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IC Solutions: Don’t Expect Human Beings

The people over at IC Solutions are not human beings. If they were human beings, they would not be conducting themselves in the fashion they are as a company. They are an inmate phone provider, which really holds a lot of power over the heads of both the inmates and the customers that wish to use the service, which is what makes the whole thing so frustrating for all parties involved. They have the chance to help people, be there for them, and make a true difference. Instead, they choose to use their platform to make money at the expense of the inmate.


In essence, they are exploiting people. There is someone behind bars that is mentally ill, fragile, and damaged. Instead of helping them up and being there for them, they are kicking them down while they are down. Not only that, they are taking the opportunity to take advantage of their friends, family, and loved ones. They know how much they wish to speak to them and how happy it would make them if they were able to do that. They still love them and miss them. Because of this, IC Solutions sees a chance to do something truly awful and capitalize on this.


They are goons, at the end of the day. They are looking to get a buck out of someone’s plight. It is not right, and it is not fair. It needs to be stopped immediately by someone with authority and someone that can come in and really put a scare into IC Solutions. It needs to happen for the sanity of the inmates and their families. They are looking to get out of prison without being killed, and the families want to live a worry-free life knowing the inmate is home and they can help them.


IC Solutions: They Are Worthless

IC Solutions, the prepaid phone provider for inmates, is completely and utterly worthless. They are worthless because they do not what they say they are going to do on their website. They talk about allowing inmates to connect with those closest to them. Do these sound like happy customers to you? They sound like people that are very unhappy. They are on the website Pissed Consumer after all, so it tells the whole story on this company and what they stand for, day in and day out. They have not changed, and it does not appear like change is on the way with them. Why would they change in their minds? They are making money.


However, they need to change because they are making money in ways that are illegal, morally bankrupt, and just plain wrong. There is nothing positive or uplifting about stealing money from people that are just looking to speak to an inmate behind bars. There is also nothing positive about preventing the inmate from healing and getting better. After all, the inmate is just looking for a way out in this situation. When I say I mean out, I say they are looking to get out of prison for good behavior. They are not looking to escape prison. They know what they have done and they will stay in jail until they are allowed out.


However, the process can be made a lot easier with someone calling them, checking in on them, and making sure they are staying on the straight and narrow while in prison. They need a voice that knows them, understands them, and loves them, no matter what. They need a voice that will guide them and be there to show them where they have gone wrong and how to prevent it.


A Better Way For Providing Inmate Communications

The United States of America is one of the most popular countries in the world, but it definitely has its fair share of problems when it comes to crime. There are well-over 300,000 million individuals here and with such a large amount of people, committing crime is only inevitable. On the other hand, 2.2 million people are incarcerated in the United States and if you add Canada’s incarceration numbers to the stack, the numbers are more inflated. What does the prison industrial system have to offer to keep the inmates in check? This is where telecommunications come into the picture, and it has worked wonders for the inmates, for the families of the inmates and for the staff itself.


Telecom companies of today are further advanced than the telecom companies of the past. Since this is considered to be the digital era, prison facilities are able to offer their inmates many more beneficial choices. Telmate Communications is the very definition of the advancements. This company offers some of the best telecom services at the fairest of rates. Unlike most other similar companies who have inflated price packages, Telmate has stayed true to its word because it’s more than just making a buck. This company is well-connected with the communities of the incarcerated. That’s right! Since Telmate serves 300 facilities across the nation, it sends its representatives to meet with the local officials of that specific area. Whether it’s visiting a hospital for sick children, or it’s working on a local physical project in the community itself, Telmate definitely practices what it preaches.


This Oregon-based company has a long list of success that extends for nearly two decades. Breaking the cycle of reoffending is one of its main goals even if it doesn’t generate any additional capital in profits.


I’m Worried About The Keefe Group

Keefe Group has been active since 1975.

It is one of the most sizeable commissary nationwide operators for the corrections market in the United States.

