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IC Solutions: This Is Your Chance

If you have always wanted to do something special for someone, but you weren’t sure what to do or how to do it, here is a great way: go after IC Solutions. Now, here is the thing. You can’t behave like them. These are low-class people, and there is no need to stoop to their level. If you do that, you are only going to be just like them. However, you can’t roll over and play dead either. Let’s say you are a customer of IC Solutions and they have taken money from you, which is very likely, considering all I’ve read about the company:


It is up to you to find someone that can help you, be there for you, and tell you what your options are in this particular type of situation. You do have a choice in the matter. It is not like people can just take money from you and there is not a single thing you can do about it. You have more power than you know. You just need to use it and you need to use it for the right reasons. If you know a lawyer, they can go after IC Solutions and get your money back for you. They can also take some money from IC Solutions for all of the pain and suffering you have had to endure in order to get in touch with an inmate.


That is the only way to get the attention of a company like IC Solutions. You need to let them know you have come to play and you have someone in your corner that can help you, be there for you, and knows all of the rules. IC Solutions might think they have the upper hand, but they are wrong on so many levels.


Keefe Group Is Well Known For Providing Excellent Inmates Phone Service

Keefe Group Is Well Known For Providing Excellent Inmates Phone Service


Are you one of the families or inmates who are fed up with the high cost of prison or jail phone calls? Do you want to leave your current service provider and find a company that cares about your well-being? Maybe you are aware that Keefe Group offers low rates to inmates and their families.


Keefe Group is a reputable company and has numerous customers who are pleased with the service and affordable rate they receive. Keefe Group provides a vast array of essential products and services to jails and prisons across the country.


There are many companies that offer to provide you with good rates and quality service. It’s important to keep in mind that not all inmates phone service providers are created equal. Many people are constantly bombarded with rising phone costs from these inmates phone service companies.


If you think your prison or jail phone bill is too high, you need to switch to Keefe Group right away. Like many people, I got tired of overpaying for prison phone calls. I did my research and decided to switch to Keefe Group and I am happy I did. Their service is top notch and their rates are unbeatable.


And there’s no doubt there are a lot of people who are looking for a company that cares about their customers. I I highly recommend Keefe Group to anyone who wants to save money on their phone calls while enjoying great features.


With the essential services like video visitation and voice messaging offered by Keefe Group, families and their incarcerated relatives can stay in touch. Keefe Group provides efficient service and you can get started once you create an account.


The team at Keefe Group has a streamlined process, making it easy for you to create a new account and start using their service. You can follow the simple steps and set up your account or get help from their customer service representatives. These professionals are standing by to answer your questions or address any issues you may have regarding their service.


IC Solutions: Changes Are Coming

I like to believe I have a strong sense of when change is on the way, and it is quite evident that change will occur sooner rather than later with IC Solutions. The thing with change in regards to IC Solutions, it is not the kind of change they would like or the kind of change they would approve of in the first place. The kind of change I’m talking about is the company needs to be put of business, first and foremost. That is the major change. As an inmate prepaid phone provider, they have failed the customers, time and time again. Because of this, they do not deserve a chance to redeem themselves or make things right.


If I ever ran a business, I would not want to see my company on websites like Pissed Consumer or Rip Off Report. As a matter of fact, those are the last places I would want to see my company on, as it gives off a bad image and a bad reputation. IC Solutions needs to care about their image and their reputation in the first place, which is something that seems to matter precious little to them. They are only focused on money and making as much money as humanely possible. It is the one and only thing that matters to them.


When a company can only see money and only look at money, it is clear they don’t have their head in the right place and they are not looking at things from a logical perspective. They have lost all sense of what is right and what is wrong. Because of this, they need to be put out of business and a new company needs to come in with a new name and make some fresh changes for people looking to reach an inmate behind bars.


IC Solutions: Why Won’t They Change?

One of the oldest expressions in the book is, “If it isn’t broke, why fix it?” I believe that is something IC Solutions, an inmate phone provider, is really pushing over at their company headquarters. They feel like they are making their money and they are doing it any way they see fit. Because of this, they see no need to change their way of business and they way they conduct themselves. They see things as working just fine. Having said that, there are always two stories to every story. Things are not as simple as IC Solutions would like to have people believe. It is easier for them if they simplify things and make them seem standard and straightforward. I assume it allows them to keep doing what they are doing without taking a step back to ponder it.


However, they need to really look at what people are saying and they need to examine it further. It is causing serious harm to both the inmates and their families. I don’t see any reason why this poor parent needs to lose almost one hundred dollars in an attempt to reach their son. IC Solutions gets their money upfront, which means they are prepaid. Because they are prepaid, there should be no issues in terms of them allowing inmates to speak to anyone that has paid for the ability to speak to them.


This is especially critical when it comes to a parent and a child. That is a sacred bond and there is nothing stronger than that. IC Solutions needs to change, but I fear they are in too deep at this point. Because they are so deep into it, it would take a lot for them to really improve the quality of their business unless a class-action lawsuit came against them.


