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Reliable Inmate Communications Services at IC Solutions

IC Solutions is widely recognized for its reliable inmate telephony services that enable individuals and families to connect with their loved ones in incarceration environments. The firm also offers extensive inmate management solutions to enable facility officials to execute their duties more conveniently. IC Solution provides different options for its clients to open accounts and subscribe to the company services such as voice messages, phone services, real-time chats and video visitations.

The most popular services offered by IC Solutions include:

Automated Information Line

This service is a hosted Interactive Voice Response platform. It offers prompt phone responses to those questions that are often asked by inmates. The system is also handy in retrieving real-time data of the inmate about court appearances and amount of bond when merged with the Jail Management System.

Inmate Voicemail

This system is mainly used to alert inmates to new messages. It also allows them to listen to their messages.

Flexible Calling Options and Kiosks

This service connects inmates with their loved ones at IC Solutions. On the other hand, kiosks serve to collect and safeguard money for new inmates joining the facility.

Phone and Web-based Deposit Services

Through this services, inmates can receive funds from their friends and families conveniently. The facility also offers full-time customer support on payments, billing issues, queries, and accounts. IC Solutions offers a variety of account services including Debit Telephone Account, Prepaid Account, and Collect Calling. All the phone services are readily available for subscription through the company’s website, toll-free customer service line, and mail. IC Solutions offers its clients high-end technology to safeguard incarceration facilities while connecting the inmates safely. The company understands the crucial role that video visits play, especially for relatives who stay far from the incarceration facility. IC Solutions offers phone services at a call rate of 22 cents per minute. The company recently announced its plans to cut this cost to 21 cents.

Have Prisoners Now Become Money?

It’s evident in the recent past that private agencies are soliciting funds from inmates. I suggest this should be stopped with immediate effect. The inmates’ relatives and guardians are crying foul of the high financial burden. I strongly recommend the state to take over control of the correctional facilities instead of private agencies.


High rates of corruption and bribery have been witnessed in the correctional facilities. For instance, Keefe Food Group, a subsidiary of the Centric Group LLC, has been found to have obtained several no-bid contracts in the county, state, and even the federal systems. I encourage a just fight against Keefe Food Group, and its parent company, Centric Group LLC. As it can be seen, from the services that it offers the inmates in Mississippi Department Of Corrections (MDOC), Keefe has earned over $40 million, and G.T. Enterprises earned over $3 million gross revenue. Keefe Group was bought from G.T. Enterprises in 2008 and began the contracts. Although the contracts have been renewed several times, Keefe continues to service the inmates. The company even increased inmate taxes from 24% to 28%. I think this is too high given that the inmates do not have any source of income since they rely on their relatives and guardians for financial support.


Keefe alone owns the rights to offer the inmates are as follows:


  • Selling commissary items such as food, personal hygiene items, and tobacco.
  • Processing inmates financial deposits.
  • Selling music players (MP3), ad song downloads


Additionally, Keefe obtained 10% monthly revenue from all the money raised by selling “visitation bags.” But why allow only one company have more exclusive rights to offer inmates services than other companies? I think the opportunities should be distributed equally to several qualified bidders.


No-bid contracts should also be made away with because they have contributed to private agencies monopolizing the prisons. I recommend that several companies, regardless of their dollar amount, should be allowed to participate in the competitive bid process, and the contracts awarded to only qualified bidders. That will be an effective strategy to promote transparency in the government.


Also for transparency purposes, it’s also recommendable that we have all vendors that are contracting with the state agency file a disclosure agreement showing the amount of fees paid for their bid, and also disclose the name of the agent who helped them secure the contract. The state agents would then have to post in the public domain reasons indicating why they awarded the contracts to specific companies.


The above strategies to obtain state transparency are an effective measure to prevent corruption and other acts of bribery.


While some prisons charge too much for phone calls, many are reasonably cheap

Throughout the history of the U.S. prison system, a debate has long raged about the proper price of an outgoing phone call. One of the main issues that has arisen is the fact that jurisdictions may vary wildly in the priced that inmates are charged. This can be seen across the country, even at the state level, where states like Arizona charge up to $1.50 per minute to make outgoing phone calls while neighboring states may charge as little as $0.15 per minute for the same service.


This is giving rise to many horror stories. For example, Heather Kofalt has been forced to pay more than $3,000 per year to stay in contact with her incarcerated husband. In fact, her husband was convicted of nothing more than stealing $400 worth of dental accessories. Unfortunately, it ended up being his third strike, sending him to prison for a number of years. In order to stay in contact with her husband, Heather Kofalt has been forced to pay incredibly high amounts of money each week. This is a direct result of the deal that the prison phone company, Global Tel Link, has struck with that particular institution. The company is paying up to 90 percent of all revenues generated through calling taking place on it systems back to the institution.


