The Remarkable Success of Keefe Group

Keefe Group the number one supplier to the correctional facility niche market and has grown into the most successful company in the history of this market. Many companies have come up against it, but they are still not able to wrestle the control out of the Keefe’s Group grasp and most end up closing shop leaving the Keefe Group to continue to dominate this industry. Due to its monopoly in the prison supplies market, Keefe Group has achieved the success that its competitors only dream about.


A subsidiary of the Centric Group of companies, Keefe Group, based in Missouri, exclusively supplies the correctional market with various services that range from personal care products for inmates, clothing, technology equipment, electronics, telecommunications, software solutions and food products. In 1975 the Keefe Group started to exclusively supply correctional facilities and quickly rose to be the country’s number one private supplier of correctional facilities.


The Keefe Group is in no doubt successful as it has earned over $40 million dollars during the period of 2008 to 2014. When a competitor emerges, the Keefe Group simply flexes its financial muscle and purchases its rival as such was the case when it bought G.T. Enterprises a company that was based in Mississippi. Due to pressure and outcry from players in this industry, the department of corrections was forced to come up with measures to try and regulate this market stating that all contracts no matter how small should go through a bidding process for accountability purposes.


Centric Group, the parent company of Keefe Group, purchased the company, G.T. Enterprises as it continues its expansion program as they strive to provide top-notch service delivery to its clients. Accountability is also a major aspect of the Keefe Group, and they follow the rules set forth by the Departments of Corrections in the bidding of tenders, and due to their spotless track record, they continue to get more business from the Correctional facilities. Professionalism and efficiency are the Keefe’s Group main attributes, and for this, they will continue laughing all the way to the bank for the foreseeable future.


How Telmate is Empowering the Corrections Market and Community Through its Innovative Solutions and Outreach Programs

Telmate is a highly-reputable company that is on a mission to provide inmates access to informative content and efficient communications. The company is also geared towards lowering recidivism in the incarceration environment through its services and products. Telmate operates based on the fact that inmates are likely to cut ties with their criminal past when they frequently connect with their loved ones.


Organizational Structure


Telmate develops products and services that address the day-to-day challenges faced by correctional facilities. The company’s organizational structure revolves around the development of solutions that make connections affordable, efficient and straightforward. Telmate understands that correctional facilities pose great risks to prison staff and prisoners. To address this concern, the firm fearlessly focuses on innovations for keeping communities, inmates, and facilities safe. It also focuses on technologies that boost security and control in prison systems.


Community Service


Besides its focus on innovative technologies for inmates, Telmate has the interests of the community at heart. The firm honors and supports prolific figures in law enforcement agencies and prison systems through its outreach programs. Telmate Fallen Heroes, Telmate Cares, as well as Telmate Heroes are among its prestigious outreach programs.


Services and Products


Within the incarceration environment, Telmate offers communication solutions such as videos visits, messaging and phone systems. The video visits allow prisoners to connect with the outside world through live video feed. The messaging service allows prisoners to send and receive audio, video or text files to and from the outside world. Phone systems installed in correctional facilities by Telmate facilitate voice calls between inmates and their acquaintances or family members.


Telmate recently rolled out the Telmate Tablet, which is a secure, innovative and productive education delivery tool. The tablet seeks to avail educational materials to inmates in soft copy. It also comprises of self-directed educational models aimed at equipping prisoners with life skills and knowledge. The tablet also comprises of a flexible platform and Internet access feature.


Telmate discovered that when prisoners access educational materials, their recidivism decreases by 40 percent. Other benefits of the tablet include life skills training, continued learning and increased security. Learning materials for the Telmate Tablet can be provided by inmates’ friends or family, the facility and well-wishers.


Global Tel-Link Dominates the Prison Phone Industry

Prison inmates needs to use the phone in order to talk to members of their family who are not able to visit the prison in person. Inmates are not allowed to use the Internet or cell phones as a way to communicate. Prisons have special phone systems. Inmates can set up accounts in order to use them. An inmate will be able to add money to his or her account whenever they feel like it. The money will be subtracted from the account whenever the inmate makes a call. Global Tel-Link is one of the biggest companies in North America when it comes to supplying prisons with phone service for their inmates.


Global Tel-Link has come under fire because of their practice of charging rates that are much higher than they need to be. The company has constantly defended itself by saying that it is following the letter of the law. This is a true statement because there are currently not any restrictions regarding what prison phone companies can charge for their service. However, many people in the media and inmate family members have questioned the morals and ethics of the companies that are involved in the prison phone industry as a whole. Global Tel-link and its competitors all charge very high rates that many inmates cannot afford.


There has been an outcry for the federal government to take action against the outrageous price increases that prison phone companies are using to make huge profits. However, the government has been very hesitant to go to war with companies like Global Tel-Link. This is because many politicians want to keep getting large donations from the prison phone industry. They need this money to build up their campaign war chests. It seems unlikely that these politicians will bite the hand that is feeding them.


