How Is Inmate Communication Technology Assisting People?

Families who have been enforced to select between purchasing groceries or sharing a call with their loved one who is behind bars and has pleaded with the government to control this costly price by the companies which offer phone service for prison and jail inmates. The Federal Commission took a notice and decided to take very step toward this issue and made measure to control the calling rate for the inmates to let them speak with their loved ones and friends who are living outside the prison.

People who are passing their days behind bars are already suffering, and they need some affection and something that they can stand on to have someone waiting for them in the outside world when they get release after completing their trial. That’s why such services have been launched to give them what they want so that they can still have hopes to become a good citizen after going out.

There is very little doubt that felons who always keep in touch with friends and families have a good chance of finding suitable places in their communities and as soon as they get released. And that’s the primary reason why such services have launched, but now with the expensive rates, it seems impossible for anyone to call their families.

Inmates don’t have a source of income other than working behind the bar. So, they are working hard for a call to their loved ones. So, the government should step in now look into this issue and take some precautions so that it would be easy for them to call their friends and family. And to be in touch with the outside world so that they can have someone waiting for them when they get release and a community who knew that he has completed his sentence and can fit in now.

A Tablet for Each Inmate at Davidson County Jail

Davidson County Jail in Nashville, Tenessee has issued all inmates a personal tablet. The use of the devices is monitored. While it’s controversial, the benefits have improved conditions for all involved. It serves as entertainment and another way for inmates to communicate with important people on the outside.

The tablets do not cost the taxpayers anything, according to Sheriff Daron Hall of The Davidson County Jail. They were issued by Global Tel Link who provides the communications services for the prison. The inmates are allowed to keep the tablets for the duration of their time spent in the facility. The program does not cost anything or benefit the jail, Global Tel Link receives revenue whenever an inmate purchases an item.

Since the program’s inception in August of 2016, it has been successful. It is a beneficial management tool as well as a calling utility. It helps the visitation process by using the skype feature so inmates can see loved ones anytime. Most of the time, inmates might choose to stay in their cell occupied by the games and music they can purchase on the tablet. That same device allows them to make calls, which causes less frustration for waiting in long lines to use the communal telephone.

The progress has been praised by the sheriff and inmates. It has a calming effect and gives inmates other activities to focus on rather than any negative ones that might come about when they interact with each other. There’ve been fewer incidents of violence and disagreements. Even though they have a tablet, they are to use it under strict conditions. Inmates can not use the tablet to browse the internet and communication made with the device are monitored.

In addition to the entertainment features, inmates can store files and navigate the jail system in which they are residing. This program is the only of it’s kind in the state. To learn more, visit the original news story from News Channel 5 Network.

Critics complain of high calling rates, GTL says money is well spent

Over the last ten years, there has been a great deal of debate regarding what the proper rates of prison phone calls should be. Critics, including the family members who often end up footing the bill, can easily point to cases where exorbitant and even abusive rates have been charged. Yet, like all matters in business, there are two sides to the story.

Global Tel Link is the nation’s largest provider of inmate calling services. This position is a measure of their incredible rise to the most successful prison communications firm in the country. However, that position has also contributed to the company becoming a lightning rod for prisoner rights advocates and an assortment of other malcontents. Many of these groups believe the rates that GTL charges are simply too high.

In a report by, critics often present cases like that of Heather Kofalt, a nurse whose husband was arrested as a habitual offender and sentenced to five years of incarceration. He was convicted of stealing approximately $400 in dental accessories from a local Walmart. Yet the total amount of money that Mrs. Kofalt has been forced to pay GTL, just to stay in touch with her husband a few times a week, has exceeded $3,000 per year. By the time all is said and done, Mrs. Kofalt expects that she will have paid over $15,000 in calling fees.

According to Yelp, many say that situations like that of Mrs. Kofalt are inherently unfair. Why should family members, who are completely innocent, be punished to the tune of multiple thousands of dollars each year in calling charges?

However, communications companies and prison administrators have a different view. They’re quick to point out that, in the United States, prisoners have no right to place phone calls. Calling for inmates is a privilege, not a right. And almost all of the money that is raised by inmate calls goes directly to prison operations.

