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The Problem of Telmate in Poetry

There a thirty year old lady.

She wanted to call her boyfriend, Brady.

Brady is in prison.

Now a problem has arisen.

She is going into debt over the prices of phone calls.


Brady is in prison for twenty to life.

Because of this situation, his family sometimes cries.

With him, the lady conceived four babies.

The children want to see their daddy.

But they can’t without mommy paying dearly.


Life goes by in the blink of an eye.

To their father, they do not want to say goodbye.

He also wants to seem, too.

Time and childhoods pass by like the morning dew.


To these people, Telmate commits a dirty deed.

It comes from their greed.

They charge supernumerary for phone calls.

Between friends and family, they construct huge walls.

They strong arm people into handing out around $17 plus dollars for phone calls that last for 15 minutes.


Millions of Americans are in the same place as Brady and his family. In our civil, plentiful, industrialized society, there is a lot of Banana Republic type of stuff going on that common people suffer from. The ones who suffer the most are the poor and the ones who are not politically connected. The friends and families of people behind bars have the sense that the system is unfairly punishing them for no justifiable reason. For this problem to be resolved, there needs to be intervention, perhaps by the federal government, to keep phone companies and local governments from capitalizing off of people’s misery. A vast amount of legislation has been passed to regulate labor and work environments. Perhaps the criminal justice industry is the next field to consider when it comes to mass federal regulations. Sometimes, people and individuals will only be humane if they are held at the mercy of the laws.


While The Keefe Group Delivers Everytime

Distribution As Part Of The Business Plan


Do you know what business in manufacturing looks like? Can you imagine what it’s like to only do business in the distribution sectors of industry? This is exactly what the Keefe Group does day-in-and-day-out. The Keefe Group specializes in many facets to be exact, but one of its major business domains lies within distribution.


But it takes a better glimpse into the manufacturing of The Keefe Group and how well that process is undertaken. The fact is, distribution is an industry within its own right. Every entrepreneur has a product which they believe will change the world or improve some lives.


When this is the case, then the finish product of these business people must get to consumers.


Getting products and services where they can be bought or picked up at is the art of distribution. In recent cases, the US government has even disabled many businesses from production and then distributing their own products. This is because the costs in distribution can be substantially reduced if done correctly.


But there’s another problem with the scenario.


Distribution at a professional level is very challenging.


The Keefe Group became a leader in its industry and only after mastering the art of distribution. Their objective was always a lower price, faster service and greater efficiency across all spectrums. And this is exactly what the firm has been able to accomplish and what’s made it such a giant name in manufacturing.


Marking Out A Destination


After factoring in the idea that The Keefe Group holds a huge distribution process, we then discover even more expansive business and as we take into consideration Keefe’s production aspect. As it stands, The Keefe Group doesn’t just deliver the world’s best products to consumers and where needed.


This organization also has a list of items which it produces.


These items are also selling well in their markets.


With a factory spanning over 100,000 square meters, the Keefe Group processes enough products weekly and to service its client-base of millions every week. As long as its combination of services improve and remain leading its markets, The Keefe Group will have a strong hold in manufacturing.


IC Solutions Is Up To Their Old Tricks

Just when people thought that IC Solutions could not get any worse, they go out and do something and it just proves they have not changed. You see, in order for change to happen, a company has to want to change. It is every evident by this article, , and numerous other articles online that IC Solutions is not at all interested in changing. They offer no apologies, and they don’t offer any hope for people that are in prison. They know they have a monopoly on this business, and if people want to play the game, they have to play it by their rules.

However, their rules are not fair. How is it fair that someone can get charged twice yet they are still unable to speak to their family member in prison? I don’t see how that is fair on any level. IC Solutions might think it is fair as they are the ones making all of the money and they are collecting so much they probably don’t even know what to do with it. They are greedy and greed causes people to do extreme things. They get a little whiff of money and they want even more. IC Solutions has made enough money as an inmate communications provider. They don’t need a single dime more.

What they need to be doing is doing their job and allowing people to speak to the inmates, especially after their families have paid them not once but twice. That is only fair and that is only right. IC Solutions is not interested in their customers. They are only interested in their bank accounts. That is what fuels them and motivates them, says They don’t realize the damage and harm they are causing on real life people that truly need help and need some love.

