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Communicating with the Help of the Keefe Group

The Keefe Group is a wonderful program that was designed specifically for prison families. The reason it’s as popular as it is is because it allows you to get in touch with people in prison who are just trying to keep connected with their family members. One of the reasons I began to use the Keefe Group was because a good friend of mine went into prison themselves. It was difficult and even impossible at times for me to make routine trips to the correctional facility to see them. Because of this, I found that it was something that helped a lot and enabled me to have the contact that I so desperately needed for myself and for them.


The reason Keefe Group is used regularly is because of how inexpensive it has been for people using it. If you have been spending a small fortune just to have the ability to visit your family member in prison, it’s time for you to get help from the Keefe Group to have better contact without spending a small fortune. You are going to want to visit the Keefe Group site and download the program for yourself. Once downloaded, you are going to be able to find that it works for you and your beloved relative.


The great thing about the Keefe Group is that it is a wonderful option for just about anything and everything that you need for your family in prison. In fact, the Keefe Group was designed specifically for prison families, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re keeping in close contact with your family member or friend who happens to be behind bars. The issue that a lot of people have is that they just do not have the means or money to go to the correctional facility where their family is located. This can be a real issue because you are not able to see your beloved family member and this can be problematic in a variety of different ways. Be sure to give Keefe Group a try for yourself and see if it going to be able to help you.



Keefe Group


Telmate Is Working To Keep Inmates and Families Connected With Use Of New Technologies

For more than a decade, Telmate has been used to create affordable yet reliable inmate calls. The inmate system offers the users a secure and monitored communication line between inmates and their loved ones. The connections that are used are meant to help keep others safe.


The use of Telmate phone calls is to help provide the jails with the intelligence they might not have within the walls of the jails by letting officials know what is going on through the calls being placed to those on the outside. The Telmate business is committed to helping to build cases and get a conviction where one is due.


The center of Telmate is to provide a solution for the industry which provides a connection between inmates and families while also helping to provide a safer environment for inmates and officials guarding them.


Telmate uses the VoIP system to keep inmates connected to those on the outside. The Voice over Internet Protocol is helping to make technology more user friendly and is using the day to day operations of the system a completely web based product.


Through the use of one touch call acceptance, the friends and family are able to accept the calls placed by the inmates and helps to make the inmate connections easier. There is also the chance that an inmate is able to leave a voicemail in case they have missed a call from their loved ones in prison.


To help make things easier on the inmates and their family, Telmate offers a variety of ways to make deposits into accounts to keep the phone lines open to inmates and families. The deposits can be made through an online deposit method, through a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users. If you want to make a payment with an operator, the use of a live agent can help to provide the assistance that they need to make a payment and through use of kiosks, the families can also make deposits into the inmates accounts.


Telmate is the most used connection method between inmates and mobile cell phone users. They also help to provide communication between international users as well as incorporating Google Voice and Skype into the methods to be used for inmates and families.


The Keefe Group Isn’t Providing Fuel for Self Improvement

Happiness isn’t always easy. But I’ve found that it’s tied pretty tightly with the idea of forward mobility. A full life consists of happiness gained from self improvement. And in turn, I think that a full stomach is part of that full life. But this is exactly what made me so concerned about an article I read today. I chanced on it while looking for information about food. But what I found was an example of what happens when food is kept away from the people who need it.


The article was about the prison system. And far from being written by someone from afar, it was actually authored by a prisoner. He had a lot to say about how poor food quality was keeping him down. Images of prison gruel danced in my mind before he clarified the issue. It turns out that the problematic meals were coming from something called the Keefe Group. To be sure, the prison system should take some blame. But only in the sense of not pushing for better standards.


It’s the Keefe Group itself which is actually providing the low quality food. The prison system contracts out with them. In itself, this is actually a brilliant solution. Prisons need to provide the lowest common denominator in meals. But prisons can contract out to companies like the Keefe Group who will sell higher quality food.


