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IC Solutions: Where Is Their Punishment?

IC Solutions is scaring people left and right, and they are scaring people because of what they are doing and how they are doing it. If reading this link does not scare you,, you might need to get your pulse checked. It shows how deep and how corrupt IC Solutions, the inmate phone company, has gotten over the years. As of this moment, it appears there is no end in sight with them. Things are getting worse and they are not getting better. These are not introspective people that take the time to look in the mirror and look for ways to change. Instead, they are happy doing things the status quo because it works for them and more information click here.

They should change their name to Me Solutions. All of the solutions they come up with are only there to serve their own best interests. It shows what kind of company they are and what kind of hearts they have. That being said, if you ask me, they don’t have any heart as a company or as people. They are cruel, ruthless, and they go right for the gut punch. They know the damage and pain they have caused the customers and the inmates and they don’t even stop to think about the long-term damage it could have on someone and learn more about IC Solutions.

Sometimes we need to look at the big picture of things and really realize what is going on with some of these inmates. They might be troubled and they might have deeper issues that have not been made aware of by a doctor, a therapist, or a psychiatrist. If they had been on the proper medication, perhaps they would not have been in this spot in the first place. They would have known better and been in the right mental state and its Website.

The High Cost of Calling the Imprisoned

Ms. Anthony Kofalt is one of the millions of people who suffer calling their friends and family in prison. For over five years now, her husband has been in prison following the incapacitated income solutions because of the GTL increased calling rates into prison. Ms. Kofalt spends much of her income to call her husband in prison.


Anthony Kofalt was arrested for walking out of the Walmart with over 21 boxes of Crest without paying. This is the reason why the Pennsylvania police arrested him for the charges. While he is in prison, he would love to know how his family is going on out of prison because the prison apartment is over 40 miles away, they would not afford to walk in every day. This means that their only option is to get in touch through the phones as always.


The cost of a normal call out of prison for a 15-minute call is about 60 cents. However, the cost of calling for someone those who are in prison are about $15 for the same duration. If you look at the two charges, there is no relationship. This shows us how the correctional facilities have been turned into money-making syndicates for the few companies who secure the deals to operate in the prisons.



Whenever one wants to make a call to prison, they must subscribe to the calls for a weekly fee of $25. Once you have paid the fee, you will be allowed to start paying for the 15-minute calls that are charged at exorbitant prices. If the person you are calling does not answer the call, the subscription and calling fees are extended. This means that your money expires as soon as they don’t pick the calls. With these rates, no one in the world would allow the company to continue operating in their wake.


Creating a New Wave In Inmate Technology Through Keefe Group’s Solutions

Founded in 1975, Keefe Group is a firm that provides technological products and services packaged exclusively for correctional facilities. Keefe Group also tailors these products to suit each and every correctional facility according to their specifications and suitability. Keefe Group works through various affiliates to provide telecommunication and software solutions to the correctional market. Keefe Commissionary Network, Advanced Technologies Group, Access SecurePak and ICSolutions are some of these subsidiaries.


Advanced Technologies Group LLC (ATG), which is one of Keefe Group’s subsidiaries, is a firm that has been running for 15 years and comes up with and supports software solutions. These software solutions are tailored to assist federal and state correctional facilities to run their operations efficiently. They are also made in a bid to help inmates become better people, self-reliant and well prepared to re-integrate into society once they are out.


Advanced Technologies Group LLC, is endowed with a great team that has experience and expertise in the field and thoroughly understand how to manage agency operations. Advanced Technologies Group LLC, has over the years been able to successfully customize and implement the systems for every customer they serve. This is because the solutions are they offer are always on time and pocket-friendly. Most importantly the solutions, are made to fully satisfy the needs of the end user who in this case is the customer. One key software developed by Advanced Technologies Group LLC is the Offender Management Suite. Using this portal, an entire correctional facility’s service can be run and operated efficiently.


According to Keefe Group Official Website has been running the ICSolutions Advanced Technology since 2003 and currently serves more than 200 correctional facilities. ICSolutions is simply a firm that provides innovative telecommunications services and customer service to inmates in correctional facilities. Call and Funding Alert, Voice Biometrics, and Inmate Banking are some of the services offered by ICSolutions. These services are deployed to state, county, regional and city jails across the United States of America.