The Keefe Group Isn’t Providing Fuel for Self Improvement

Happiness isn’t always easy. But I’ve found that it’s tied pretty tightly with the idea of forward mobility. A full life consists of happiness gained from self improvement. And in turn, I think that a full stomach is part of that full life. But this is exactly what made me so concerned about an article I read today. I chanced on it while looking for information about food. But what I found was an example of what happens when food is kept away from the people who need it.


The article was about the prison system. And far from being written by someone from afar, it was actually authored by a prisoner. He had a lot to say about how poor food quality was keeping him down. Images of prison gruel danced in my mind before he clarified the issue. It turns out that the problematic meals were coming from something called the Keefe Group. To be sure, the prison system should take some blame. But only in the sense of not pushing for better standards.


It’s the Keefe Group itself which is actually providing the low quality food. The prison system contracts out with them. In itself, this is actually a brilliant solution. Prisons need to provide the lowest common denominator in meals. But prisons can contract out to companies like the Keefe Group who will sell higher quality food.


But that’s the exact issue. They do sell different food, but it’s hardly better. Instead it tends to be very low quality items. Basically the Keefe Group just marks up the cost of junk food and sells it to prisoners. Meanwhile they use fresh fruits and vegetables in their advertising.


Of course the prison administration takes some blame for not actually holding the Keefe Group to higher standards. And as much as the Keefe Group should be held responsible, they’re just a business. A business will almost always cut corners unless prohibited from doing so.


This is why it’s good to hear that pressure is starting to get applied to prison administration. Task forces are investigating the issue and suggesting that a forced bid system be put into place. This would force actual competition for prison contracts. And it’d make the Keefe Group need to actually improve their services to win against competition.


Global Tel-Link Connects Families and Inmates For Less Money

Did you know that when an inmate makes a phone call to someone on the outside, a small 15 minute conversation can cost upwards of 15 dollars. That is a dollar a minute. When you are incarcerated, the importance of staying in touch with others is important to keep those on the inside informed about what is happening on the outside.


The rising cost of making calls inside of jail facilities is bankrupting families and friends on the outside. The cost associated with calling home is higher in some areas more than in others. By using a company outside of the prison to make phone calls, the cost of calls is lowered. This is especially important for families and friends who are limited on income.


The cost of phone calls being made in prison should not cost so much that those on the outside are forced to cut off communication with the inmates because of the cost. There are ways to cut this cost down by signing up for phone rights through companies like Global Tel-Link.


The purpose of this company is to help cut back on the cost of all calls being made outside of the prison or jails. The cost is not only decreased which helps the inmate but it also saves all calls being made. Each time the phone is used with Global, the phone call is being recorded. This helps to make sure that the right information is used for cases involving inmates. It also works to help to keep inmate crimes down.


Through the use of phone calls, inmates are better behaved and are greeted with more privileges due to the good behavior. The good behavior will also impact how the inmate will behave when they are finally released and return back to the outside world. It is vital for success in inmates who hope to live a crime free life once released.


Have Prisoners Now Become Money?

It’s evident in the recent past that private agencies are soliciting funds from inmates. I suggest this should be stopped with immediate effect. The inmates’ relatives and guardians are crying foul of the high financial burden. I strongly recommend the state to take over control of the correctional facilities instead of private agencies.


High rates of corruption and bribery have been witnessed in the correctional facilities. For instance, Keefe Food Group, a subsidiary of the Centric Group LLC, has been found to have obtained several no-bid contracts in the county, state, and even the federal systems. I encourage a just fight against Keefe Food Group, and its parent company, Centric Group LLC. As it can be seen, from the services that it offers the inmates in Mississippi Department Of Corrections (MDOC), Keefe has earned over $40 million, and G.T. Enterprises earned over $3 million gross revenue. Keefe Group was bought from G.T. Enterprises in 2008 and began the contracts. Although the contracts have been renewed several times, Keefe continues to service the inmates. The company even increased inmate taxes from 24% to 28%. I think this is too high given that the inmates do not have any source of income since they rely on their relatives and guardians for financial support.


Keefe alone owns the rights to offer the inmates are as follows:


  • Selling commissary items such as food, personal hygiene items, and tobacco.
  • Processing inmates financial deposits.
  • Selling music players (MP3), ad song downloads


Additionally, Keefe obtained 10% monthly revenue from all the money raised by selling “visitation bags.” But why allow only one company have more exclusive rights to offer inmates services than other companies? I think the opportunities should be distributed equally to several qualified bidders.


No-bid contracts should also be made away with because they have contributed to private agencies monopolizing the prisons. I recommend that several companies, regardless of their dollar amount, should be allowed to participate in the competitive bid process, and the contracts awarded to only qualified bidders. That will be an effective strategy to promote transparency in the government.


