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Keefe Group Provides Inmates Phone Service

Are you paying exorbitant charges for phone service just to keep in touch with family and friends? Looking for affordable jail or prison phone service? If you want to sign up, or switch to, a company that offers reasonable telephone plans and high quality features, Keefe Group is your clear choice.

Everyone deserves to keep in touch with their family and friends. Unfortunately, due to outrageous calling costs at most corrections facilities, many families have a hard time paying the expensive or high rates to accept collect calls from their relatives.

Many companies out there promise to offer reasonable rates but fail to deliver. It is important to find a company that helps families like yours save on jail or prison calls.

Keefe Group is a leading company in inmates phone and communications. The company has been catering to customers for a long time and comes highly recommended in the industry. Keefe Group is committed to rendering outstanding services and has a team of dedicated customers service representatives.

Many people search for ways to get cheap or affordable telephone service. Families and their incarcerated loved ones are always on the lookout for ways to save money on their phone calls. That’s where Keefe Group comes in – to provide the features and services that enable inmates and their family save money on their phone calls.

I have been using their services for many months and I am pleased with everything feature and service that they provide. I have also recommended the company to some of my friends and their family. Keefe Group has numerous positive reviews and comments left by people who are benefiting from their services.

If you truly want to avoid the outrageous fees and hidden costs in inmates phone calls, then go to their website and sign up right away. The company makes it easy to open an account and start accessing their range of services and features at reasonable rates. Their customer representatives are available and ready to assist you if you encounter any issue. In fact, you’ll be delighted with their services.

Global-Tel Link Not Being Completely Honest

Global-Tel Link is a telecommunications company who makes exclusive contracts with prisons and jails on the local, state, and government level. One of the luxuries people take for granted every day is the ability to go to a competitor if they’re not pleased with the services or prices of the current company they’re handing their money over too.

Inmates don’t have this luxury and if anything, it’s a burden on them and their family members. Global-Tel Link and other private telecommunications companies charge a premium for family members and inmates to stay in touch with one another. Families can easily spend up to several hundred dollars just to stay in touch with their loved ones. And this is just a chance to be able to speak with loved ones on the inside on a weekly basis, attempting to do it on a daily basis will probably result in a few more hundred dollars each month.

According to a post in Prison Talk, a user by the name of JamaicanChula reported they had an issue with Global-Tel Link recently. They were called in the middle of the night to collect a call from a loved one in prison, but their phone couldn’t accept the collect calls. They were then requested to hand out some account information so they could be billed for the call and the money could be collected.

The user did some digging and came to two conclusions about the issue. Either it’s scam pretending to be Global-Tel Link or the company itself is hoping people or naïve enough to set up prepaid accounts. This is disconcerting and puts the company in a bad light, but they weren’t in a good one, to begin with. The telecommunications industry alone makes a couple billion a year from the profit it makes off of the misfortune of inmates and their family members.

Keefe Group in Fresh Controversy over Service Delivery

The Keefe Group was established in 1975 with the aim of making changes in the delivery of goods and services to the correctional facilities in the country. For the past four decades, the company has been making huge improvements in the quality of the products and the services delivered to the criminal justice systems. They managed to change the packaging of goods meant for the prisons, reduced the incidences of the goods produced being used in crimes and created products that are safe and suitable for inmates in all the correctional facilities all over the country.

While it is true that the company has been facing a few challenges in the past few months, one cannot deny that they have achieved a lot in the delivery of supplies such as food, clothes, snacks, communication services and even money transfers to the inmates. They also provide health and beauty products, television systems, pharmaceuticals and management of video visits and commissary management. The Keefe Group is part of the larger organization known as the Centric Group. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

One of the recent complaints that have been made about the group is about the corruption in the prison systems. The company is said to be making millions of dollars at the expense of the prisoners. Reports indicate that the cause of the state of affairs is that the company enjoys a monopoly on the supply of these services. The Keefe Group has however responded to these claims by asserting that they are just a victim of a system which they have little control over. They added that for quite a while, they had been required to pay some fees to the big players in the issue of tenders to get a chance to supply their goods and services to the systems. They also claim that they are not in a position to change the system because their lack of cooperation will only put them out of business.

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The president of the company, Thomas Keefe, states that the only way to end the endemic corruption within the correctional facilities is uprooting the invisible corrupt players. He asserts that they have done their best in lowering calling rates, but more needs to be done to improve the entire system in general. Know more about Keefe Group on

The Keefe Group Is Aiming To Help Prison Inmates Have A Great New Year Celebration

The Keefe Group was able to make this Christmas memorable for prison inmates. These memorable moments came in quite a few different ways from Keefe. The main way was through phone calls. Being that it is a holiday, Keefe allows prison inmates to make a free call. The call usually lasts just as long as a physical visit. This also came in the form of video chat sessions. The Keefe Group has a wonderful program for face to face contact between prison inmates and their family members.

Now that Christmas is out of the way, The Keefe Group now has their sights set on the 2017 New Year Celebration. According to cdispatch, Keefe representatives know that many prison inmates spend this day without any contact with their family members. As they accomplished for Christmas, Keefe plans to allow all inmates to contact one of their relatives, for free. Keefe also wants to use their new technology to help inmates speak with a family member of their choice the moment the New Year starts. Inmates everywhere support this. Inmates believe this is a start that will eventually get them to the point of having dozens of free calls annually. There are many inmates who have no money at all. These inmates are especially grateful for a free phone call on the holidays.

The Keefe Group is coming up with many other technological advances that are going to help prison inmates communicate and connect with their family members. In a report by STL Today, a very big recent invention is a software for the commissary program. This software allows family members, right from the comfort of their own home, to put money on an inmate commissary account. Inmates participating in this program are given a credit card from the Keefe Group company. This credit card is used to access the commissary account at all times.

Thousands of inmates have benefited from Keefe Group technology. Either, these inmates are receiving money and are given no fee in the process, or they are communication face to face with their family members on a Keefe mobile device. More and more inmates are choosing Keefe.







Find Out How Global Tel-Link Works Today

Global Tel-Link has been around for over 20 years leading the industry in top inmate phone services. Each year they are responsible for processing over 2.5 billion calls for over thousands of inmates and their families. Their goal is to provide superior service next to none. A recent merger with JPay Services has created several new features that will save inmates and their families more money. Together they are quickly becoming the strongest inmate calling provider in the world. Each call is monitored and under proper surveillance with Securus. Federal law requires quality controlled monitoring. Read more about GTL on

Affordable Global Tel-Link Features

Advanced Pay

Talk all you want when inmates have access to the phone without the need of operator assisted calls. You’re essentially paying your account forward for future calls from an inmate. This option is available to both inmates and their families. Inmates purchase prepaid calling features through their commissary. Their family members have the option of creating an account online or over the phone.

Video Chatting

Video chatting is one of the most popular features offered by Global Tel-Link and this feature will allow inmates and their families to talk face-to-face. You minimize the amount of time you would have to spend commuting to a facility for visits.

Telephone Debit

Pay your account over the phone. Sometimes trying to find an authorized agent can be a nightmare. Living in a rural area can be limited and force you to have to use traditional inmate calling features. However, when you pay in advance you eliminate the need for an operator. Don’t let pricey operator calls stop you from staying connected with your loved ones. Global Tel-Link strives to bring you optimized services when you want to stay connected to your loved ones fast. For more info see

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