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Global Tel-Link and the Dirty Kickbacks That Jails and Prisons Request

When it comes to discussions about inmates, some people have very harsh, black-and-white, staunch views. Some people may feel that inmates don’t deserve rights and that they should be in unpleasant conditions. However, inmates actually do have rights. Of course, they are entitled to serve time–and they should, but they are still human beings with civil rights. Also, their families and friends have civil rights, as well. Read more reviews on Glass Door to know more.

Unfortunately, companies like Global Tel-Link infringe upon the civil rights of inmates and their families by price gouging their phone calls. Inmates and loved ones are held between a rock and a hard place, because in order to contact each other, they must pay enormous fees and rates to Global Tel-Link.

Global Tel-Link is not the only inmate phone company in the United State of America—there are many others. However, Global Tel-Link is definitely one of the telephone companies that receives that most contracts with facilities. These contracts are not earned by offering the pinnacle of quality with the cheapest prices. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Facilities actively seek out which phone companies can provide them with the biggest kickbacks. These kickbacks take the form of percentages of revenue, as well as random expenses and technology.

Facilities are questioned for their business practices and how they choose phone companies. As an explanation, or excuse—whichever word you want to use—facilities say that they need the extra money for security and to be able to hire the proper personnel. They claim that the money goes into endeavors that make environments safer and more pleasant. Watch this video on Youtube.

People who question facilities and phone companies argue that it is wrong for facilities to demand kickbacks, and that this way of doing business is a scam. Also, people argue that phone companies such as Global Tel-Link can still make a profit if they charge significantly lower rates that are closer to rates of regular phone calls outside of prison and jail.

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The Prison System Is Under Review Due To Federal Charges Against Private Suppliers

Keefe group is conducting a review of the prison system due to the pending conviction of a corrections officer for corruption charges. They feel the no-bid contracts need to be eliminated by the Mississippi Department of Corrections so better deals can be secured. The task force consists of five members and they are giving Governor Phil Bryant twelve initial recommendations. The group was appointed by Bryant following the federal corruption charges filed against businessman Cecil McCrory and the former Commissioner of Corrections Christopher Epps. The charges were regarding prison contracts and both men have pleaded not guilty. Visit The Dispatch to know more about Keefe Group.

If the recommendations of the task force are accepted six contracts will have to placed for competitive bids. Three of the six contracts are with the Management and Training Corporation in Utah who handles Mississippi prisons, two provide inmates with medical services and are with Health Assurance LLC based in Jackson and the final contract is for commissary services provided to prisons in Mississippi by The Keefe Group. The recommendation of the task force to have all contracts go through a bidding process. They also believe a committee needs to determine if the state should continue its practice of using private companies. Read more news on Tampa Bay Times

Epps was the commissioner for a period of twelve years. He resigned on November 5th from a job earning him $132,000 per year and the indictment from federal prosecutors was received the next day. Both Epps and the former state representative McCrory were charged. Prosecutors state beginning in 2007 Epps steered prison contracts towards companies McCrory was affiliated with. One of McCrory’s companies called G.T. Enterprises received a contract in 2007 for commissary services. In 2008 the services were taken over by The Keefe Group after their parent company purchased G.T. Enterprises.

The commissary system allows families to give inmates money to purchase items such as candy bars or combs. The items are generally delivered within a few days. At one point in time the commissary system was run without the use of a private contractor. The consensus of opinion is the commissary duty should be resumed by the department since the exorbitant prices have become burdensome for the inmates. Visit:




Keefe Group Helps With Prison Phone Calls

Keefe Group Is one of the best communications and prison service companies in the world, and they have connected to a number of different prisons who want their inmates to reach their loved ones. Someone who wishes to make a call with this company may sign up for an account at any time, and they will find that the company helps them get better call quality. This article explains how the company helps inmates and family make calls. Visit to know more.

#1: The Calls Are Good For Everyone

The calls are good for both sides because the quality and security is as high as it can possibly be. Someone who wants to place calls with the system may get a hold of someone that they cannot drive to see. The jail visitation is an important part of rehabilitation, and there are many people who will place their calls with Keefe Group because that helps them relax. Someone who wants to place these calls will find that they may hear clearly no matter who have they called, and they will have security and quality that they need quite a lot.

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#2: The Simple Call Structure

The simple call structure for everyone helps them place their calls, and they may contact Keefe Group any time for help. They will be connected to the jail they are trying to reach, and they will give the people who are on the phone a chance to hear a voice they have been missing. It is much easier for someone to place these calls because they get good customer service from Keefe Group. They will feel more comfortable with this system, and they will feel comfortable placing calls to a number of people. Read more about Keefe Group on Prison Censorship.

There are many different people who will find that placing calls with Keefe Group is easy. They can set up their accounts and call anyone at any time. It is much easier for someone to get a hold of the people they love when they are calling with Keefe Group, and they will start to feel better about the way that they visit with their loved ones.

