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Keefe Group Provides Inmates Phone Service

Are you paying exorbitant charges for phone service just to keep in touch with family and friends? Looking for affordable jail or prison phone service? If you want to sign up, or switch to, a company that offers reasonable telephone plans and high quality features, Keefe Group is your clear choice.

Everyone deserves to keep in touch with their family and friends. Unfortunately, due to outrageous calling costs at most corrections facilities, many families have a hard time paying the expensive or high rates to accept collect calls from their relatives.

Many companies out there promise to offer reasonable rates but fail to deliver. It is important to find a company that helps families like yours save on jail or prison calls.

Keefe Group is a leading company in inmates phone and communications. The company has been catering to customers for a long time and comes highly recommended in the industry. Keefe Group is committed to rendering outstanding services and has a team of dedicated customers service representatives.

Many people search for ways to get cheap or affordable telephone service. Families and their incarcerated loved ones are always on the lookout for ways to save money on their phone calls. That’s where Keefe Group comes in – to provide the features and services that enable inmates and their family save money on their phone calls.

I have been using their services for many months and I am pleased with everything feature and service that they provide. I have also recommended the company to some of my friends and their family. Keefe Group has numerous positive reviews and comments left by people who are benefiting from their services.

If you truly want to avoid the outrageous fees and hidden costs in inmates phone calls, then go to their website and sign up right away. The company makes it easy to open an account and start accessing their range of services and features at reasonable rates. Their customer representatives are available and ready to assist you if you encounter any issue. In fact, you’ll be delighted with their services.

Global-Tel Link Not Being Completely Honest

Global-Tel Link is a telecommunications company who makes exclusive contracts with prisons and jails on the local, state, and government level. One of the luxuries people take for granted every day is the ability to go to a competitor if they’re not pleased with the services or prices of the current company they’re handing their money over too.

Inmates don’t have this luxury and if anything, it’s a burden on them and their family members. Global-Tel Link and other private telecommunications companies charge a premium for family members and inmates to stay in touch with one another. Families can easily spend up to several hundred dollars just to stay in touch with their loved ones. And this is just a chance to be able to speak with loved ones on the inside on a weekly basis, attempting to do it on a daily basis will probably result in a few more hundred dollars each month.

According to a post in Prison Talk, a user by the name of JamaicanChula reported they had an issue with Global-Tel Link recently. They were called in the middle of the night to collect a call from a loved one in prison, but their phone couldn’t accept the collect calls. They were then requested to hand out some account information so they could be billed for the call and the money could be collected.

The user did some digging and came to two conclusions about the issue. Either it’s scam pretending to be Global-Tel Link or the company itself is hoping people or naïve enough to set up prepaid accounts. This is disconcerting and puts the company in a bad light, but they weren’t in a good one, to begin with. The telecommunications industry alone makes a couple billion a year from the profit it makes off of the misfortune of inmates and their family members.

Keefe Group Helps With Prison Phone Calls

Keefe Group Is one of the best communications and prison service companies in the world, and they have connected to a number of different prisons who want their inmates to reach their loved ones. Someone who wishes to make a call with this company may sign up for an account at any time, and they will find that the company helps them get better call quality. This article explains how the company helps inmates and family make calls. Visit to know more.

#1: The Calls Are Good For Everyone

The calls are good for both sides because the quality and security is as high as it can possibly be. Someone who wants to place calls with the system may get a hold of someone that they cannot drive to see. The jail visitation is an important part of rehabilitation, and there are many people who will place their calls with Keefe Group because that helps them relax. Someone who wants to place these calls will find that they may hear clearly no matter who have they called, and they will have security and quality that they need quite a lot.

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#2: The Simple Call Structure

The simple call structure for everyone helps them place their calls, and they may contact Keefe Group any time for help. They will be connected to the jail they are trying to reach, and they will give the people who are on the phone a chance to hear a voice they have been missing. It is much easier for someone to place these calls because they get good customer service from Keefe Group. They will feel more comfortable with this system, and they will feel comfortable placing calls to a number of people. Read more about Keefe Group on Prison Censorship.

There are many different people who will find that placing calls with Keefe Group is easy. They can set up their accounts and call anyone at any time. It is much easier for someone to get a hold of the people they love when they are calling with Keefe Group, and they will start to feel better about the way that they visit with their loved ones.

GTL – The Corrections Innovation Leader

Global Tel-Link is an innovation chief in correctional technology, in addition to service solutions for government. GTL provides visionary solutions that are configured bolster the necessities of virtually any agency. The organization’s services and products seamlessly integrate to provide financial value, deliver security and ease the operation for all clients.