Yes, there is a such thing as an inmate corrections market and it’s perfectly legal for one to exist..

The Keefe Group is also rather large; so much so that it’s involved in most services: financial services, television, health and beauty supplies, cable television, money transfers, footwear for inmates, and even video visitation.

The Keefe Group are receiving private contracts to give service to prison systems for counties and states as they act as an exclusive operator and distributor for goods and even management services for prison inmates.


Is The Keefe Group Good?

At first, I would like to start by addressing the good things about The Keefe Group.

One particular good thing about The Keefe Group has been involved are charitable efforts.

A charity that is in association with The Keefe Group in is the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. What this is is a large sanctuary for race horses that do not run on the racetrack any more.

So, where does the The Keefe Group come in? They helps prisoners build actual skills where they are trained to care for these retired houses.


Now, Let’s Talk About Prisoners

From what I’ve learned, prisoners are treated not the best that they could be because of The Keefe Group being a such a large operator that for the inmate corrections market.

One criticism I heard was that food should cost less for the inmates in prisons that The Keefe Group are actually responsible for. Because of this, prisoners will have a harder time accessing fresh and healthy food.

However, there are great things that I hear about Keefe Group, too.

One peculiar charity that they are involved is called, “Puppies Beyond Bars”, which actually transforms and trains puppies into service dogs.

The Keefe Group sells MP3 players to prison inmates for $115 that also includes sales tax.

The Keefe Group does have its criticisms but there are some beneficial things that The Keefe Group are doing, too.


What Does the Keefe Group Do That’s Wrong?

Now, I am mention some of the other criticism that the Keefe Group has been receiving.

One particular accusation that is floating around is the Keefe Group is doing ‘sneak attacks’ on the prison canteen for the inmates that they are supposed to be caring for.

Many of the complaints that I’ve heard are that the canteens are too costly.

In fact, the effect is that prisoners are more inclined to eat unhealthy foods in prisons.

I see this as a violation of the prisoners’ rights that is preventing them from eating healthy foods at an affordable price.

The other downside is that because of the higher price, there has been higher number of robberies,thefts, and violence in Florida’s prisons.


From What My Perspective

From the evidence that I have seen, The Keefe Group can implicit in price gouging.

Based on what I heard, it may be for you to be investigate further.


The Keefe Group Isn’t Providing Fuel for Self Improvement

Happiness isn’t always easy. But I’ve found that it’s tied pretty tightly with the idea of forward mobility. A full life consists of happiness gained from self improvement. And in turn, I think that a full stomach is part of that full life. But this is exactly what made me so concerned about an article I read today. I chanced on it while looking for information about food. But what I found was an example of what happens when food is kept away from the people who need it.


The article was about the prison system. And far from being written by someone from afar, it was actually authored by a prisoner. He had a lot to say about how poor food quality was keeping him down. Images of prison gruel danced in my mind before he clarified the issue. It turns out that the problematic meals were coming from something called the Keefe Group. To be sure, the prison system should take some blame. But only in the sense of not pushing for better standards.


It’s the Keefe Group itself which is actually providing the low quality food. The prison system contracts out with them. In itself, this is actually a brilliant solution. Prisons need to provide the lowest common denominator in meals. But prisons can contract out to companies like the Keefe Group who will sell higher quality food.


But that’s the exact issue. They do sell different food, but it’s hardly better. Instead it tends to be very low quality items. Basically the Keefe Group just marks up the cost of junk food and sells it to prisoners. Meanwhile they use fresh fruits and vegetables in their advertising.


Of course the prison administration takes some blame for not actually holding the Keefe Group to higher standards. And as much as the Keefe Group should be held responsible, they’re just a business. A business will almost always cut corners unless prohibited from doing so.


This is why it’s good to hear that pressure is starting to get applied to prison administration. Task forces are investigating the issue and suggesting that a forced bid system be put into place. This would force actual competition for prison contracts. And it’d make the Keefe Group need to actually improve their services to win against competition.