Also for transparency purposes, it’s also recommendable that we have all vendors that are contracting with the state agency file a disclosure agreement showing the amount of fees paid for their bid, and also disclose the name of the agent who helped them secure the contract. The state agents would then have to post in the public domain reasons indicating why they awarded the contracts to specific companies.


The above strategies to obtain state transparency are an effective measure to prevent corruption and other acts of bribery.


Global Tel-Link Quality Services to Correctional Facilities

Global Tel Link is an American telecommunication company providing Inmate Calling Service. It also specializes in providing education solutions to inmates and payment services for the government. The educational services assists in rehabilitating the inmates. The calling service, on the other hand, is a cohesive information technology solutions offered primarily to correctional services. The services include inmates deposit and payment, management of facilities and visitation solutions.


The company was founded in 1980 and was initially called Global Telcoin Incorporation and Global Tel*Link Corporation. It changed its name to Global Tel Link in 1999. The company has its headquarters in Reston, Virginia State. The company has additional regional branches in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Indiana, and California.


Global Tel-Link Corporation is a major player in the industry alongside Securus Technologies. Global Tel-Link is in charge of nearly 50% of the industry for correctional facilities. It was sold to the American Securities, a private firm based in New York in 2011 for $1 billion. In 2014, the company announced that it reached its highest record of 2.5 prison million calls. The calls totaled to three billion minutes.


Apart from providing calling services, GTL also provides correctional education. The educational training services reduce the reoffending rates among the inmates. The company’s Learning Management System (LMS), offers training opportunities to the various groups of the inmates including juvenile offenders, parolees, inmates employed in prison industries and probationers among others.


Global Tel-Link offers its correctional and technology services to at least 2,300 facilities with over 1.8 million inmates across 50 states in the United States of America. The company is governed by a group of elite professionals. Brian Oliver is the CEO of the company in charge of all the executive duties. The president of the company is Jeffrey Haidinger who is also its Chief Operating Officer.


The Keefe Group Raises Questions Which Might Not Have Answers

Every now and then I like to just sit down and see what’s going on in the world. Like most people with a bit of curiosity, that means I sit down to read the Internet. But unlike most people, and even unlike my normal routine, today I sat down to read about the prison industry. It hadn’t started out that way. I’d actually been looking for ideas about healthy eating.


But what I found was a man talking about his sad fate of being forced away from healthy eating. It was a worrisome enough prospect when I thought that just voting for statewide prison edicts might change things. But the issue looks to be a lot deeper than the prisons themselves. It’s actually a threaded journey into a company called the Keefe Group. The prisoner reports that most of his issues actually come from that company. And this is where things begin to get a little more confusing.


The Keefe Group isn’t technically related to prisons at all. This is also part of the problem. If the Keefe Group was an official part of the prison system than they’d be held up to higher standards. But prisons have the ability to contract out services to 3rd party companies if they feel the need to. The intent is obviously good. It’s a provision put in place to ensure that prisoner’s needs are met. But the end result isn’t so good. It’s ensuring that the prison system can essentially leapfrog over nutritional standards. There’s also ethical issues involved when one considers that prisons are sometimes able to even profit from it. Prisons, obviously, are not meant to be a for profit institution built on prisoner suffering.


The issue here is that there’s no obvious solutions. Everything is legal, and there’s not a huge chance of the public suddenly demanding huge changes. I only lucked into finding out about it. And the public at large can’t be expected to look into what’s essentially a rather depressing situation. The main hope is that prisons decide enough is enough and increase the standards for their contracts. This at least has some chance of forcing the Keefe Group into better performance.


While some prisons charge too much for phone calls, many are reasonably cheap

Throughout the history of the U.S. prison system, a debate has long raged about the proper price of an outgoing phone call. One of the main issues that has arisen is the fact that jurisdictions may vary wildly in the priced that inmates are charged. This can be seen across the country, even at the state level, where states like Arizona charge up to $1.50 per minute to make outgoing phone calls while neighboring states may charge as little as $0.15 per minute for the same service.


This is giving rise to many horror stories. For example, Heather Kofalt has been forced to pay more than $3,000 per year to stay in contact with her incarcerated husband. In fact, her husband was convicted of nothing more than stealing $400 worth of dental accessories. Unfortunately, it ended up being his third strike, sending him to prison for a number of years. In order to stay in contact with her husband, Heather Kofalt has been forced to pay incredibly high amounts of money each week. This is a direct result of the deal that the prison phone company, Global Tel Link, has struck with that particular institution. The company is paying up to 90 percent of all revenues generated through calling taking place on it systems back to the institution.


Deals such as this are common in the prison phone industry. Known as legal kickbacks, these commissions that prison phone companies pay to the institution in which they are allowed to operate can constitute significant revenues for the prisons themselves. Although cases involving rates as exorbitant as those in the case of Heather Kofalt do exist, the truth is that the majority of prisons in which Global Tel Link operates give inmates rates as low as $0.15 per minute. At these rates, it is possible for the majority of inmates to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones, leading to strong and lasting relationships, even the inmates themselves go through a difficult life circumstance.