Within the sector of correctional technology, Global Tel-Link has spent more than 27 years assisting departments to attain unprecedented vision into virtually each facet of their inmate facilities and populations. That drives grater levels of safety and control ensuring they accomplish operational problems of today and tomorrow with confidence. GTL likewise provides services that permit inmates to stay linked to their families and friends, which researches have revealed as key to minimizing recidivism.

Global Tel-Link progresses to remain at the forefront of the consistently evolving correctional market, with the history of normally establishing the best products initially. That is the first web-based inmate platform for telephone services, wireless tablets that can be used to make phone calls and the initial web-based jail management system in addition to other products. GTL is a special organization that most correctional agencies consult before implementing their new technologies. Know more about GTL at

GTL comprehensive suite has integrated solutions that assist correctional facilities to view the big picture and operate more efficiently, secretly and smoothly. Part of the services entails inmate education solutions, inmate tablets, investigative & intelligence solutions, financial services, jail management systems, visitation management solutions and inmate telephone systems. In the sector of government payment services, Global Tel Link provides great-impact for technologically advanced items that cater special necessities of the entire agencies including child support agencies, municipalities and courts. Watch this video on Youtube.

Global Tel-Link is thus the trusted company that provides integrated technology solutions by investing energy, time and resources needed to wholly comprehend the special predicaments and problems that government agencies and correctional facilities face. Being the industry pioneer, GTL understands what it is required to deliver unmatched services and technology products to clients.

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Prisoners’ keen still being fleeced despite the capping of prison call rates

There was widespread public outcry when it emerged that calling any of the correctional facilities in the country was costing over ten times more than the normal rate, even for the same area codes. What was even more worrying was the fact that there are certain companies that seem to be getting the lion’s share of the proceeds that come from these exploits, and an invisible hand that supports them as they keep milking the families of the prisoners dry. Research shows that a phone call to jail would cost up to $14 per minute and families of the inmates spend up to $2000 annually to stay in touch.

While the federal communications commission seemed to have helped the situation when they capped the call rates, the reality is that nothing much came out of this move. The fact that there are still private companies offering these ICT services, and that the process used to bid for the calls is still not transparent, means that the struggle is far from over for the inmates and their families. The problem may not be the phone companies per se, it is the commissions that are demanded from them by the prison systems. The companies often find themselves having to add hidden charges to the call rates to break even after paying these commissions.

These are the abuses that the system wants to put an end to. Surprisingly, companies like Securus are threatening to act against these rulings because they feel as if their hands are going to be tied. The other ways in which the family members of the prisoners are being fleeced include commissaries that help send consumables, money transfer services that sometimes charge as high as 35 percent of the money being transferred and at times even encumbrances from fees charged as part of the sentencing.

If the system is to become fair to both the inmates and their families, some serious changes need to be done.


Securus Technologies Inc. Holds the Largest Patent Portfolio in the Inmate Communications Industry

Securus Technologies Inc. now holds the largest patent portfolio in the inmate communications industry, according to CEO Richard A. Smith. The leading civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider announced in a PR Newswire press release, on October 19th, 2016, the company received approval for five new patents in the past three months. Smith said Securus received notice from the U.S. Patent Office acknowledging the five patents.



From 2013 until 2016, the United States Patent Office has issued 36 patents for corrections and enforcement to Securus. During the time, the company filed 90 new patents for approval from the federal agency. Richard Smith said in the press release that Securus patents increased to 248 in their portfolio. It’s the largest total of patents owned by a company in the inmate communications industry.



Securus’ patent portfolio comprises of fraud detections, commissary services, audio calling, video visitation, inmate calling, and other products. Smith accredits their team of developers, marketing professionals, R&D experts, and technicians for contributing to its patent portfolio. He said Securus currently leads the inmate communications industry by 113 patents.



Securus Technologies Inc. is the top national provider of high-technology software solutions to correctional, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. The company was founded in 1986 as Tele-Matic Corporation and was named Securus Technologies after various acquisitions. Securus leads the inmate communications industry in developing the most sophisticated technologies for law enforcement personnel, inmates, investigators, and emergency employees.



The patent portfolio of Securus is expected to increase to more than 300 patents when U.S. Patent Office approves 90 applications. Their technologies connect investigators to leads, correctional personnel to important data, and inmates with family members.


The Development of Inmate Communications

Communications in correctional facilities have been established these days. Several reviews and renewals have been made to improve the quality of the communications in prisons. The people in the cells have better and clearer quality of sound as they talk to their loved ones. Video calls have been made available for inmates in the prison facilities.


The companies that provide the call services have been working hard to improve sound clarity and network. The amount being charged and capability of call that can be made have been stepped up and costs largely reduced. The companies rendering the services are operating at all times be it day or night.


Strides made by those undertakings overtime have been achieved by improving connectivity and network in calls made in the correctional facilities. Video visitation calls have also been made available. Inmates can these days video call their homes and houses because technology has boosted connectivity of the internet so that videos will be clear with no downtime.