But that’s the exact issue. They do sell different food, but it’s hardly better. Instead it tends to be very low quality items. Basically the Keefe Group just marks up the cost of junk food and sells it to prisoners. Meanwhile they use fresh fruits and vegetables in their advertising.


Of course the prison administration takes some blame for not actually holding the Keefe Group to higher standards. And as much as the Keefe Group should be held responsible, they’re just a business. A business will almost always cut corners unless prohibited from doing so.


This is why it’s good to hear that pressure is starting to get applied to prison administration. Task forces are investigating the issue and suggesting that a forced bid system be put into place. This would force actual competition for prison contracts. And it’d make the Keefe Group need to actually improve their services to win against competition.


Telmate Communications vs The Competition

The battle between the top inmate communications providers have been going on for years and years. As of today, there are plenty of companies that fall under this category, but there are two who are leading the charge. Telmate Communications and Securus Technologies are the top juggernauts of this field. Both companies use some of the most innovative communications solutions, and both a gave solid reputations of conducting business. The strange thing about the two is that they have been going through court litigations for years. Securus filed the lengthy lawsuit a few years ago as it alleges that Telmate’s defamatory tactics lured its customers away. Telmate denies the claims, but it has been reported that Telmate hasn’t been fully-truthful on many about its personal company stats.


This back and forth banter isn’t a good look for the inmate communications industry, and it makes both companies look bad. On the other hand, Telmate has continued to do what it has been doing for years and that’s to provide city jails, county correctional facilities and detention centers with technological solutions. Despite the court litigations, this company does seem to be consistent with bringing some of the best technologies to prison complexes. Whether its inmate tablets, music, photos, messaging services or games, this company has been the most consistent and that speaks volumes.


Its phone services are much more cheaper than with other providers. The company produces cordless suicide phones, correctional grade phones as well as long and short body phones. Solutions are the key to success and Telmate Communications demonstrate this on a consistent basis. Skype and Google Voice are also great features that most inmates enjoy. As you can see, this company is head-and-shoulders above the competition, which makes you wonder about the validity of Securus Technology’s claim.


Communication made better for the inmates by the Global Tel-Link

The question is why do inmates phone calls have to expensive? The people that will make the decision when it comes to the calls is the detention centers and the phone companies. The detention center chooses businesses that will be able to give them the highest commission not caring about the quality of the services that they will get. The correctional center has tried to justify what they do saying that the top fee is needed because it will help with running the facilities and keep the peace. Until the mid-1990s, the cost of the inmates was the same as the call from outside. But that changed after the correctional center realized how much they could make if the commission were high.

Global Tel-Link had to intervene. Global Tel-Link has been offering their services to more than 85% of the inmates in the United States, and the Global Tel-Links control 50% of the phone industries in the United States. In 1989, that was when the Global Tel-Link was founded, and it’s located in Reston. The company has employed 501 to 1000 employees. It offers its services to correction centers that are more than 30.

Global Tel-Link has seen the situation that so many inmates are facing when they want to call some of their family members, and they can’t afford the charges. They understand that so many inmates will come from a family that’s maybe depending on a meager income and to add the inmates call on them will be a burden. So they have done some measures in reducing the cost. They have worked with the correctional department in coming up with a way that the commission will be reduced. And since they opened they have been able to make some of the changes in the field that will benefit the inmates.



Telmate is a leading supplier of inmate communication systems. They have over 10 years’ experience in offering reliable and innovative technology that focuses on security, control, and efficiency. They offer their services to over 300 correctional facilities across the United States and Canada.


Telmate products

  • Inmate Communications- Creates communication between inmates’ friends and family through video visits, calls, photos and messaging.
  • Inmate Content– engage inmates positively with music, eBooks, games, and movies.
  • Control of facility- Maximize the facility control by capturing deep insights with their end to end investigator and administrative tools.
  • Operations of a facility- making facility become a model facility with paperless procedures, automated processes, workflow, and approvals.