Keefe Group Assists in Modernizing Correction Facilities

Inmates may have erred at some point in their lives, but they are human beings that need communication. They need a way to connect and network with the outside world. To live as other human beings, they have to gain access to entertainment and medical supplies like others. Keefe Group has strived to ensure that inmates lead better lives. The firm supplies basic needs to correction facilities. It has gained a popular name to become a leader in the supply of vending and food services to correction facilities. The result is that the firm has received a huge praise for its extensive work in prisons.

Keefe Group is made of several companies that offer services to inmates. The services deal with supply of products, welfare services, and technology management in correction facilities. According to the Dispatch, the group has been in the prison industry since 1975. It has gained massive popularity and experience. The result is that it provides services that meet the standards of the United Nations. The firm is working with other companies to ensure adequate supply of products. It is working in with IC Solutions, Keefe Supply Company, Advanced Technologies, and Access Corrections. All these companies assist Keefe Group to realize its goals. The group of companies have a primary objective to address the needs of correction facilities. These companies have been contracted by several correction facilities to offer several services.

Keefe Group is also popular for its philanthropic ventures. It has created a significant difference both globally and nationally. It supports organizations that strive to deal with challenges experienced by communities. In the recent past, Keefe Group assisted in an event orchestrated by the National Sheriff’s Association. Keefe Group had a chance to interact with key players in the correction industry. Many people were excited when they learnt that Keefe Group was introducing a new technology. The company was introducing a vending machine that would be used in the correction facilities. The machine is the first of its kind. The group has issued other excellent packages that meet the needs of correction facilities. The company has created products with an additional safety and security.

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IC Solutions Provide Innovative Inmate Communication Solutions

IC Solutions is a leading jail phone services provider that enables inmates to keep in touch with their friends and family. The firm provides IT solutions for inmate management, right from the booking, to the final day of release. The services range from account creation, telephone services, voice and data messages, and real-time chatting via video streaming.

The following are some of the major services offered by IC Solutions:

Automated Information Line: This is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform hosted by the facility and gives automated phone response to questions frequently asked by inmates and family members. It is integrated with the Jail Management System (JMS) to retrieve updated inmate data like the amount of bond, upcoming court appearances, and the date of release.

Inmate Voicemail: The inmate telephone system enables family and friends to leave voice messages whenever the inmate cannot be reached. They can listen to the voicemail messages whenever they have access to the phone service.

Flexible Calling Options and Kiosks: IC Solutions also provide pocket-friendly calling options and kiosks designed to collect and secure money from new inmates.

Mobile and Online Deposit Services: The Company has provided secure platforms through which friends and family members can deposit money in the detainees’ accounts and increase their spendable cash.

IC Solutions Introduces Video Screens for Sangamon County Jail

The new contract between the Sangamon County Jail and IC Solutions has led to the introduction of more inmate visits, but over video screens. The initiative will earn the county at least $15,000 every month considering the prison population of 330. Since the calling rates will significantly drop, inmate calling rates could rise drastically. The firm will pay the county up to 80.1% in commission, compared to the 50% commission under the previous contract.

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Prison Task Force: Ban No-bid Contracts

The Mississippi Corrections Department is determined to eliminate all their no-bid contracts from their system. According to research by the Dispatch, the no-bid contracts have had numerous accusation and allegations to corruption. For this reason, the individual companies like Keefe Group come to prison state officials and bribe them in exchange for a win. For this reason, the Mississippi Correction Department wants to do away with these no-bid contracts to curb the following corruption cases reported in national Television. For the prison setup to get better deals, they must also eliminate these contracts. According to the prison task force for the project, ta former corrections officer was accused of conducting fraudulent deals in prisons with the no-bid contracts.

The six-member task force agreed to meet on Monday and discuss a couple of issues affecting the prisons in the county. For this reason, the panel’s main agenda was to formulate ways in which the no-bid contracts would be replaced using the bid contract and the winner awarded in a fair manner. The task force, during their Monday meeting, came up with numerous recommendations to present to the state Governor and other lawmakers before the end of the three-month legislation.