Deals such as this are common in the prison phone industry. Known as legal kickbacks, these commissions that prison phone companies pay to the institution in which they are allowed to operate can constitute significant revenues for the prisons themselves. Although cases involving rates as exorbitant as those in the case of Heather Kofalt do exist, the truth is that the majority of prisons in which Global Tel Link operates give inmates rates as low as $0.15 per minute. At these rates, it is possible for the majority of inmates to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones, leading to strong and lasting relationships, even the inmates themselves go through a difficult life circumstance.


IC Solutions: Don’t Give Up Or Give In

When someone is forced to deal with a company like IC Solutions, they want the customer to give up and they want them to give in as that means they win. The key is not to give up when it comes to a company like IC Solutions, the inmate phone provider. If people keep fighting back against them and keep doing their part to let the world know what this company is up to, I’m a firm believer they will be out of business. I have no doubt about it, in my mind. In the end, good always defeats evil. It will always be that way, no matter what.Right now, it might seem like IC Solutions has the upper hand and they are winning all of the battles. That is only in the moment, though. There is a lot more going on that people are unaware of when it comes to a company like IC Solutions and there are ways to bring them down.

It takes a team and it takes everyone believing in one another and everyone being on the same page. In the end, everyone wants the same thing, which is to speak to the inmate behind bars. They want to be there for them, help them, and guide them during this very trying and difficult time in their life. This story here , is about a parent that wishes to speak to their child that is behind bars. It is a very scary for the child, I would imagine, and the parent is probably filled with a lot of fear, anxiety, and worry, which is only natural when it comes to a child being behind bars. They have lost almost one hundred dollars in an attempt to reach the child. They still have not talked to the child. This is why people need to say something now.

IC Solutions: No Compassion

Compassion is clearly something the world needs a lot more of in today’s day and age. However, it can be quite hard to find it from certain companies and certain people. If you are looking for compassion from IC Solutions, you are not going to find it anywhere. They don’t believe in it, it does not exist, and nothing that they practice tells a different story. They are totally and utterly heartless. They do not care for one second if someone is behind bars and they are in a bad situation. That means next to nothing to them. As a matter of fact, they only care in one shape and one form and that is money.They really get a kick out of seeing someone in a vulnerable state.

They are like a shark in the water and they see this as a chance to pounce on someone and really take them to town without having to worry about anything bad happening to them. They know they hold all of the power and the keys are in their pocket. That is exactly how they like it. For the inmates, they know the inmates need these phone calls more than anything. They are scared, feeling hopeless and helpless, and they need to hear a familiar voice that can calm them down and be there for them during one of the most challenging periods in their life.Because of this, they will do things such as charge high prices and really take advantage of their customers. This story made major headlines and it told the whole picture of what is happening with IC Solutions from a first-person’s perspective. This is the kind of story that I’m hoping gets out there for other people to read about and hear. That is how change occurs.

IC Solutions: It’s All A Front

When I took the time to look at the IC Solutions website and read the reviews on the company,it was two totally different stories. That tells me there is something really weird and strange going on with this company. On their Official Website, they portray this certain image and this certain vibe. I like to think I have a good feel for this sort of thing, and all of it just seemed phony and fake to me. I could read right through it. I’ve been around the block and I can tell when something is off and something does not smell right. You get a pit feeling in your stomach.That is exactly how I felt about IC Solutions. When I read the reviews, all of my concerns and fears proved to be one hundred and ten percent true.

After all, they are on Pissed Consumer, which are real people sharing real stories about their experience using IC Solutions in an attempt to reach an inmate in prison. It is hard to make that sort of thing up. These people are not just spinning a good yarn to get a headline. They are speaking from their heart. They have been burned and burned badly. Because of this, they want to alert others to what is going on within IC Solutions so maybe they can save someone else along the way.To me, the only way this gets fixed is if everyone teams up together and puts together a lawsuit against IC Solutions. This is the time to be strong and do something about it. When there is a bully out there like IC Solutions, it is important not to let them get away with this. If they think they can get away with it, it is bad news for everyone, as they will keep on doing it.

Opportunities Offered By IC Solutions

IC solutions is a service provider for inmates. It enables them to keep in touch with their friends and families. Individuals who are interested in this are expected to open an account. To be able to make and receive calls, a pre-pay service needs to be selected. The call rates usually depend on the area code a person lives in. Individuals who live close to the facilities offering these services will not have to pay so much money. Clients will then be able to communicate either through voice calls or the use of video calls. IC solutions have partnered with Access Connections enabling their clients to be able to send emails and photos to their loved ones.There are different services that are offered by this company. There is the automated information line which is a platform meant to serve inmates and their loved ones.

Often there are many questions about the jail system that one would like answered. There is an operator who is always ready to be of help. If the service is integrated with the jail system more information on the incarcerated individual can be provided. This includes their release dates or upcoming court appearances.The inmate voicemail is another service that alerts jailed persons whether they have new messages. They will get a chance to access the messages once they are provided with inmate phones. A customer support service to assist users with questions in regard to payments is available. They simply need to be aware of the correct number to dial. Phone and web based set ups for depositing funds for the inmates are available. This makes placing cash in the account of the individual more convenient. IC solutions have also come up with kiosks that have been designed to collect money from inmates. This needs to be done in a secure manner.