Telmate uses kiosks, tablets, and phones as access points giving facilities overall control over their entire inmate communication network.


Telmate Guardian

Replaces the ankle bracelet, it is an ultra-modern smartphone with GPS solution for community corrections supervising offenders on pre-rail, probation, work release or parole. It captures information and biometrics such as voice samples and facial photos when installed. Guardian dashboard is installed free of charge by the offender directly into their personal phones and can be securely accessed through any standard web browser.


Cases against Telmate

There are numerous negative reviews customers airing their dissatisfaction on Telmate services. Their staffs have been accused of being untrained. Supervisors confusing customers, when they make an inquiry.


Securus Technologies Inc. a prison telecommunication has sued Telmate LLC accusing them of defamatory lies and false advertising about the chief executive officer and the company in an effort to lure away customers. The complaint claims Telmate violated the Lanham Act by its misleading statement regarding its success in an attempt to get potential clients sign up for contracts.


Telmate has been accused of using fake phones number to dupe customers into believing that Securus does not receive its calls while Telmate receives calls in the second ring. The suit is against the Telmate lie that they have offered inmate communications from 1988 and they only started it in 2005. Telmate lied about being awarded a contract with US Department of Homeland security branch. The contract was awarded to a different company that subcontracted Telmate.


GTL Is On A Mission To Provide Safety Gadgets for Inmate’s Communications

In 1980, Global Tel-Link was established. The major purpose for establishing this company was to provide unmatched communications solutions to inmates and their administrators. Until now, success has been the key defining word for this company. GTL boasts of serving over 1,000 inmates across multiple corrections facilities. Perhaps that is why until now; the company has been receiving positive client feedback. GTL is also known for its tremendous input in securing inmates through cutting-edge communications gadgets.


Background data


One factor, however, that better defines GTL is its structural association with some of the leading software providers in the world. This association has solely contributed to the development of some of the most advanced communication gadgets in prisons. For example, GTL recently announced the launch of Inspire Tablet. This is a communication gadget that seeks to disseminate knowledge to inmates. Through this gadget, GTL has been offering inmates the opportunity to enjoy better, learning experiences. Inspire Tablets are not only easy to operate but also have a clear focus on ensuring that inmates interact with the actual world of current affairs.


Services provided


GTL is known as a renowned company that offers exceptional expertise that is appended to integrating multiple vendors in various correctional facilities. The company has successfully integrated numerous systems in jail management. Through experience and high-profile networking contacts, GTL have managed to ensure a viable, smooth integration process. The company’s project and implementation teams have solely handled numerous large accounts while integrating them with their respective databases.


The conclusion


What makes GTL claim its leading position is defined by its mechanism of operating. The company offers multiple payment options to inmates. These options come in secure channels that accommodate every inmate despite their geographical location across the country. GTL’s security features are linked to empowering clients to carry out database mining on prisoners through detail reporting and multi-channel recording.


How Telmate is Empowering the Corrections Market and Community Through its Innovative Solutions and Outreach Programs

Telmate is a highly-reputable company that is on a mission to provide inmates access to informative content and efficient communications. The company is also geared towards lowering recidivism in the incarceration environment through its services and products. Telmate operates based on the fact that inmates are likely to cut ties with their criminal past when they frequently connect with their loved ones.


Organizational Structure


Telmate develops products and services that address the day-to-day challenges faced by correctional facilities. The company’s organizational structure revolves around the development of solutions that make connections affordable, efficient and straightforward. Telmate understands that correctional facilities pose great risks to prison staff and prisoners. To address this concern, the firm fearlessly focuses on innovations for keeping communities, inmates, and facilities safe. It also focuses on technologies that boost security and control in prison systems.


Community Service


Besides its focus on innovative technologies for inmates, Telmate has the interests of the community at heart. The firm honors and supports prolific figures in law enforcement agencies and prison systems through its outreach programs. Telmate Fallen Heroes, Telmate Cares, as well as Telmate Heroes are among its prestigious outreach programs.