GTL – The Corrections Innovation Leader

Global Tel-Link is an innovation chief in correctional technology, in addition to service solutions for government. GTL provides visionary solutions that are configured bolster the necessities of virtually any agency. The organization’s services and products seamlessly integrate to provide financial value, deliver security and ease the operation for all clients.

Within the sector of correctional technology, Global Tel-Link has spent more than 27 years assisting departments to attain unprecedented vision into virtually each facet of their inmate facilities and populations. That drives grater levels of safety and control ensuring they accomplish operational problems of today and tomorrow with confidence. GTL likewise provides services that permit inmates to stay linked to their families and friends, which researches have revealed as key to minimizing recidivism.

Global Tel-Link progresses to remain at the forefront of the consistently evolving correctional market, with the history of normally establishing the best products initially. That is the first web-based inmate platform for telephone services, wireless tablets that can be used to make phone calls and the initial web-based jail management system in addition to other products. GTL is a special organization that most correctional agencies consult before implementing their new technologies. Know more about GTL at

GTL comprehensive suite has integrated solutions that assist correctional facilities to view the big picture and operate more efficiently, secretly and smoothly. Part of the services entails inmate education solutions, inmate tablets, investigative & intelligence solutions, financial services, jail management systems, visitation management solutions and inmate telephone systems. In the sector of government payment services, Global Tel Link provides great-impact for technologically advanced items that cater special necessities of the entire agencies including child support agencies, municipalities and courts. Watch this video on Youtube.

Global Tel-Link is thus the trusted company that provides integrated technology solutions by investing energy, time and resources needed to wholly comprehend the special predicaments and problems that government agencies and correctional facilities face. Being the industry pioneer, GTL understands what it is required to deliver unmatched services and technology products to clients.

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Keefe Group: Revolutionizing Inmate Services

Keefe Group brags as been one of the leading suppliers of personal care products, clothing, food products, and technology-oriented products to correctional facilities in the USA. Since its inception in the year 1975, Keefe Group has been on the forefront in ensuring that each inmate locked in a correctional facility, as well as the correctional officers as well, are well catered for when it comes to necessities

Keefe began supplying correctional-oriented products on the 5th of November in the year 2008. Since then, the company has been renewing the contract on a yearly basis. In conjunction with the MDOC Inmate Services, it is estimated that Keefe made an astounding $40 million in gross revenue as a result of supplying various products to correctional facilities in the country.

Apart from supplying products to correctional facilities, Keefe Group is also mandated with the following services.

Processing Inmates Deposits

Keefe Group is mediated with making sure that each cash used by the inmates for the purchase of products is filed and recorded accordingly.

Selling Music Players to Inmates

Keefe has the exclusive rights to sell music players to inmates in various correctional facilities in the USA. Together with MDOC, the two groups share the costs obtained from the sales For instance, Keefe Group pockets $115 and sales while MDOC pockets about $15 for each player sold.

Selling Songs and Downloads

For each song downloaded and played by the inmates, Keefe Group pockets $1.70 while MDOC receives about $0.10 per song. The money obtained from these exclusive rights is used to produce more products, pay employees, and keep the business afloat. Read more on about Keefe Group.

Selling Commissary Items

Apart from owning exclusive rights to supply music players, music downloads and processing inmate deposits, Keefe Group is mandated with supplying products such as food, tobacco, and personal hygiene products to inmates. Keefe Group pays about 29.4% of commission rate to state-owned prisons and 24% to privately-owned facilitates.

Selling Prepaid Debit Cards

Keefe Group sells prepaid debit cards to inmates who may wish to purchase their products. Also, the group is mandated with processing inmate trust funds.

From the information covered in this article, it is no secret that Keefe Group has had a positive impact on the lives of prisoners and the correctional officers posted in different regions in the country

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Concession Fees Are Keeping Our Inmate’s Families Impoverished

For many years different prison-rights groups and those who are close to the imprisoned person have been complaining about the cost of phone calls to those who are in prison. Its considerably unregulated and finally the Federal Communications Commission has decided to start investigating into it.

Outside of prison the average phone call costs about $0.44 cents a minute but making a phone call to an inmate can be around $1.22 per minute. These telephone companies sign contracts with prisons and share a commission (called concession fees) with the prison system so they can be the only telephone provider available on site. With no competition they can increase the rate of phone calls as high as they would like. The largest telephone companies that provide services to prisons and other government offices are Global Tel-Link Corp. and Securus Technologies.


The F.C.C. has released that in 2013 the concession fees paid to prisons reached $460 million dollars. These telephone companies that do compete for the prisons service are competing over commission prices. Global Tel Link has their hands on approximately 50% of the prisons in the United States. In 2011 the company was sold for $1 Billion dollars.

