The Prison System Is Under Review Due To Federal Charges Against Private Suppliers

Keefe group is conducting a review of the prison system due to the pending conviction of a corrections officer for corruption charges. They feel the no-bid contracts need to be eliminated by the Mississippi Department of Corrections so better deals can be secured. The task force consists of five members and they are giving Governor Phil Bryant twelve initial recommendations. The group was appointed by Bryant following the federal corruption charges filed against businessman Cecil McCrory and the former Commissioner of Corrections Christopher Epps. The charges were regarding prison contracts and both men have pleaded not guilty. Visit The Dispatch to know more about Keefe Group.

If the recommendations of the task force are accepted six contracts will have to placed for competitive bids. Three of the six contracts are with the Management and Training Corporation in Utah who handles Mississippi prisons, two provide inmates with medical services and are with Health Assurance LLC based in Jackson and the final contract is for commissary services provided to prisons in Mississippi by The Keefe Group. The recommendation of the task force to have all contracts go through a bidding process. They also believe a committee needs to determine if the state should continue its practice of using private companies. Read more news on Tampa Bay Times

Epps was the commissioner for a period of twelve years. He resigned on November 5th from a job earning him $132,000 per year and the indictment from federal prosecutors was received the next day. Both Epps and the former state representative McCrory were charged. Prosecutors state beginning in 2007 Epps steered prison contracts towards companies McCrory was affiliated with. One of McCrory’s companies called G.T. Enterprises received a contract in 2007 for commissary services. In 2008 the services were taken over by The Keefe Group after their parent company purchased G.T. Enterprises.

The commissary system allows families to give inmates money to purchase items such as candy bars or combs. The items are generally delivered within a few days. At one point in time the commissary system was run without the use of a private contractor. The consensus of opinion is the commissary duty should be resumed by the department since the exorbitant prices have become burdensome for the inmates. Visit:




Communication Made Better with Telmate

Telmate is an organization that was established in 1998 for the sole purpose of inmate technology provision. As inmate technology experts, Telmate has an undertaking to provide safe technology that sanctions inmates to repeal the ferocious cycle of recidivism. Telmate was formerly known as Pinnacle Public Services, and they rendered exceptional services accompanied by free installation to most top inmate communications solution providers in the entire Northwest region. Telmate discovered that the industry was in need of a first rate inmate communication solution; one providing cutting-edge technology and top security along with a prompt customer service.


Telmate’s innovative solutions are made to provide for the dynamic needs of correctional facilities while boosting the efficiency of operations. It is ranked one of the top inmate telecom providers in North America and is deployed across three hundred correctional facilities throughout the North American region. It is also fanned across most of the U.S. states inclusive of a few Canadian provinces.


Telmate has experienced a tremendous amount of growth since they started out and this has been as a result of the great relationship they have managed to maintain with their customers. They are very time cautious and aim to deliver uncut results as their future relies on their clients. They believe that their customers are their number one marketers and it is through them that they get the opportunity to grow their client base. They offer services to facilities of all kinds, be it federal detention centers, county correctional facilities, city jails, holding cells, or even state DOC. The great relationship they have with their customers drives them to deliver top notch results as they believe their performance if they get to retain their clients.


Telmate’s major solution is their all digital phone system. This phone system is designed to help inmates connect while maintaining safety in the facility. All their systems operate on voice over Internet Protocol technology, and their straightforward administration system is fully web-based easing daily operations. They pride themselves on providing great solutions, cutting-edge telephones as well as a wide range of housing options.


Telmates notion of reducing recidivism acts as inspiration for them to supply inmates with inexpensive communications technology to enable them maintain communication with the outside world. They take it upon themselves to intensify control, enhance security and operational efficiency while assisting in the protection of the local community they serve. Telmate is hell-bent on delivering fast results irrespective of the challenge in question. With a group comprising of reasonable and optimistic employees whose ideas and inspiration provide limitless opportunities, Telmate is committed to enhancements in all their implementations both as a company and as individuals.


Keefe Group Helps With Prison Phone Calls

Keefe Group Is one of the best communications and prison service companies in the world, and they have connected to a number of different prisons who want their inmates to reach their loved ones. Someone who wishes to make a call with this company may sign up for an account at any time, and they will find that the company helps them get better call quality. This article explains how the company helps inmates and family make calls. Visit to know more.