Services and Products


Within the incarceration environment, Telmate offers communication solutions such as videos visits, messaging and phone systems. The video visits allow prisoners to connect with the outside world through live video feed. The messaging service allows prisoners to send and receive audio, video or text files to and from the outside world. Phone systems installed in correctional facilities by Telmate facilitate voice calls between inmates and their acquaintances or family members.


Telmate recently rolled out the Telmate Tablet, which is a secure, innovative and productive education delivery tool. The tablet seeks to avail educational materials to inmates in soft copy. It also comprises of self-directed educational models aimed at equipping prisoners with life skills and knowledge. The tablet also comprises of a flexible platform and Internet access feature.


Telmate discovered that when prisoners access educational materials, their recidivism decreases by 40 percent. Other benefits of the tablet include life skills training, continued learning and increased security. Learning materials for the Telmate Tablet can be provided by inmates’ friends or family, the facility and well-wishers.


Global Tel-Link Dominates the Prison Phone Industry

Prison inmates needs to use the phone in order to talk to members of their family who are not able to visit the prison in person. Inmates are not allowed to use the Internet or cell phones as a way to communicate. Prisons have special phone systems. Inmates can set up accounts in order to use them. An inmate will be able to add money to his or her account whenever they feel like it. The money will be subtracted from the account whenever the inmate makes a call. Global Tel-Link is one of the biggest companies in North America when it comes to supplying prisons with phone service for their inmates.


Global Tel-Link has come under fire because of their practice of charging rates that are much higher than they need to be. The company has constantly defended itself by saying that it is following the letter of the law. This is a true statement because there are currently not any restrictions regarding what prison phone companies can charge for their service. However, many people in the media and inmate family members have questioned the morals and ethics of the companies that are involved in the prison phone industry as a whole. Global Tel-link and its competitors all charge very high rates that many inmates cannot afford.


There has been an outcry for the federal government to take action against the outrageous price increases that prison phone companies are using to make huge profits. However, the government has been very hesitant to go to war with companies like Global Tel-Link. This is because many politicians want to keep getting large donations from the prison phone industry. They need this money to build up their campaign war chests. It seems unlikely that these politicians will bite the hand that is feeding them.


The Revolution Brought By Packaging

Premier Service In One Package


Paying attention to the details is how companies like the Keefe Group make their success. Money is easy to make, but the dynamics of managing the details enable The Keefe Group to reap millions. This brand got its start in 1975 when the U.S. private sector for common, day-to-day goods were in high demand.


The company began with its own ideals and views on business. The rest was made history. The one trait that sets The Keefe Group apart from other manufacturers is its understanding of premier quality. Other businesses in the United States were content to accomplish a task and then to enterprise with it.


The Keefe Group needed to accomplish its tasks also. The next step for this brand was to signal-in a different approach. What Keefe did was take a simple product and then continued perfecting it. Industry competitors didn’t expect this while they were content with reproduction only.


What Real Industry Looks Like


The service and impeccable quality of the Keefe Brand makes it a prime example of good business. Manufacturing takes into account three areas of practice. They are packaging, production and distribution. Seeing the developments and functions of real industry is to see these three parts in motion.


The Keefe Group is a business that excels as a private industry manufacturer. Its daily business is an operation dedicated to serving over two million people on a weekly basis. The mental image of this number should give you an idea of the Keefe Group and what real industry looks like.


The First Steps At The Keefe Group


When Keefe opened its doors in 1975, it had very little to offer. That very little piece of business under the Keefe name gave it the opportunity it needed. What Keefe leveraged was a revolutionary idea in packaging. This brand believed that if you offer common goods in strategic packaging, you would become rich.


History was in the making when Keefe followed through on it objectives.


What we see today is a magnificent empire. It is one that continues to grow.