Burglar Jailed In Shereveport, La

Early morning on June 11, 2016, Sounds of broken glass prompted neighbors in the area of West 70th St. to phone police. Soon after, police arrived at a local restaurant, near the area where the suspicious activity was reported. The building was obviously damaged, with broken windows included. The suspect was reported to be suffering from a gun shot wound to the hand, acquired in an earlier dispute. Police then encountered a person matching that description, in the vicinity of the restaurant.
It was later discovered that the suspect they encountered and apprehended at the restaurant was the burglary suspect in the restaurant defacing. It also seems that the gunshot wound to the hand he was suffering from was self inflicted at some point when he broke into the building. It was discovered on surveillance video from the establishment that the 17-year-old suspect acted alone. He has since been booked into the Shreveport Jail.