Telmate’s Insightful Facts

Telmate is making a big difference in communication trends between inmates and their loved ones. With state of the art communication devices, inmates and county jail authorities are now able to use phone calls, video messaging and other online facilities to increase connections and make intelligence decisions that help with convictions especially for the county jail authorities.



The industry has a system run on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Everything at Telmate solution is web-based making it easy to run daily operations. Among the selection of state-of-the-art communication phone devices Telmate prides itself in are, wireless phones, housing options, short and long corrections grade phones, and many others.



With the touch of a button, friends and families can accept calls from inmates. Inmates also get the ability to leave voicemails without worrying about any loss of their recordings. Through, friends and family can deposit inmate funds. This they can do online with the use of a mobile app for smartphone and iPhone. To aid them in doing this, Telmate has live operators at their kiosks. All calls made using Telmate devices are compatible with skype, google voice mail, international numbers and all kinds of mobile phones.



Besides the telephones, Telmate also offers video visitation, paperless grievances, photo and message sharing and education to the inmates. The benefit of video visitation increases security and reduces the time spent by staff on guiding visitors as they meet and interact with their loved ones in county jails. Safety and security also get better, and there is a tremendous decrease in sneaking in contrabands to the inmates.



The most recent addition to Telmate features is the installation of tablet devices in the office’s correctional centers. This helps to serve all the inmates through secured services and operation systems that are detention-safe. This newest feature is greatly beneficial to both the inmates and the staff at the correctional centers. The tablets help the staff to transform the inmates’ lives by offering them self-improvement skills training them on various skills and educating them on a variety of other things.



Telmate is fully compliant with FCC and offers some of the lowest call rates in the communication and technology industry. All the services are easily accessible from any device or computer that has an internet access and a web browser.

Every call processed and stored is secure in data centers monitored 24/7. Maintenance of the data centers is up to date, so no one has to worry about any losses or disruptions. With the automated identity verification system, it is easy to know who interacts with an inmate and what time they do.



You will not find a better communication partner than Telmate. Connect with your loved ones today at any facility without worrying about incurring huge amounts of money.



Communication made better for the inmates by the Global Tel-Link

The question is why do inmates phone calls have to expensive? The people that will make the decision when it comes to the calls is the detention centers and the phone companies. The detention center chooses businesses that will be able to give them the highest commission not caring about the quality of the services that they will get. The correctional center has tried to justify what they do saying that the top fee is needed because it will help with running the facilities and keep the peace. Until the mid-1990s, the cost of the inmates was the same as the call from outside. But that changed after the correctional center realized how much they could make if the commission were high.

Global Tel-Link had to intervene. Global Tel-Link has been offering their services to more than 85% of the inmates in the United States, and the Global Tel-Links control 50% of the phone industries in the United States. In 1989, that was when the Global Tel-Link was founded, and it’s located in Reston. The company has employed 501 to 1000 employees. It offers its services to correction centers that are more than 30.

Global Tel-Link has seen the situation that so many inmates are facing when they want to call some of their family members, and they can’t afford the charges. They understand that so many inmates will come from a family that’s maybe depending on a meager income and to add the inmates call on them will be a burden. So they have done some measures in reducing the cost. They have worked with the correctional department in coming up with a way that the commission will be reduced. And since they opened they have been able to make some of the changes in the field that will benefit the inmates.


Global Tel: FCC Rates are Unfair

Global Tel is among the companies that were introduced into the market recently so that they could serve the inmates who are serving their terms in jail. The company has been offering the inmates both technology and communication platforms, it has been so successful in the private sector. The company management has been instrumental in the successful GTL has been experiencing in the recent times. According to a recent report, consumers say that they love the quality services they receive from the private firm.


Although the company has won the hearts of the inmates in the United States, it is currently experiencing some problems. Not long ago, the top management announced that the company was upset about the new rates that were being proposed by FCC. According to the management, the rates are unjustified, and they are not fair to the company owners who have been spending billions just to make sure that they offer the inmates the best services. Despite these challenges, the company has been doing quite well.


