Struggles of Keefe Group with Corruption Charges

Keefe Commissary Group is among the leading inmate communications companies in Florida. The Keefe Group came into existence in 2008 after its parent organization, Centric Group, acquired G.T. Endeavors. The Florida-based firm is also the leading supplier of snacks, personal care products, electronics, and software correctional items. The firm has been in operation for close to 42 years now. However, the Keefe Group has a number of bribery cases at court that are yet to be solved relating to their in-bid contracts with several correctional state centers.



Most prisoners both at the local and state level have been battling with the corrupt Keefe Group for sometimes now. For instance, through the intervention of Under Lock & Key in 2009, most Pennsylvania prisoners complained of Keefe group especially on how the Group benefited from their oppression behind the bars. Actually, there has been a great concern to support Florida Prisons against Keefe Snack sneak attacks and high prices of commissary items.


In another related instance, two Gainesville businessmen admitted having connived with Keefe officials in paying bribes to state prison officers. The 64-year old Joseph Dees and Dugger pleaded guilty in the federal court in Jacksonville over the conspiracy issue that led to the resignation of James V. Crosby and Allen Wayne Clark in the year2011. Actually, Dees and his friend Dugger secretly collaborated with the former State prison official, Crosby to sell insurance inside Florida prisons. Originally, the vending deal was between Keefe executives and state prison officials. The deal incorporated the two businessmen who created a company in 2004 that offered canteen services for visitors at Florida prisons. The deal turned sour when the two confessed in court that they were to pay the former Keefe Commissary president Jack Donnelly a sum of $260,000 of the projected $1.5 million sales per year.


In 2014, the prison task force indicated their interest to review prison systems due to large numbers of corruption charges involving correction commissioners. Thus, under the new administration, several recommendations were being put in place to protect inmates from hostile groups like Keefe and others. For instance, the new administration intended to challenge every agency to have competitive bids with a minimal worth of $100,000.


IC Solutions: No Compassion

Compassion is clearly something the world needs a lot more of in today’s day and age. However, it can be quite hard to find it from certain companies and certain people. If you are looking for compassion from IC Solutions, you are not going to find it anywhere. They don’t believe in it, it does not exist, and nothing that they practice tells a different story. They are totally and utterly heartless. They do not care for one second if someone is behind bars and they are in a bad situation. That means next to nothing to them. As a matter of fact, they only care in one shape and one form and that is money.They really get a kick out of seeing someone in a vulnerable state.

They are like a shark in the water and they see this as a chance to pounce on someone and really take them to town without having to worry about anything bad happening to them. They know they hold all of the power and the keys are in their pocket. That is exactly how they like it. For the inmates, they know the inmates need these phone calls more than anything. They are scared, feeling hopeless and helpless, and they need to hear a familiar voice that can calm them down and be there for them during one of the most challenging periods in their life.Because of this, they will do things such as charge high prices and really take advantage of their customers. This story made major headlines and it told the whole picture of what is happening with IC Solutions from a first-person’s perspective. This is the kind of story that I’m hoping gets out there for other people to read about and hear. That is how change occurs.

Keefe Group Provides Inmates Phone Service

Are you paying exorbitant charges for phone service just to keep in touch with family and friends? Looking for affordable jail or prison phone service? If you want to sign up, or switch to, a company that offers reasonable telephone plans and high quality features, Keefe Group is your clear choice.

Everyone deserves to keep in touch with their family and friends. Unfortunately, due to outrageous calling costs at most corrections facilities, many families have a hard time paying the expensive or high rates to accept collect calls from their relatives.

Many companies out there promise to offer reasonable rates but fail to deliver. It is important to find a company that helps families like yours save on jail or prison calls.

Keefe Group is a leading company in inmates phone and communications. The company has been catering to customers for a long time and comes highly recommended in the industry. Keefe Group is committed to rendering outstanding services and has a team of dedicated customers service representatives.

Many people search for ways to get cheap or affordable telephone service. Families and their incarcerated loved ones are always on the lookout for ways to save money on their phone calls. That’s where Keefe Group comes in – to provide the features and services that enable inmates and their family save money on their phone calls.

I have been using their services for many months and I am pleased with everything feature and service that they provide. I have also recommended the company to some of my friends and their family. Keefe Group has numerous positive reviews and comments left by people who are benefiting from their services.

If you truly want to avoid the outrageous fees and hidden costs in inmates phone calls, then go to their website and sign up right away. The company makes it easy to open an account and start accessing their range of services and features at reasonable rates. Their customer representatives are available and ready to assist you if you encounter any issue. In fact, you’ll be delighted with their services.

Telmate Shuts the Door on That Little Beacon of Light

Having an imprisoned family member can be really hard on people. It means one less loved one in your life; one less person to rely on and exchange favors with; one less person in your social network around to help you; one less ray of sunshine in your life. The fact that Telmate imposes unreasonably high fees and rates leaves people feeling helpless as they are given the choice to either accrue big phone bills by talking to their loved ones or not talk to their loved ones, at all.


