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Two Inmates Escape from Lincoln Correctional Center; One is Found

Two men escaped from the Lincoln Nebraska Correctional Center on Friday, but Lincoln Police are not sure how they found their way out. Timothy Clausen, 52, and Armon Dixon, 37, were both serving long-term sentences in prison for violent crimes, the authorities announced that they should be considered dangerous.

As soon as the inmates were discovered missing, authorities made the announcement to the public that they should not deal with them in any way. If the two escapees are seen, call 911, and the manhunt began for the inmates.

The next day, a report was received by two women who called police shortly before Dixon was apprehended. They gave Dixon’s description as the man who had just assaulted them, and both women were hospitalized because of the attack, but they could not give the police any details concerning the incident.

The next day, a man in Lincoln saw a man matching Dixon’s description going into a storm drain, Police followed using dogs and a robot to locate Dixon in the drain, and he was immediately arrested without incident on Saturday. Timothy Clausen is still on the run, but Chief Jeff Bliemeister replied that they would have him in custody shortly.

When a prisoner goes through the detailed planning and waiting until precisely the right moment to break out of prison, they don’t imagine their life hiding in storm drains, but typically, they end up in siutations like this. It doesn’t sound like it is worth the effort to escape. The Lincoln Police Department is actively searching for Clausen now.