account going. The account that I keep for the homeless shelter gives people five minutes of relief that they were not getting before. If you could see the pain in the eyes of some of these people, you would want to give them some kind of solace even if it is just a phone call that they only place for five minutes.

It makes me feel good about myself that I did something because there were just too many people in need every week. For more info, visit

Find Out How To Effectively Communicate With Your Incarcerated Love One At A Discounted Rate

Traditional methods of communicating with your love one that is in jail, but Global Tel-Link makes it quick and easy with a variety of methods. Global Tel-Link stands out as one of the fattest growing phone communication systems for correctional facilities. In fact, they are the leading provides of communication, payment, and telephone communications for inmates and correctional facilities across the nation. Your family and friends can continue to stay connected even though one of them are incarcerated. Often times, that is all an inmate has is their family and friends on the outside. Global Tel-Link is committed to keeping you connected.

Additional Global Tel-Link Services

1. There is a free chat service the first time an inmate makes a call to family and friends. The inmate can make a brief call to his family if they can’t accept collect calls and they they will have the opportunity after the call to arrange for Advanced Pay features that will allow them to talk for regularly through the Global Tel-Link

2. Global Tel-Link now offers prepaid options that allows the inmates to buy a voucher through their commissary and they can then make prepaid calls to any number that accepts landline calls. They have revolutionized the way inmates can communicate with the outside world.

3. The correctional facility is giving a call feature that still allows them to control the connection of the telephone to a third party and provides quality surveillance of inmate calls when needed.

According to PR Newswire, you’ll get all the communication and payment methods options you need with Global Tel-Link for inmates, correctional facilities, friends, and family. Talk to you loved ones, attorneys, and the outside when you need to connect even when you’re incarcerated.

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Profit On Others Mistakes

One of the largest issues in America is the rate of incarceration. Our public and private prison systems are bursting at the seams. The word corruption is thrown around in both the public and private sector often in reference to the bottom line and lining pockets. However, there is light on the horizon with laws and the legislature slowly coming from the over population of the nation’s prison system.

Treatment Industrial Complex is rising up against larger private prison companies and opening facilities that focus more on mental health and addiction problems than incarceration. They are chasing prisoner reform not the bottom line. But accusations are flying their direction, also. Seemingly, everyone wishes to profit off of the incarcerated, even those that seem like they have the prisoners’ needs at heart.

Grassroots Leadership has always stood up against the unjust and in the case, it is no different. While pointing out the obvious differences between Treatment Industrial Complex and larger private prisons, they continue to express their concern over loopholes that keep prisoners longer than intended. All of the reform legistature in the world could be passed and unless there are constraints on how a prison can profit, these leaks will continue while men and women remain locked up and prisons make money on their mistakes.