Global Tel is now calling on all the companies serving in the private industry to join hands and present a case in court so that they can dismiss the rates that are issued by the FCC. The institution believes that if these rates are implemented, the inmates will have a rough time trying to communicate with their families and loved ones who are not close by. Without communication, the prisoners will never get the experience they deserve.


FCC, on its defense, states that the rates the private companies have been charging the inmates is too high and unaffordable to the people who are living in the prisons. For the people who are living outside the prison facilities, the rates are way cheaper and affordable to the communities. This is why the companies in the communication sector should reduce the cost of making calls to the inmates.


GTL Is On A Mission To Provide Safety Gadgets for Inmate’s Communications

In 1980, Global Tel-Link was established. The major purpose for establishing this company was to provide unmatched communications solutions to inmates and their administrators. Until now, success has been the key defining word for this company. GTL boasts of serving over 1,000 inmates across multiple corrections facilities. Perhaps that is why until now; the company has been receiving positive client feedback. GTL is also known for its tremendous input in securing inmates through cutting-edge communications gadgets.


Background data


One factor, however, that better defines GTL is its structural association with some of the leading software providers in the world. This association has solely contributed to the development of some of the most advanced communication gadgets in prisons. For example, GTL recently announced the launch of Inspire Tablet. This is a communication gadget that seeks to disseminate knowledge to inmates. Through this gadget, GTL has been offering inmates the opportunity to enjoy better, learning experiences. Inspire Tablets are not only easy to operate but also have a clear focus on ensuring that inmates interact with the actual world of current affairs.


Services provided


GTL is known as a renowned company that offers exceptional expertise that is appended to integrating multiple vendors in various correctional facilities. The company has successfully integrated numerous systems in jail management. Through experience and high-profile networking contacts, GTL have managed to ensure a viable, smooth integration process. The company’s project and implementation teams have solely handled numerous large accounts while integrating them with their respective databases.


The conclusion


What makes GTL claim its leading position is defined by its mechanism of operating. The company offers multiple payment options to inmates. These options come in secure channels that accommodate every inmate despite their geographical location across the country. GTL’s security features are linked to empowering clients to carry out database mining on prisoners through detail reporting and multi-channel recording.


The Remarkable Success of Keefe Group

Keefe Group the number one supplier to the correctional facility niche market and has grown into the most successful company in the history of this market. Many companies have come up against it, but they are still not able to wrestle the control out of the Keefe’s Group grasp and most end up closing shop leaving the Keefe Group to continue to dominate this industry. Due to its monopoly in the prison supplies market, Keefe Group has achieved the success that its competitors only dream about.


A subsidiary of the Centric Group of companies, Keefe Group, based in Missouri, exclusively supplies the correctional market with various services that range from personal care products for inmates, clothing, technology equipment, electronics, telecommunications, software solutions and food products. In 1975 the Keefe Group started to exclusively supply correctional facilities and quickly rose to be the country’s number one private supplier of correctional facilities.


The Keefe Group is in no doubt successful as it has earned over $40 million dollars during the period of 2008 to 2014. When a competitor emerges, the Keefe Group simply flexes its financial muscle and purchases its rival as such was the case when it bought G.T. Enterprises a company that was based in Mississippi. Due to pressure and outcry from players in this industry, the department of corrections was forced to come up with measures to try and regulate this market stating that all contracts no matter how small should go through a bidding process for accountability purposes.


Centric Group, the parent company of Keefe Group, purchased the company, G.T. Enterprises as it continues its expansion program as they strive to provide top-notch service delivery to its clients. Accountability is also a major aspect of the Keefe Group, and they follow the rules set forth by the Departments of Corrections in the bidding of tenders, and due to their spotless track record, they continue to get more business from the Correctional facilities. Professionalism and efficiency are the Keefe’s Group main attributes, and for this, they will continue laughing all the way to the bank for the foreseeable future.