#1: The Calls Are Good For Everyone

The calls are good for both sides because the quality and security is as high as it can possibly be. Someone who wants to place calls with the system may get a hold of someone that they cannot drive to see. The jail visitation is an important part of rehabilitation, and there are many people who will place their calls with Keefe Group because that helps them relax. Someone who wants to place these calls will find that they may hear clearly no matter who have they called, and they will have security and quality that they need quite a lot.

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#2: The Simple Call Structure

The simple call structure for everyone helps them place their calls, and they may contact Keefe Group any time for help. They will be connected to the jail they are trying to reach, and they will give the people who are on the phone a chance to hear a voice they have been missing. It is much easier for someone to place these calls because they get good customer service from Keefe Group. They will feel more comfortable with this system, and they will feel comfortable placing calls to a number of people. Read more about Keefe Group on Prison Censorship.

There are many different people who will find that placing calls with Keefe Group is easy. They can set up their accounts and call anyone at any time. It is much easier for someone to get a hold of the people they love when they are calling with Keefe Group, and they will start to feel better about the way that they visit with their loved ones.

GTL – The Corrections Innovation Leader

Global Tel-Link is an innovation chief in correctional technology, in addition to service solutions for government. GTL provides visionary solutions that are configured bolster the necessities of virtually any agency. The organization’s services and products seamlessly integrate to provide financial value, deliver security and ease the operation for all clients.

Within the sector of correctional technology, Global Tel-Link has spent more than 27 years assisting departments to attain unprecedented vision into virtually each facet of their inmate facilities and populations. That drives grater levels of safety and control ensuring they accomplish operational problems of today and tomorrow with confidence. GTL likewise provides services that permit inmates to stay linked to their families and friends, which researches have revealed as key to minimizing recidivism.

Global Tel-Link progresses to remain at the forefront of the consistently evolving correctional market, with the history of normally establishing the best products initially. That is the first web-based inmate platform for telephone services, wireless tablets that can be used to make phone calls and the initial web-based jail management system in addition to other products. GTL is a special organization that most correctional agencies consult before implementing their new technologies. Know more about GTL at

GTL comprehensive suite has integrated solutions that assist correctional facilities to view the big picture and operate more efficiently, secretly and smoothly. Part of the services entails inmate education solutions, inmate tablets, investigative & intelligence solutions, financial services, jail management systems, visitation management solutions and inmate telephone systems. In the sector of government payment services, Global Tel Link provides great-impact for technologically advanced items that cater special necessities of the entire agencies including child support agencies, municipalities and courts. Watch this video on Youtube.

Global Tel-Link is thus the trusted company that provides integrated technology solutions by investing energy, time and resources needed to wholly comprehend the special predicaments and problems that government agencies and correctional facilities face. Being the industry pioneer, GTL understands what it is required to deliver unmatched services and technology products to clients.

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Keefe Group in Fresh Controversy over Service Delivery

The Keefe Group was established in 1975 with the aim of making changes in the delivery of goods and services to the correctional facilities in the country. For the past four decades, the company has been making huge improvements in the quality of the products and the services delivered to the criminal justice systems. They managed to change the packaging of goods meant for the prisons, reduced the incidences of the goods produced being used in crimes and created products that are safe and suitable for inmates in all the correctional facilities all over the country.

While it is true that the company has been facing a few challenges in the past few months, one cannot deny that they have achieved a lot in the delivery of supplies such as food, clothes, snacks, communication services and even money transfers to the inmates. They also provide health and beauty products, television systems, pharmaceuticals and management of video visits and commissary management. The Keefe Group is part of the larger organization known as the Centric Group. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

One of the recent complaints that have been made about the group is about the corruption in the prison systems. The company is said to be making millions of dollars at the expense of the prisoners. Reports indicate that the cause of the state of affairs is that the company enjoys a monopoly on the supply of these services. The Keefe Group has however responded to these claims by asserting that they are just a victim of a system which they have little control over. They added that for quite a while, they had been required to pay some fees to the big players in the issue of tenders to get a chance to supply their goods and services to the systems. They also claim that they are not in a position to change the system because their lack of cooperation will only put them out of business.

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The president of the company, Thomas Keefe, states that the only way to end the endemic corruption within the correctional facilities is uprooting the invisible corrupt players. He asserts that they have done their best in lowering calling rates, but more needs to be done to improve the entire system in general. Know more about Keefe Group on

Inmate Telecommunication

Patients require our love, and one way of expressing this love is through frequent communication with those behind bars. Telmate is an innovative inmate telecom provider that specializes in patient communications, provision of inmate content, facility operation and service control through tablets, phones, and kiosks access points. The firm was founded in 1998, and initially, it was Pinnacle Public Services before it rebranded to Telmate.