Hearing that you have the option to call a loved one in prison is like a small, bright beacon of light through a door that you thought was shut to you. However, once people hear that they have to pay such high rates and fees, that door seems to shut, indefinitely; eternally exposing them to the darkness of sadness.


Unfortunately, as long as law makers and the general public do not pay attention to this issue, that door will be shut forever—or at least for a very, very, very long time. Inmates and their families are helpless to the fact that not much is being done to curb the unscrupulous billing customs of Telmate and other inmate phone companies.


For all of this trouble, one would think that Telmate provides the best service possible. Wrong! If you take a gander at customer reviews online about Telmate, there are tons of bad reviews saying how bad Telmate’s customer service is.


Sometimes, customers, as well as non-customers, get odd calls that claim to be through Telmate and from detention centers. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether the calls are legitimately from a prison or jail, or are scam calls. There are scams out there where people pretend to represent an official sounding company or organization, and attempt to get personal information and/or money.


Global-Tel Link Not Being Completely Honest

Global-Tel Link is a telecommunications company who makes exclusive contracts with prisons and jails on the local, state, and government level. One of the luxuries people take for granted every day is the ability to go to a competitor if they’re not pleased with the services or prices of the current company they’re handing their money over too.

Inmates don’t have this luxury and if anything, it’s a burden on them and their family members. Global-Tel Link and other private telecommunications companies charge a premium for family members and inmates to stay in touch with one another. Families can easily spend up to several hundred dollars just to stay in touch with their loved ones. And this is just a chance to be able to speak with loved ones on the inside on a weekly basis, attempting to do it on a daily basis will probably result in a few more hundred dollars each month.

According to a post in Prison Talk, a user by the name of JamaicanChula reported they had an issue with Global-Tel Link recently. They were called in the middle of the night to collect a call from a loved one in prison, but their phone couldn’t accept the collect calls. They were then requested to hand out some account information so they could be billed for the call and the money could be collected.

The user did some digging and came to two conclusions about the issue. Either it’s scam pretending to be Global-Tel Link or the company itself is hoping people or naïve enough to set up prepaid accounts. This is disconcerting and puts the company in a bad light, but they weren’t in a good one, to begin with. The telecommunications industry alone makes a couple billion a year from the profit it makes off of the misfortune of inmates and their family members.

IC Solutions: It’s All A Front

When I took the time to look at the IC Solutions website and read the reviews on the company,it was two totally different stories. That tells me there is something really weird and strange going on with this company. On their Official Website, they portray this certain image and this certain vibe. I like to think I have a good feel for this sort of thing, and all of it just seemed phony and fake to me. I could read right through it. I’ve been around the block and I can tell when something is off and something does not smell right. You get a pit feeling in your stomach.That is exactly how I felt about IC Solutions. When I read the reviews, all of my concerns and fears proved to be one hundred and ten percent true.

After all, they are on Pissed Consumer, which are real people sharing real stories about their experience using IC Solutions in an attempt to reach an inmate in prison. It is hard to make that sort of thing up. These people are not just spinning a good yarn to get a headline. They are speaking from their heart. They have been burned and burned badly. Because of this, they want to alert others to what is going on within IC Solutions so maybe they can save someone else along the way.To me, the only way this gets fixed is if everyone teams up together and puts together a lawsuit against IC Solutions. This is the time to be strong and do something about it. When there is a bully out there like IC Solutions, it is important not to let them get away with this. If they think they can get away with it, it is bad news for everyone, as they will keep on doing it.

The Keefe Group and the Concerns of Monopolies

I usually plan out my meals with a lot of energy and joy. For me, preparing a great meal is almost as much fun as eating it. But a recent article made me really realize just how lucky I am to be in that position. The choice to eat healthy and flavorful meals isn’t something that everyone can partake in. And the article presented a group of people who are suffering from big business forcing choices onto them.

The article took a harsh look at a company called the Keefe Group. The Keefe Group sells food within prisons. The author is writing from the perspective of someone who’s living with their influence constantly hanging over his head. As a prisoner within the current jail system he’s had to deal with a lot of managerial issues. However, it’s really only the Keefe Group which seems to raise actual anger within him. The more I learned about the Keefe Group the more I could see why that’s the case.

The big problem is that the Keefe Group operates as a monopoly within prisons. They’re a food service company that is usually contracted with in order to serve auxiliary functions to the main meals. Basically, they’re there to provide a bit of extra snacking or flavor in between real meals. It’s clear from looking out at the world that this isn’t really how our culture works with empty calories though. Junk food usually is the biggest source of calories for most people during the day. Prisoners deprived of their favorite junk food and of distractions in general will usually get pretty desperate for empty calories. So desperate that they’re easy to separate from almost any percentage of their income. Prison work programs don’t pay much. But the Keefe Group is happy to push up their prices to match whatever someone can afford. The fact that the Keefe Group’s contracts don’t allow for competition means that they can do what every monopoly does. They push prices up to an absurd amount while lowering quality. The Keefe Group is well aware that competition cannot exist due to the nature of their contracts.