The Governor appointed the task force in November following the allegations of corruption dealings by one of the highly-ranked prison officials in the State Prison. A report by the Tampa Bay Times, found out that Chris Epps was receiving bribes from Cecil McCrery in exchange of business contracts to operate in prison state. She was also indicted on other federal charges upon reception at the court. The two businessmen have pleaded guilty. Therefore, they were released and awaited trial in July.

The attorney in charge of the task force, Andy Tergat, said that these recommendations would promote undue transparency in the correctional facilities. As a matter of fact, the proposals will also work to promote justice in the election of the companies to serve the prisons, for those businesses that have better deals for the prisons. They will be analyzed through the vetting panel. According to him, the tightest regulations and laws cannot prevent the most honest people from dealing in fraudulent activities. Our job is to make it possible to stop corruption.


The Keefe Group Provides Products And Services For The Corrections Market

The corrections market is one of the fastest growing markets in the country. There are numerous reasons why the corrections market is growing at such a fast rate. While the reasons are varied, the increase in growth has resulted in more correction facilities and inmates. The increase in facilities and inmates has added more expansion as a whole to the correction market. This expansion has placed more demand for the products and services that are needed by correction facilities and the inmates inside the facilities.

One of the leading suppliers of products and services for the correction market is the Keefe Group. The company has been serving the correction market for over 40 years. During this time, the Keefe Group has earned a reputation in the correction market as a company that provides quality products and services. The Keefe Group provides products and services such as personal care products, clothing, software, electronics, and several others.

STL Today explains the method that the Keefe Group uses to fill orders is based on an affiliate structure. The company has a network of affiliates that provide various products and services that cover the range of products and services offered by the Keefe Group. The affiliates that the Keefe Group works with have been in operation for many years. In addition, the affiliates have been a part of the Keefe Group network of affiliates for a long time.

There are several affiliates that makeup the affiliate network that the Keefe Group uses. One of the affiliates is IC Solutions. The company is one of the leading providers of products and services in the Keefe Group affiliate network. As one of the leading suppliers of products and services in the corrections market, the Keefe Group has established a large number of clients within the correction market.

I think that the Keefe Group has done an outstanding job as a primary supplier of products and services for the correction market. As the correction market continues to grow, the need for suppliers such as the Keefe Group will also increase. As a long standing supplier for the correction market, the Keefe Group will be in position to increase the number of clients that its serves in the market.

The Keefe Group  is one of the most well known suppliers of products and services in the correction market. The company has an outstanding reputation within the correction market, and the Keefe Group should be able to increase its market share in the correction market as the market continues to grow. Read more about the company on




Keefe Group, An authority in the large correctional market

Keefe Group is a company that offers different services to correctional facilities and to inmates. Keefe Group is well known for providing quality services and products such as telecommunication, personal care products, food products, software as well as technological solutions to all correctional amenities. In the year 1975 the company started and has grown to become the correctional industry leader all over the country. It has been serving the facilities and has lead to the invention and development of cutting edge technology services, provision of high quality products trying to fulfill all the inmate needs nationwide. Keefe Group packs its products with clear packaging bags to ensure no illegal products are supplied to the prisoners in all facilities.

Secret behind the firm’s Success

According to STL Today, the company has enough experience on how to go about complex matters that occurs in the facilities. Keefe Group has been serving the correctional industry for more than 40 years. Keefe Group provides private label products to correctional facilities; federal jails as well as notable public safety foundations just to mention a few. Different prisons are served differently according to their sizes and scope. The customer service department is well organized with trained personnel and well equipped to cater for all clients needs. Calls from customers are professionally answered and on time. The company aims to make lives in the facility better to all prisoners. Keefe Group has its amenities that work together to see all facilities are a better place for inmates. The partners are IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Keefe Supply Company, Access Securepak and Advance Technologies. This subsidiaries help to give services such as; exceptional packaging, price stability services and shipping.


The firm supports international and national organizations with different services and products. The firm had funded an organization known as National Sheriff Association. This conference was held in Minneapolis Minnesota where Keefe Group launched its advanced vending machine. This firm has faced challenges on its way to success but it persevered by working together. The services providers from Keefe Group are well trained, insured, determined and work hard to attain the goal of the company.

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