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Keefe Group Provides Inmates Phone Service

Are you paying exorbitant charges for phone service just to keep in touch with family and friends? Looking for affordable jail or prison phone service? If you want to sign up, or switch to, a company that offers reasonable telephone plans and high quality features, Keefe Group is your clear choice.

Everyone deserves to keep in touch with their family and friends. Unfortunately, due to outrageous calling costs at most corrections facilities, many families have a hard time paying the expensive or high rates to accept collect calls from their relatives.

Many companies out there promise to offer reasonable rates but fail to deliver. It is important to find a company that helps families like yours save on jail or prison calls.

Keefe Group is a leading company in inmates phone and communications. The company has been catering to customers for a long time and comes highly recommended in the industry. Keefe Group is committed to rendering outstanding services and has a team of dedicated customers service representatives.

Many people search for ways to get cheap or affordable telephone service. Families and their incarcerated loved ones are always on the lookout for ways to save money on their phone calls. That’s where Keefe Group comes in – to provide the features and services that enable inmates and their family save money on their phone calls.

I have been using their services for many months and I am pleased with everything feature and service that they provide. I have also recommended the company to some of my friends and their family. Keefe Group has numerous positive reviews and comments left by people who are benefiting from their services.

If you truly want to avoid the outrageous fees and hidden costs in inmates phone calls, then go to their website and sign up right away. The company makes it easy to open an account and start accessing their range of services and features at reasonable rates. Their customer representatives are available and ready to assist you if you encounter any issue. In fact, you’ll be delighted with their services.

Global-Tel Link Not Being Completely Honest

Global-Tel Link is a telecommunications company who makes exclusive contracts with prisons and jails on the local, state, and government level. One of the luxuries people take for granted every day is the ability to go to a competitor if they’re not pleased with the services or prices of the current company they’re handing their money over too.

Inmates don’t have this luxury and if anything, it’s a burden on them and their family members. Global-Tel Link and other private telecommunications companies charge a premium for family members and inmates to stay in touch with one another. Families can easily spend up to several hundred dollars just to stay in touch with their loved ones. And this is just a chance to be able to speak with loved ones on the inside on a weekly basis, attempting to do it on a daily basis will probably result in a few more hundred dollars each month.

According to a post in Prison Talk, a user by the name of JamaicanChula reported they had an issue with Global-Tel Link recently. They were called in the middle of the night to collect a call from a loved one in prison, but their phone couldn’t accept the collect calls. They were then requested to hand out some account information so they could be billed for the call and the money could be collected.

The user did some digging and came to two conclusions about the issue. Either it’s scam pretending to be Global-Tel Link or the company itself is hoping people or naïve enough to set up prepaid accounts. This is disconcerting and puts the company in a bad light, but they weren’t in a good one, to begin with. The telecommunications industry alone makes a couple billion a year from the profit it makes off of the misfortune of inmates and their family members.

Keefe Group: A Leader in Inmate Communications

Keefe Group is a market leader when it comes to the supply of; software solutions, telecommunications solutions, technological devices, clothing, electronics, personal care products, and food products to correctional facilities. The company has six major affiliates that include; Advanced Technologies Group, ICSolutions, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, Keefe Commissary Network, and Keefe Supply Company. Keefe has been serving the correctional market since 1975, and was the pioneer company in coming up with technology services packaging and products that meet the unique needs of correctional facilities across the country. For instance, the company eliminated the security threat associated with glass and metal containers by offering pouch-packaged seafood to correctional facilities.

Visit The Dispatch to know more about Keefe Group.

Keefe’s head office is located St. Louis, Missouri. Apart from the headquarters, the company has ten regional service centers and seven distribution centers. Keffee’s number one priority is to come up with innovative services and products for its clients and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. The company packages private-label products and a variety of name brands at its manufacturing facility. Keefe has been able to revolutionize the various services in correctional facilities such as; entertainment for inmates, financial transactions, as well as the flow of information and communication. Contraband has been eliminated from correctional facilities by the top-quality products, which are supplied in care products through the Access Securepak Program. Family and friends can send inmates important times such as; electronics, shoes, clothing, personal care products, and food through Access Securepak, which as a one-stop shop. Keefe Group considers offering convenience, flexibility and security as one of its major priority.

ICSolutions’’ Services and Products

ICSolutions is a subsidiary of Keefe Group that offers exceptional customer service and innovative communications products to correctional facilities. The subsidiary was established in 2003 and serves more than 200 correctional facilities. ICSolutions serves all categories of correction facilities including; city jails, county jails, and regional jails. The subsidiary provides correctional facilities with call processing platforms that have highly advanced investigative tools, features, and capabilities. The platforms come with numerous benefits such as increased revenues for correctional facilities, greater customer satisfaction, and more inmate calling. Every new installation is planned and coordinated by ICSolution’s team of experienced personnel.