The Revolution Brought By Packaging

Premier Service In One Package


Paying attention to the details is how companies like the Keefe Group make their success. Money is easy to make, but the dynamics of managing the details enable The Keefe Group to reap millions. This brand got its start in 1975 when the U.S. private sector for common, day-to-day goods were in high demand.


The company began with its own ideals and views on business. The rest was made history. The one trait that sets The Keefe Group apart from other manufacturers is its understanding of premier quality. Other businesses in the United States were content to accomplish a task and then to enterprise with it.


The Keefe Group needed to accomplish its tasks also. The next step for this brand was to signal-in a different approach. What Keefe did was take a simple product and then continued perfecting it. Industry competitors didn’t expect this while they were content with reproduction only.


What Real Industry Looks Like


The service and impeccable quality of the Keefe Brand makes it a prime example of good business. Manufacturing takes into account three areas of practice. They are packaging, production and distribution. Seeing the developments and functions of real industry is to see these three parts in motion.


The Keefe Group is a business that excels as a private industry manufacturer. Its daily business is an operation dedicated to serving over two million people on a weekly basis. The mental image of this number should give you an idea of the Keefe Group and what real industry looks like.


The First Steps At The Keefe Group


When Keefe opened its doors in 1975, it had very little to offer. That very little piece of business under the Keefe name gave it the opportunity it needed. What Keefe leveraged was a revolutionary idea in packaging. This brand believed that if you offer common goods in strategic packaging, you would become rich.


History was in the making when Keefe followed through on it objectives.


What we see today is a magnificent empire. It is one that continues to grow.


Reliable Inmate Communications Services at IC Solutions

IC Solutions is widely recognized for its reliable inmate telephony services that enable individuals and families to connect with their loved ones in incarceration environments. The firm also offers extensive inmate management solutions to enable facility officials to execute their duties more conveniently. IC Solution provides different options for its clients to open accounts and subscribe to the company services such as voice messages, phone services, real-time chats and video visitations.

The most popular services offered by IC Solutions include:

Automated Information Line

This service is a hosted Interactive Voice Response platform. It offers prompt phone responses to those questions that are often asked by inmates. The system is also handy in retrieving real-time data of the inmate about court appearances and amount of bond when merged with the Jail Management System.

Inmate Voicemail

This system is mainly used to alert inmates to new messages. It also allows them to listen to their messages.

Flexible Calling Options and Kiosks

This service connects inmates with their loved ones at IC Solutions. On the other hand, kiosks serve to collect and safeguard money for new inmates joining the facility.

Phone and Web-based Deposit Services

Through this services, inmates can receive funds from their friends and families conveniently. The facility also offers full-time customer support on payments, billing issues, queries, and accounts. IC Solutions offers a variety of account services including Debit Telephone Account, Prepaid Account, and Collect Calling. All the phone services are readily available for subscription through the company’s website, toll-free customer service line, and mail. IC Solutions offers its clients high-end technology to safeguard incarceration facilities while connecting the inmates safely. The company understands the crucial role that video visits play, especially for relatives who stay far from the incarceration facility. IC Solutions offers phone services at a call rate of 22 cents per minute. The company recently announced its plans to cut this cost to 21 cents.

Global Tel-Link Connects Families and Inmates For Less Money

Did you know that when an inmate makes a phone call to someone on the outside, a small 15 minute conversation can cost upwards of 15 dollars. That is a dollar a minute. When you are incarcerated, the importance of staying in touch with others is important to keep those on the inside informed about what is happening on the outside.


The rising cost of making calls inside of jail facilities is bankrupting families and friends on the outside. The cost associated with calling home is higher in some areas more than in others. By using a company outside of the prison to make phone calls, the cost of calls is lowered. This is especially important for families and friends who are limited on income.


The cost of phone calls being made in prison should not cost so much that those on the outside are forced to cut off communication with the inmates because of the cost. There are ways to cut this cost down by signing up for phone rights through companies like Global Tel-Link.


The purpose of this company is to help cut back on the cost of all calls being made outside of the prison or jails. The cost is not only decreased which helps the inmate but it also saves all calls being made. Each time the phone is used with Global, the phone call is being recorded. This helps to make sure that the right information is used for cases involving inmates. It also works to help to keep inmate crimes down.


Through the use of phone calls, inmates are better behaved and are greeted with more privileges due to the good behavior. The good behavior will also impact how the inmate will behave when they are finally released and return back to the outside world. It is vital for success in inmates who hope to live a crime free life once released.


Have Prisoners Now Become Money?

It’s evident in the recent past that private agencies are soliciting funds from inmates. I suggest this should be stopped with immediate effect. The inmates’ relatives and guardians are crying foul of the high financial burden. I strongly recommend the state to take over control of the correctional facilities instead of private agencies.