I think it’s plain that the Keefe Group needs to be pulled back a little. Possibly by bringing in competition or possibly by adding in some better prison funded dessert options. But no matter how it happens, it needs to occur for the sake of prisoner’s health.

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Telmate Provides Phone Service to Prisoners

Prisoners who are incarcerated in prisons around the United States do not have access to mobile phones and email as forms of communication. Therefore, they must rely on the phones provided by the prisons as the only way of getting in touch with their loved ones and legal advisors. The way that the prison phone industry works has caused a great deal of controversy. This is because prisoners are not given a variety of choices where their phone service providers are concerned. Each prison only has one company providing its phone service. Needless to say, the companies that provide this phone service can tend to get greedy since they have no competition.


Telmate is one of the largest companies in the prison phone service industry. They have exclusive contracts to provide the phone service for many prisons in the United States. Inmates and their families often complain that the rates that are charged by Telmate and their competitors are much more than they should be. The high cost of making phone calls in prisons has made it very difficult for inmates to stay in regular contact with people in their family. Another concerning issue is the fact that prisoners often have trouble calling their lawyers. This can be especially problematic if the prisoner’s lawyer has filed an appeal and the process is underway. It is important for the lawyer to keep the prisoners updated on how the appeal is going.


Telmate allows inmates in the prisons it services to create an account that they can deposit money into. Money will be deducted from this account when the inmate places a phone call. Calls made within the state where the inmate is being incarcerated cost a different amount than calls made to a different state. Telmate has said that it is proud of its reputation and considers itself to be one of the most reputable companies in the prison phone service industry. However, the high price of prison phone calls continues to generate an enormous amount of controversy. It remains to be seen if anything will ever be done about it.

Opportunities Offered By IC Solutions

IC solutions is a service provider for inmates. It enables them to keep in touch with their friends and families. Individuals who are interested in this are expected to open an account. To be able to make and receive calls, a pre-pay service needs to be selected. The call rates usually depend on the area code a person lives in. Individuals who live close to the facilities offering these services will not have to pay so much money. Clients will then be able to communicate either through voice calls or the use of video calls. IC solutions have partnered with Access Connections enabling their clients to be able to send emails and photos to their loved ones.There are different services that are offered by this company. There is the automated information line which is a platform meant to serve inmates and their loved ones.

Often there are many questions about the jail system that one would like answered. There is an operator who is always ready to be of help. If the service is integrated with the jail system more information on the incarcerated individual can be provided. This includes their release dates or upcoming court appearances.The inmate voicemail is another service that alerts jailed persons whether they have new messages. They will get a chance to access the messages once they are provided with inmate phones. A customer support service to assist users with questions in regard to payments is available. They simply need to be aware of the correct number to dial. Phone and web based set ups for depositing funds for the inmates are available. This makes placing cash in the account of the individual more convenient. IC solutions have also come up with kiosks that have been designed to collect money from inmates. This needs to be done in a secure manner.

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Global Tel-Link and the Dirty Kickbacks That Jails and Prisons Request

When it comes to discussions about inmates, some people have very harsh, black-and-white, staunch views. Some people may feel that inmates don’t deserve rights and that they should be in unpleasant conditions. However, inmates actually do have rights. Of course, they are entitled to serve time–and they should, but they are still human beings with civil rights. Also, their families and friends have civil rights, as well. Read more reviews on Glass Door to know more.

Unfortunately, companies like Global Tel-Link infringe upon the civil rights of inmates and their families by price gouging their phone calls. Inmates and loved ones are held between a rock and a hard place, because in order to contact each other, they must pay enormous fees and rates to Global Tel-Link.

Global Tel-Link is not the only inmate phone company in the United State of America—there are many others. However, Global Tel-Link is definitely one of the telephone companies that receives that most contracts with facilities. These contracts are not earned by offering the pinnacle of quality with the cheapest prices. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Facilities actively seek out which phone companies can provide them with the biggest kickbacks. These kickbacks take the form of percentages of revenue, as well as random expenses and technology.

Facilities are questioned for their business practices and how they choose phone companies. As an explanation, or excuse—whichever word you want to use—facilities say that they need the extra money for security and to be able to hire the proper personnel. They claim that the money goes into endeavors that make environments safer and more pleasant. Watch this video on Youtube.

People who question facilities and phone companies argue that it is wrong for facilities to demand kickbacks, and that this way of doing business is a scam. Also, people argue that phone companies such as Global Tel-Link can still make a profit if they charge significantly lower rates that are closer to rates of regular phone calls outside of prison and jail.

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