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A Competitive Bidding System Should be Introduced in All Correction Departments

The jail authorities in Mississippi must do something about several contracts with the no-bid specification. Maybe the processes of streamlining the tenders given to various organizations that supply necessities to prisoners should be reviewed. I believe it is the only way that correction departments can ensure competitiveness to facilitate getting better and cheaper deals. I have nothing particular against Keefe Group, but the mere fact that one of the commissioners recently indicted on corruption charges is closely linked to the organization is disturbing.

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The task force responsible for overseeing the streamlining of the process which met recently should speed up the recommendations they have in mind so that there can be fairness in tender awarding. I believe that all the lawmakers will support Gov. Phil Brant to ensure the new measures are passed in the legislative assembly. I am not surprised the governor saw the necessity to appoint the five-member task force after another Commissioner for Incarceration know as Epps, and a business colleague called Mr. McCory also faced contract corruption charges by the federal government. Even though the two accomplices have pleaded not guilty as charged, I guess their trial will expose a lot of rot in the system. Visit The Dispatch to know more about Keefe Group.

I am sure one of the attorneys involved in the case, Andy Taggart, who is also the co-chairman of the fact-finding committee was sincere when he said that the recommended acts were intended to make the government more transparent. I am happy that although he conceded the uphill task involved in preventing bribery and other acts of corruption despite the presence of tight regulations and laws, the new legislation would make it extremely hard for the perpetrators to carry on their activities blatantly. I am pissed out by the fact that several Correction Departments have contracts with no bids that need to be put up for competitive tendering. The department spokeswoman Grace Simmons Fisher pointed out where such contracts are in Health Assurance LLC based in Jackson, and Management and Training Corporation managing prisons in Mississippi but headquartered in Utah. Keefe Group which is Missouri-based also independently provides commissary facilities in Prisons in Mississippi. All these vagaries should be terminated. Know more about Keefe Group on

Global Tel Link – Price Gouging Against Those Who Can Least Afford It

Physically separated from family and friends, one would think that at the very least, prison inmates would have the ability to stay connected with them over the phone. That was the case until the 1990s. Due to the exorbitant rates and fees charged by a handful of companies which dominate what has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry, now inmates can stay in touch with family and friends only if they can afford it.

This situation has forced low-income inmates and their families of friends of to make the excruciating choice of either spending thousands of dollars on phone calls which they can ill afford or remaining disconnected from their loved ones. Visit to know more about GTL.

In October 2015, by a 3-2 vote, the FCC mandated an over 50% rate reduction for state and interstate calls to between 11 cents and 22 cents per minute. However, Global Tel Link and other prison phone companies sued over the rate changes. Following a DC Court of Appeals decision which blocked some of the rate changes from taking effect, the FCC revised the caps with new rates which were scheduled to take effect in December 2016 for prisons, and for jails in March 2017.

Under the Trump administration, however, federal regulators have halted efforts to cut the costs of most prison phone calls. Soon after President Trump appointed Ajit Pai, who had voted against the initial rate cut, to head the FCC, the commission’s attorneys reversed their position and informed the court that the they no believe that the agency has the authority to cap intrastate rates. Watch this video about GTL on Youtube.

Global Tel Link is charging astronomical rates to prisoners and their families, making it too expensive for families to stay connected. The separation from family and friends which accompanies a prison sentence is agonizing enough. It becomes that much more unbearable when it is not economically viable to stay in contact over the phone. Advocates for fair-minded public policy positions should not put this issue to rest until our inmates’ basic rights are protected. And sadly, with the FCC reversing its previous position, it doesn’t look like this unfortunate situation is going to change anytime soon.

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IC Solutions: They Are Not Fooling Anyone

I imagine that IC Solutions is probably pretty proud of what they have done, even though it is as despicable as it comes. They are lowlifes and I don’t normally like to use such strong language, but they have left me no choice. What other way is there to describe IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider?

When they have done things like this,, they are going down a very dark path.

This is a place that no company should go down and this is the worst type of way to run a company. Frankly, they are profiting off the misery and suffering of others, especially between a parent and a child, which is a special relationship to say the least.

IC Solutions is blocking that phone call from ever happening in the first place. This parent paid almost one hundred dollars for the chance to speak to her son in prison through IC Solutions. It sounds pretty cut and dry, but IC Solutions is not known for anything to be cut and dry.

This customer has them figured out, and they don’t like what they have seen and what they have experienced. Because of it, they are speaking out and they are saying something so hopefully no one else has to experience what they have gone through. Although, the truth of the matter is that not a lot of people have a choice when it comes to this sort of communication.

Because IC Solutions has the market cornered and they are the kings of this scam, people don’t have a lot of places to go to for communication. IC Solutions is well aware of that and they have no problem taking advantage of it and running wild with it because they have people in a vulnerable state, which is exactly how IC Solutions likes it.

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