Two Inmates Escape from Lincoln Correctional Center; One is Found

Two men escaped from the Lincoln Nebraska Correctional Center on Friday, but Lincoln Police are not sure how they found their way out. Timothy Clausen, 52, and Armon Dixon, 37, were both serving long-term sentences in prison for violent crimes, the authorities announced that they should be considered dangerous.

As soon as the inmates were discovered missing, authorities made the announcement to the public that they should not deal with them in any way. If the two escapees are seen, call 911, and the manhunt began for the inmates.

The next day, a report was received by two women who called police shortly before Dixon was apprehended. They gave Dixon’s description as the man who had just assaulted them, and both women were hospitalized because of the attack, but they could not give the police any details concerning the incident.

The next day, a man in Lincoln saw a man matching Dixon’s description going into a storm drain, Police followed using dogs and a robot to locate Dixon in the drain, and he was immediately arrested without incident on Saturday. Timothy Clausen is still on the run, but Chief Jeff Bliemeister replied that they would have him in custody shortly.

When a prisoner goes through the detailed planning and waiting until precisely the right moment to break out of prison, they don’t imagine their life hiding in storm drains, but typically, they end up in siutations like this. It doesn’t sound like it is worth the effort to escape. The Lincoln Police Department is actively searching for Clausen now.

IC Solutions Is As Greedy As They Come

Greed is a word that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to people in power. That is because when people get a little taste of power, greed, and money; they don’t know how to react to it. They are not used to it. Because they are not used to it, it goes to their head and they think no one can touch them and no one can stop them. They think they are untouchable. However, no one in the world is untouchable and they might be able to con people for a short period of time, but before long, they are going to have to face up to what they have done.

In the case of IC Solutions, they have a lot to face up to as a business. They have done a lot of harm to a lot of people. This is harm that can’t be fixed. It has already been done. The damage has set in thanks to IC Solutions. They are an inmate communications provider, which means they are supposed to allow inmates a telephone call to speak to family, friends, and loved ones while they are in prison. The tab is picked up by family and friends.

Family and friends are doing their part in paying the bill, as they desperately wish to speak to the inmate, but IC Solutions ( is just collecting the money and providing a lousy service. They have dropped calls and they oftentimes double charge people. That is not the way a business should be run under any circumstance. The reviews on are hard to read. It is like reading reviews of an Adam Sandler movie. They are all true, and people know all about the greed and the underhanded tactics going on over at IC Solutions and their various methods of destruction.

IC Solutions Comes as a Communication Relief to the Inmates

It’s interesting how we take thing for granted but once sniffed away from us we realize just how valuable they are and how privileged we were to have them. Freedom is one valuable thing one can have and no price can be traded off for it. Inmates are held within impassable bronze gates of prison where freedom is totally deprived of them. Traditionally, inmates used to experience harsh hard life in prison that can be best be explained as in human. However, from a recent visit I realized just how things have evolved, one of which caught my attention is the inmate communication solutions where they link with kiths and kins.

IC is a business telephone service provider whose jurisdiction extends to those in prison allowing them to keep close links with their loved ones. This has taken over contact visits with video, which is both insensitive and cruel since it cuts off face to face interaction. IC Solutions has a dedicated 24*7 welfare support system with provides the clientele with necessary assistance in regards to payments, billing issues, clarify issues and prepaid account setup. This means calls can be made in and out of prison anytime of the day.

IC Solutions is a full package that brings a homely feel to the convicts. Its offer a range of products among them; an automated information line, Inmate voicemail, the most popular, kiosks for money collection especially for new inmates, phone and web based deposit services and flexible calling options with favorable calling rates subject to some preset terms and conditions. This company offer 3 types of operational accounts namely; debit telephone- inmates can make calls once payment is done, Prepaid account-accepts call from a cell phone that on prepay airtime and collect calling- cost charged on the caller outside of the premises.

This ultimately a good offer to prisoner as the can keep in touch with their flocks on all matter, most importantly those that deal with welfare such as bookings and release. Although, the calls are monitored, at least its better than none mode of communication at all. Besides, considering all they have been blocked from, this a much appreciated facility. Read the company review at