It was providing installation services to established inmate communication solution providers in the United States of America. Currently, the firm has expanded its operations to Canada and provides solution services to various correctional facilities ranging from city jails, holding cells, federal detention centers, and county correctional centers. Through inmate communication service, the firm offers monitored communication to enhance security through the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Inmate content services ensure that idle time is used productively through the provision of educational games, music, and movies.


This service is provided through secure a tablet which limits inmates’ access to open the internet. The facility control service provides an administrative hub that enables the staff to monitor and control every user, action, service, and device thus inmate records, visits, calls and investigator tools can be accessed by the correctional facility staff. The service operations product ensures comfortable sharing of digital documents with the inmates making the distribution of records paperless.


Telmate also launched a community correction service under the name Telmate Guardian.This software enables correction personnel to monitor criminals on probation, parole, and pretrial. The software captures biometrics such voice, facial photos samples, and the offender’s location when installing on a smartphone or a tablet. It enables case managers to know what the offenders are doing.


Telmate currently serves around 300 correctional facilities in Canada and North America where it covers almost all the United States of America states. Due to its innovative, excellent and customer oriented services, the firm has been recognized as a leading inmate telecom providers like their competitors. Although there have been issues with the prison phone industry ranging from the high calling rates, conflict of interest in awarding of contracts, scammers and account authorization, Telmate has always responded promptly to customer complaints and resolved pending issues.

A Necessary Evil – The Good and Bad Sides of IC Solutions

IC Solutions has been described as a necessary evil by most of its clients. On one hand, it has been beneficial in connecting inmates with their friends and loved ones. On the other hand, it has made communicating a hassle due to its poor-quality services.

Keeping People in Touch

IC Solutions has been extremely helpful for inmates and their loved ones through it is the best telecommunication services. It allows inmates to feel like they are still a part of their loved ones’ lives and the community as a whole, and their friends and loved ones get to know how they are fairing behind bars.The company provides a wide range of communication services ranging from basic voice calls to video visitations. These services are easily and quickly available via diverse plans and accounts.

Room for Improvement

Unfortunately, IC Solutions does a poor job of its service provision in more than one aspect. For starters, it charges exorbitantly high rates for calls. These rates depend on the distance between the inmate and caller; rates are especially high for long distance calls. Critics have accused IC Solutions of taking advantage of the limitations imposed by incarceration, and the absence of competing options, to overprice their services. IC Solutions is also popular for its poor quality voice call services. The company utilizes older cell phones that generally have poor reception depending on signal transmission. Consequently, this makes it difficult for people to communicate. In fact, calls are dropped in some cases, and the company does not give refunds in spite of their exorbitant charges.Unfortunately, many inmates and their contacts have to settle for these poor quality services as prisoners award contracts only to one company per institution or county. As such, it is unlikely that IC Solutions will improve the quality of its services unless action is taken from the top.

Global Tel-Link Makes It Easier to Stay in Contact

The great think about the new era of inmate communication is that there is always something new and exciting in the world of technology.  So many companies have stepped up to the plate and given people an opportunity to communicate in a better way.  The world of inmate communication has improved quite a bit, but I don’t think that anyone has managed to do what Global Tel-Link has managed to do.

This prison technology company is based in Virginia, but this is a company that has managed to spread out and acquire customers worldwide.  The solutions that are offered by this company are abundant, but I believe that Inmate communication solutions are the most well-known things for most families.  I know that there are things like inmate messaging and inmate telephone systems that have totally changed the way that people communicate. I like the fact that people on the inside can receive the electronic messages. This type of communication is so much easier than actually trying to call an inmate. I know that people that are going to be able to connect better when they have access to people through the inmate messaging. Read more on PR News Wire about GTL.

I know that there are a lot of people that are going to still go to the prisons, but Global Tel-Link has made it possible for me to skip the prison visits. I had the thought of going to the prison, and I believe that the video visit is just the best thing that I have ever encountered. I do not have to travel anymore, and I think that GTL has the best video solutions for all of those that are interested in a convenient travel method.

I think that this company has become the best at this type of innovator because Global Tel-Link has been doing it for so long.  This company has been around for close to three decades. That is quite impressive. It makes it easy for people like myself to trust in the services that are offered through Global Tel-Link. I think that this company is great because it is giving people access to the cutting-edge technology that they need to communicate better with inmates. Watch this video on

I like the fact that I can get a visitation in with my cousin through my smart tablet. The convenience of all of this is great. The line of communication is so much better with Global Tel-Link.

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