Customer satisfaction is the top priority of ICSolutions no matter which product or service the customer uses. ICSolutions has highly experienced personnel who ensure that each and every system runs smoothly. It also has a nation wide network of technicians and live technical support available 24/7 to listen and respond to any problem that may arise. Keefe Group, through ICSolutions also ensures that all their clients have the latest software by offering free upgrades.


Telmate Keeps Inmates and Families Connected

Not everything that you read online or in newspapers is accurate or right. Businesses will lie to people in order to keep customers or in order to gain customers. When this happens, how do you know which company is the best for you to use. For inmates who are in jail, the ability to pick and choose a business is unlikely. For this reason, the person on the outside is the one who has to work to ensure that they are receiving the best for their money.


When it comes to making calls from jail, the options that they have are limited. The number of ways that someone is able to make calls is from either making collect calls or from someone signing a contract with a company like Telmate. When this happens, the person who signs the contract is going to make a deposit for the phone calls to be made from the jail. The deposit that is made is not going to count towards what is charged per call and each call will be a separate charge on the account.


The cost of each call will vary depending on the length of the call as well as the jail that the call is being made from. There is no set fee and no set rate for each call. The rate of the call is going to be dependent on each state. Some states are regulated more than others and each state charges a different rate for tax. It is important that you find the best business for the inmate and for yourself to ensure that you are able to afford the calls being made from the jail. If it is something that is too expensive, you will have to stick to visiting the inmate on visiting days at their jail.


When you decide to use Telmate, you are allowing for the inmate to be closer to reform than an inmate that is unable to see and speak to their family while they are inside the prison system. Their mental health is better when they are able to speak to their family also.


Global Tel-Link (GTL) Provides Integrated Technology Solutions for Unmatched Control

Over the years, various groups have been advocating for the reduction of inmate phone call rates in the country. Most inmate phone call providers charge sky-high inmate phone call rates. Unlike other people in the country, inmates have no control of their phone call service providers. In June this year, Davidson County (Tennessee) Sheriff Daron Hall announced the end of negotiations with Global Tel-Link on instigating some of the lowest phone call charges in the country’s prisons and the lowest in Davidson County correctional facilities.
Decreasing the financial burden on families and inmates is important in making sure inmates receive community support which is a key element in minimizing the rates of recidivism. Research repeatedly demonstrates that increased connection between inmates and their loved ones assists in maintaining community ties that are imperative in minimizing the possibility of recidivism. Sheriff Hall commended the partnership with GTL saying that it has proven to be a great partner by ensuring his County gets the necessary services while attaining the objective of helping inmate families.

Global Tel-Link is capping on inmate phone call rates as proposed by the FCC. The company aims to reduce inmate phone call rates while at the same time maintain high-quality phone services, technology, and security. For approximately 25 years, Global Tel link has been a trusted source for integrated technology solutions for the corrections industry. GTL provides unmatched communications, inmate telephone and payment systems. The company provides jail phone services for inmates as well as their family and friends.

Before being the leading provider of integrated corrections technology for correctional facilities in the country, GTL began as a correctional telecommunications services provider. The company provided both control and a reliable source of income to assist in improving budgets. The company later expanded its outreach and service offering by developing and incorporating the most powerful solutions in communication, commerce, and control. Visit YouTube for more info on GTL. Also read the review made by about GTL.


$100 Million Invested in Secure Calling Platform, Says Securus Technologies

In a recent press release, Securus Technologies, one of the U.S.’s largest providers of criminal justice technologies, announced that they had invested over $700 million into new products over the last three years. In the release, it was stated that $100 million of this was invested directly into their Secure Calling Platform, the most widely used inmate-communication platform of its kind in the world.

This system, which uses a range of products to facilitate communications between inmates, their families, and the corrections officials themselves, processes an estimated 400 million calls each year. Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, had this to say about the investment:

“Most of what we build also benefits inmates and friends and family members as well – we DO NOT forget about those customers. We invest in improving the speed of funding – reaching bail bondsmen and friends/family faster with high quality, video calling for a richer social contact, inmate education, inmate healthcare, religion, finding jobs, recreation, music and movie and book downloads, and tablets. All of that and more. Incarceration is bad/stressful and we try to make it less stressful.”

Most of the $700 million Securus has spent in product development was placed into a variety of areas, including data analytics, jail management systems, criminal tracking, and inmate rehabilitation. Securus Technologies systems are used in over 3,450 facilities world-wide.