High rates of corruption and bribery have been witnessed in the correctional facilities. For instance, Keefe Food Group, a subsidiary of the Centric Group LLC, has been found to have obtained several no-bid contracts in the county, state, and even the federal systems. I encourage a just fight against Keefe Food Group, and its parent company, Centric Group LLC. As it can be seen, from the services that it offers the inmates in Mississippi Department Of Corrections (MDOC), Keefe has earned over $40 million, and G.T. Enterprises earned over $3 million gross revenue. Keefe Group was bought from G.T. Enterprises in 2008 and began the contracts. Although the contracts have been renewed several times, Keefe continues to service the inmates. The company even increased inmate taxes from 24% to 28%. I think this is too high given that the inmates do not have any source of income since they rely on their relatives and guardians for financial support.


Keefe alone owns the rights to offer the inmates are as follows:


  • Selling commissary items such as food, personal hygiene items, and tobacco.
  • Processing inmates financial deposits.
  • Selling music players (MP3), ad song downloads


Additionally, Keefe obtained 10% monthly revenue from all the money raised by selling “visitation bags.” But why allow only one company have more exclusive rights to offer inmates services than other companies? I think the opportunities should be distributed equally to several qualified bidders.


No-bid contracts should also be made away with because they have contributed to private agencies monopolizing the prisons. I recommend that several companies, regardless of their dollar amount, should be allowed to participate in the competitive bid process, and the contracts awarded to only qualified bidders. That will be an effective strategy to promote transparency in the government.


Also for transparency purposes, it’s also recommendable that we have all vendors that are contracting with the state agency file a disclosure agreement showing the amount of fees paid for their bid, and also disclose the name of the agent who helped them secure the contract. The state agents would then have to post in the public domain reasons indicating why they awarded the contracts to specific companies.


The above strategies to obtain state transparency are an effective measure to prevent corruption and other acts of bribery.


Global Tel-Link Quality Services to Correctional Facilities

Global Tel Link is an American telecommunication company providing Inmate Calling Service. It also specializes in providing education solutions to inmates and payment services for the government. The educational services assists in rehabilitating the inmates. The calling service, on the other hand, is a cohesive information technology solutions offered primarily to correctional services. The services include inmates deposit and payment, management of facilities and visitation solutions.


The company was founded in 1980 and was initially called Global Telcoin Incorporation and Global Tel*Link Corporation. It changed its name to Global Tel Link in 1999. The company has its headquarters in Reston, Virginia State. The company has additional regional branches in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Indiana, and California.


Global Tel-Link Corporation is a major player in the industry alongside Securus Technologies. Global Tel-Link is in charge of nearly 50% of the industry for correctional facilities. It was sold to the American Securities, a private firm based in New York in 2011 for $1 billion. In 2014, the company announced that it reached its highest record of 2.5 prison million calls. The calls totaled to three billion minutes.


Apart from providing calling services, GTL also provides correctional education. The educational training services reduce the reoffending rates among the inmates. The company’s Learning Management System (LMS), offers training opportunities to the various groups of the inmates including juvenile offenders, parolees, inmates employed in prison industries and probationers among others.


Global Tel-Link offers its correctional and technology services to at least 2,300 facilities with over 1.8 million inmates across 50 states in the United States of America. The company is governed by a group of elite professionals. Brian Oliver is the CEO of the company in charge of all the executive duties. The president of the company is Jeffrey Haidinger who is also its Chief Operating Officer.


The Keefe Group Raises Questions Which Might Not Have Answers

Every now and then I like to just sit down and see what’s going on in the world. Like most people with a bit of curiosity, that means I sit down to read the Internet. But unlike most people, and even unlike my normal routine, today I sat down to read about the prison industry. It hadn’t started out that way. I’d actually been looking for ideas about healthy eating.


But what I found was a man talking about his sad fate of being forced away from healthy eating. It was a worrisome enough prospect when I thought that just voting for statewide prison edicts might change things. But the issue looks to be a lot deeper than the prisons themselves. It’s actually a threaded journey into a company called the Keefe Group. The prisoner reports that most of his issues actually come from that company. And this is where things begin to get a little more confusing.


The Keefe Group isn’t technically related to prisons at all. This is also part of the problem. If the Keefe Group was an official part of the prison system than they’d be held up to higher standards. But prisons have the ability to contract out services to 3rd party companies if they feel the need to. The intent is obviously good. It’s a provision put in place to ensure that prisoner’s needs are met. But the end result isn’t so good. It’s ensuring that the prison system can essentially leapfrog over nutritional standards. There’s also ethical issues involved when one considers that prisons are sometimes able to even profit from it. Prisons, obviously, are not meant to be a for profit institution built on prisoner suffering.


The issue here is that there’s no obvious solutions. Everything is legal, and there’s not a huge chance of the public suddenly demanding huge changes. I only lucked into finding out about it. And the public at large can’t be expected to look into what’s essentially a rather depressing situation. The main hope is that prisons decide enough is enough and increase the standards for their contracts. This at least has some chance of forcing the Keefe Group into better performance.