The F.C.C. has to decide whether to put a limit or a ban on concession fees. Companies like Global Tel-Link Corp. are making profits off of people who are finding themselves in defenseless situations. One family member of an inmate quotes spending over $3,000 on phone bills in one month just to keep in contact and discuss legal matters. The concession fees are causing harm to those who haven’t broken the law by draining them of all their funds. Some family members of inmates don’t get to speak because they simply cannot afford it. Read more reviews at

Global Tel-Link and Securus have stated that if the calls rate cap falls below $0.20 cents a minute they will lose the ability to run their business. Prisoner Advocates disagree and believe the calls rate cap can drop to $0.07 cents a minute and still allow room for profit.

Global Tel-Link and Securus are businesses ran on the intention of making profit off of those in limited and low-income situations. Watch this video on Youtube.

Responsibilities of Keefe Group to Correctional Markets

It always feels good knowing than one of the people you care about is safe and is in good health, even though they are in a collection facility. Keeping in touch with the inmate is the best thing you can do for them since it gives them a sense of security. Keefe Group provides correctional facilities with products, technology, software, telecommunication and clothing. Since it was founded in the year 1975, it can been pioneering packaging of products and evolution of technological products to ensure they meet all the needs of inmates in facilities.

Keefe group has been working together with Access Securepak, IC Solutions, Advanced Technologies Groups, Keefe Commissary Network and Keefe Supply Company to provide high quality services to all correctional markets. The firm has more than 200 employees working in their distribution networks which are in 16 locations in the country. Keefe has been working for correctional markets for more than thirty five years. This gives the experience on which items are needed, how to package products and ensure they meet all their requirements.

Their Responsibilities

Keefe is responsible for processing deposits made by inmates, processing their trust funds, selling prepaid credit cards and many more. Inmates are also in a position to purchase music downloads and players from Keefe hence making their lives much better. They strive to ensure they offer quality services and exceed all the expectations of their clients. With this as stated by STL Today News, Keefe Group has been able to build a good reputation and gain more and more clients over the years. They also provide inmates with commissary items which include food products, hygiene products, clothes, snacks and many more to make their lives much easier.


Despite anything they have gone through, Keefe has always been in a position to offer their clients services. One of its affiliates, Access Solutions, has been of great help by providing them with the latest technologies. With this, Keefe is always in a position to provide cutting edge services which are safer, secure and efficient to facilities national wide. It has always been a position to raise their monthly income over the years by offering quality services to facilities as well as their different clients. To learn more about the correctional market, visit



The Keefe Group Provides Data Detection For Jails

The Keefe Group provides data detection for all of the jails they sponsor. This data detection is primarily used by officers of the law. This service allows officers to track outside individuals visiting and giving money to multiple inmates. This software is easy to use. Once it is installed, several representatives from the jail along with several representatives from the local police station are taught how to use this service.

Police officers will easily be able to identify individuals from the outside that are trying to commit crimes with inmates on the inside. This service works to protect inmates, too. Inmates may be setup from people on the outside without even knowing it. Police officers can quickly stop visits and stop money from being sent to certain individuals within jail.

The data detection software (read more about this on does all the work. All officers of the law have to do is analyze the data provided by the software. The software is setup to watch for daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual patterns. This software collects names, dates, time of day, and more. More amazingly, none of this data will ever be erased. This is great for court cases that take place five or even ten years from now. All officers have to do is log into this software and bring forth the information.

Jails have seen a decrease in criminal activity since allowing this software within their inmate community. Many of the regular visitors to the jail are no longer visitors. Jail representatives are happy with this, mainly because it gives inmates more visits with those that really care about them. It also gives inmates the opportunity to focus on themselves instead worrying about the drama and criminal activity taking place outside the jail. Many inmates are now going to school in jail, and some of them are even working in jail while going to school.

Jail representatives hope more jails accept this new software as soon as possible. They believe this software will bring a positive change to all jails. This is one of the few ideas both jail representatives and inmates both support. Learn more about the inmate community on



It’s Heating Up in Texas Prisons

An article written for The Dallas Morning News outlines the battle between prisoner advocates and corrections officials over intense heat conditions in Texas prisons. During the hottest summer months, temperatures can easily climb to over 100 degrees for the thousands of inmates serving time in prisons without air conditioning. This is of particular concern for the elderly and those with mental health issues.

Corrections officials admit that conditions become sweltering, but they say that the cost of providing air conditioning for all prison buildings, especially ones that are very old, makes it fiscally prohibitive. Instead, they require officers to monitor inmates for heat-related illnesses and to provide them with ice and water. They also give inmates the opportunity to take multiple showers and to wear shorts, among other concessions.

Prisoner advocates claim that, since 1998, at least 20 inmates have died from heat-related complications. They say they don’t expect inmates to be comfortable in prison life, but they should at least be safe. Inmates and their advocates aren’t the only ones dissatisfied with present conditions: prison officers also have to suffer through the heat. And given the current shortage of officers, there is concern that numbers will continue to dwindle if the issue is not properly addressed.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed by the families of eight inmates who have died from heat-related illnesses is currently making its way through Texas courts. If the state is found liable, it could reshape the way that the prison system copes with extreme heat. If not, it seems likely things will continue as they are.