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GTL – The Corrections Innovation Leader

Global Tel-Link is an innovation chief in correctional technology, in addition to service solutions for government. GTL provides visionary solutions that are configured bolster the necessities of virtually any agency. The organization’s services and products seamlessly integrate to provide financial value, deliver security and ease the operation for all clients.

Within the sector of correctional technology, Global Tel-Link has spent more than 27 years assisting departments to attain unprecedented vision into virtually each facet of their inmate facilities and populations. That drives grater levels of safety and control ensuring they accomplish operational problems of today and tomorrow with confidence. GTL likewise provides services that permit inmates to stay linked to their families and friends, which researches have revealed as key to minimizing recidivism.

Global Tel-Link progresses to remain at the forefront of the consistently evolving correctional market, with the history of normally establishing the best products initially. That is the first web-based inmate platform for telephone services, wireless tablets that can be used to make phone calls and the initial web-based jail management system in addition to other products. GTL is a special organization that most correctional agencies consult before implementing their new technologies. Know more about GTL at

GTL comprehensive suite has integrated solutions that assist correctional facilities to view the big picture and operate more efficiently, secretly and smoothly. Part of the services entails inmate education solutions, inmate tablets, investigative & intelligence solutions, financial services, jail management systems, visitation management solutions and inmate telephone systems. In the sector of government payment services, Global Tel Link provides great-impact for technologically advanced items that cater special necessities of the entire agencies including child support agencies, municipalities and courts. Watch this video on Youtube.

Global Tel-Link is thus the trusted company that provides integrated technology solutions by investing energy, time and resources needed to wholly comprehend the special predicaments and problems that government agencies and correctional facilities face. Being the industry pioneer, GTL understands what it is required to deliver unmatched services and technology products to clients.

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A Necessary Evil – The Good and Bad Sides of IC Solutions

IC Solutions has been described as a necessary evil by most of its clients. On one hand, it has been beneficial in connecting inmates with their friends and loved ones. On the other hand, it has made communicating a hassle due to its poor-quality services.

Keeping People in Touch

IC Solutions has been extremely helpful for inmates and their loved ones through it is the best telecommunication services. It allows inmates to feel like they are still a part of their loved ones’ lives and the community as a whole, and their friends and loved ones get to know how they are fairing behind bars.The company provides a wide range of communication services ranging from basic voice calls to video visitations. These services are easily and quickly available via diverse plans and accounts.

Room for Improvement

Unfortunately, IC Solutions does a poor job of its service provision in more than one aspect. For starters, it charges exorbitantly high rates for calls. These rates depend on the distance between the inmate and caller; rates are especially high for long distance calls. Critics have accused IC Solutions of taking advantage of the limitations imposed by incarceration, and the absence of competing options, to overprice their services. IC Solutions is also popular for its poor quality voice call services. The company utilizes older cell phones that generally have poor reception depending on signal transmission. Consequently, this makes it difficult for people to communicate. In fact, calls are dropped in some cases, and the company does not give refunds in spite of their exorbitant charges.Unfortunately, many inmates and their contacts have to settle for these poor quality services as prisoners award contracts only to one company per institution or county. As such, it is unlikely that IC Solutions will improve the quality of its services unless action is taken from the top.

Global Tel-Link Makes It Easier to Stay in Contact

The great think about the new era of inmate communication is that there is always something new and exciting in the world of technology.  So many companies have stepped up to the plate and given people an opportunity to communicate in a better way.  The world of inmate communication has improved quite a bit, but I don’t think that anyone has managed to do what Global Tel-Link has managed to do.

This prison technology company is based in Virginia, but this is a company that has managed to spread out and acquire customers worldwide.  The solutions that are offered by this company are abundant, but I believe that Inmate communication solutions are the most well-known things for most families.  I know that there are things like inmate messaging and inmate telephone systems that have totally changed the way that people communicate. I like the fact that people on the inside can receive the electronic messages. This type of communication is so much easier than actually trying to call an inmate. I know that people that are going to be able to connect better when they have access to people through the inmate messaging. Read more on PR News Wire about GTL.

I know that there are a lot of people that are going to still go to the prisons, but Global Tel-Link has made it possible for me to skip the prison visits. I had the thought of going to the prison, and I believe that the video visit is just the best thing that I have ever encountered. I do not have to travel anymore, and I think that GTL has the best video solutions for all of those that are interested in a convenient travel method.

I think that this company has become the best at this type of innovator because Global Tel-Link has been doing it for so long.  This company has been around for close to three decades. That is quite impressive. It makes it easy for people like myself to trust in the services that are offered through Global Tel-Link. I think that this company is great because it is giving people access to the cutting-edge technology that they need to communicate better with inmates. Watch this video on

I like the fact that I can get a visitation in with my cousin through my smart tablet. The convenience of all of this is great. The line of communication is so much better with Global Tel-Link.

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