Fathers in prisons can now get to know how things are in their families and how kids have been doing at school without them going there. Family members can link up with each other at any time of day. The government and the companies providing these services are trying hard to subsidies prices. The state governments and federal governments are stressing that these companies prove how and why they have to give dear prices to the users. Some of the governments have come to the understanding that improvements in technology with the aim of boosting the quality of sound and videos, will require more finances. This requirement will then be transferred to the clientele.


The communication providers are at the moment trying hard to lower the costs while continuing to improve the service quality.



The New Innovative Cost of Calling Home

The industry of inmate communications has flourished tremendously in the last couple of years because of the escalated incarceration rate. There are several leading companies who supply correctional institutions with communication systems for inmates to keep in touch with their family members while they are imprisoned. According to U.S. Prison News, Glob Tech Link is embarking upon a new endeavor in the arena of penal communications. Glob Tech Link in a trial phase is offering tablets to inmates in Nashville, Tennessee, Davison County institution. Each of the 1,500 jail inmates received their own tablet in which they can make phone calls, purchase online games, and music on demand for $25 a month. For every purchase made by the inmates, Global Tek Link is making money. There are some advantages for the use of tablets in correctional environment. For the inmates, they no longer wait in line to use the telephone system, they now can make calls right from their cells by using the tablets. For the correctional staff, inmates using tablets is observed as a management tool, noting that it keeps the inmates relaxed because it provides communications and entertainment. Another advantage for the correctional staff is that the system can be easily monitored by officers and the internet service can be obstructed when needed for protection purposes. The future of inmate communication is changing the way institutions will administer the high cost of calling home. The industry leading company is accelerating to improve the outlook of prison communications with face-to-face interactions such as the use of Skype. Global Tel Link is endeavoring to become the frontrunner in corrections innovation using new technical tools to enhance the environments within the correctional institutions.


I-Pads in Prison: Global Tel Link New Venture


A Tablet for Each Inmate at Davidson County Jail

Davidson County Jail in Nashville, Tenessee has issued all inmates a personal tablet. The use of the devices is monitored. While it’s controversial, the benefits have improved conditions for all involved. It serves as entertainment and another way for inmates to communicate with important people on the outside.

The tablets do not cost the taxpayers anything, according to Sheriff Daron Hall of The Davidson County Jail. They were issued by Global Tel Link who provides the communications services for the prison. The inmates are allowed to keep the tablets for the duration of their time spent in the facility. The program does not cost anything or benefit the jail, Global Tel Link receives revenue whenever an inmate purchases an item.

Since the program’s inception in August of 2016, it has been successful. It is a beneficial management tool as well as a calling utility. It helps the visitation process by using the skype feature so inmates can see loved ones anytime. Most of the time, inmates might choose to stay in their cell occupied by the games and music they can purchase on the tablet. That same device allows them to make calls, which causes less frustration for waiting in long lines to use the communal telephone.

The progress has been praised by the sheriff and inmates. It has a calming effect and gives inmates other activities to focus on rather than any negative ones that might come about when they interact with each other. There’ve been fewer incidents of violence and disagreements. Even though they have a tablet, they are to use it under strict conditions. Inmates can not use the tablet to browse the internet and communication made with the device are monitored.

In addition to the entertainment features, inmates can store files and navigate the jail system in which they are residing. This program is the only of it’s kind in the state. To learn more, visit the original news story from News Channel 5 Network.

Two Inmates Escape from Lincoln Correctional Center; One is Found

Two men escaped from the Lincoln Nebraska Correctional Center on Friday, but Lincoln Police are not sure how they found their way out. Timothy Clausen, 52, and Armon Dixon, 37, were both serving long-term sentences in prison for violent crimes, the authorities announced that they should be considered dangerous.

As soon as the inmates were discovered missing, authorities made the announcement to the public that they should not deal with them in any way. If the two escapees are seen, call 911, and the manhunt began for the inmates.

The next day, a report was received by two women who called police shortly before Dixon was apprehended. They gave Dixon’s description as the man who had just assaulted them, and both women were hospitalized because of the attack, but they could not give the police any details concerning the incident.

The next day, a man in Lincoln saw a man matching Dixon’s description going into a storm drain, Police followed using dogs and a robot to locate Dixon in the drain, and he was immediately arrested without incident on Saturday. Timothy Clausen is still on the run, but Chief Jeff Bliemeister replied that they would have him in custody shortly.

When a prisoner goes through the detailed planning and waiting until precisely the right moment to break out of prison, they don’t imagine their life hiding in storm drains, but typically, they end up in siutations like this. It doesn’t sound like it is worth the effort to escape. The Lincoln Police Department is actively searching for Clausen now.