IC Solutions Is Awful And Untrustworthy

When it comes to IC Solutions, there is not a lot to write home about in terms of good things about the company. At the end of the day, they only have themselves to blame for that. They have built this reputation and now they have to live with it, whether they like it or not. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think they care about their reputation or what people are saying about them in the news or online. They probably don’t even blink twice or think twice. They just keep on doing things the same old way, and they hope they can skate by without any punishment.

However, there will come a day, hopefully soon, where IC Solutions is forced to be confronted with their actions and how they have behaved. They can’t keep doing this and expect to get away with it. It is just impossible. They are an inmate communications provider and quite frankly, they make me sick to my stomach. They make me sick to my stomach because they don’t care about the inmates or their customers. The only ones they care about are themselves when it’s all said and done and the dust settles and clear.

They are motivated by one thing and one thing only and that is money. That is what gets them up in the day and that is what fuels them. Just look at this article by pissedconsumer.com for example, which talks about the high prices of IC Solutions. These are prices that no one should have to pay for a simple phone call to an inmate. Many people have gone on record in saying that it is more than a cell phone plan that includes data, voice, and chat. That is highway robbery at its finest, and IC Solutions knows it and does it anyways.

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Rude Service Abounds

I’ve always been able to use the automated system when putting money on my Global Tel Link account. There was one time when my daughter had to get a phone card in the jail so that she could call home, which wasn’t that big of a deal. However, one week I had to contact customer service to talk about my account because I noticed that there was more money taken off than was supposed to be taken. The experience was horrible, and I would recommend no one using the customer service option at all.

When I talked to the woman on the line, she acted like it wasn’t her problem that the automated system wasn’t working. I understand that, but she didn’t have to act like she didn’t want to be at work or help me at the time. She seemed like she just wanted to take my money and get me off the phone. I ended up not putting money on my account because I had the sneaking suspicion that it wouldn’t be on there when I hung up the phone. After waiting a few hours, I tried the online system and was able to add money. Never talk to someone with Global Tel if you have issues because you won’t get anywhere.  Read the full company review; globaltellinkreviews.com.

Help the ACLU spread the word about GTL’s fraud.

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IC Solutions Has Changed the Way Inmates Communicate With Their Loved Ones

The world has consistently enjoyed evolution in the world of communication, largely because of the growth in technology. This evolution has given birth to video visitation, where inmates can communicate with their loved ones with the highest level of convenience. A while back, people were forced to drive for long distances to visit their loved ones in prison, but still, converse through a thick glass wall using a telephone.

Clearly, it made no sense for these people to waste money and time resources on the road or air, and still gets to communicate with the inmates in one of the most impersonal ways. Today, things are a lot better. Apart from the fact that individuals no longer have to travel all the way to the prison to see and talk with their loved ones through a thick glass wall, video visitation gives users an opportunity to get in touch as frequent as they can afford.

One such company that has become a darling of inmates and their loved ones is IC Solutions – a provider of inmate telephone service. The company exists to help you stay in touch with your friends or family members. The company provides products and services that allow efficient management of inmates – from booking, all the way to release. IC Solutions offers various ways of creating an account, buying telephone services, leaving voice messages, as well as real-time chatting via video visitation.

IC Solutions.com works with big telecommunication companies to provide inmate phone services. For instance, the company is contracted by Century Link, a large Louisiana-based telecommunication firm that offers inmate phone services to the 28 prisons located in the state.

Every company, whether newly established or one that has been around for a long time, usually has one or several problems – and IC Solutions is no exceptional. However, while IC Solutions has received complaints from some of its users, see pissedconsumer.com, the firm has several products/services that make the customer’s experience worthwhile. Some of these features include a round the clock customer service support, flexible calling options, an automated information line (that takes care of those frequently asked questions), kiosks (for collecting money from new inmates) and inmate voicemail system that alerts the inmates of a new message.

Global Tel Link Rates Continue to Rise

A few years ago, one of the most popular entertainment programs available was the Serial podcast. In this podcast, each episode started with a phone call between an inmate of a prison and a reporter. Each call also stated that it was brought and transmitted by Global Tel Link.

While this did provide Global Tel Link with some free publicity, it also has opened the public’s eye and continued the discussion about excess phone call charges being assessed to inmates. Overall, there were over 40 hours of phone calls made between the inmate and the reporter. It has been estimated that these calls could have cost the inmate, or the reporter, over $2,500. The estimate is based on the excessive maximum rate charged today, which is nearly $1 per minute. This is compared to most phone plans today that offer unlimited outbound and inbound calls at much lower overall rates.

These excessive rates have impacted inmates across the country. According to globaltellinkreviews.com, today, facilities that are served by Global Tel Link and other similar companies are making it nearly impossible for inmates to stay connected at an affordable price. While there has been a lot of scrutiny over this practice, not much has been done to stop or slow the increased costs. The FCC has made over-charging illegal for inter-state calls, but they have done very little for calls made within the same state.

The strong profits have allowed the phone call providers to make a lot of money and build very valuable businesses. Global Tel Link was recently acquired by a private equity firm for over $1 billion and rates have continued to increase since that acquisition. At this point, it remains to be seen what individual states and facilities will do to try and reduce the over-charging.

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Taking on Keefe Group Exploitation of Inmates

The Keefe Group is the largest provider of a wide array of different types of products and services in correctional industry. The Keefe Group is the leading provider of correctional institution inmate commissary solutions.

The Keefe Group enters into exclusive contracts (http://www.cdispatch.com/news/article.asp?aid=39055) with correctional agencies across the United States. In fact, 12 of every 14 state correctional agencies that outsource commissary services have contracts with the Keefe Group. The number is increasing every year.

Because of the exclusive agreement between the Keefe Group and a correctional agency, there is no competition when it comes to commissary services. This becomes particularly evident when it comes to the pricing of products sold through an institutional commissary.

Time and again, the price tag of products sold via an institutional inmate commissary is significantly higher than what comparable products sell for in the outside world. The situation is aggravated by the reality that institutions obtain kickbacks for any items sold via a Keefe Group commissary operation.

The typical institutional commissary system permits inmates the ability to make purchases once a week. Inmates pay for merchandise purchased through a Keefe Group commissary using money in trust accounts. More often than not, the funds in an inmate’s account are deposited by family members and friends.

In addition to these Keefe Group contracts being monopolistic, and lucrative, they oftentimes are no-bid agreements. Mississippi has a task force in place that examined the propriety of these types of contracts with the Keefe Group.

The Mississippi task force arose out of the federal indictment of the Mississippi Corrections Commissioner for corruption. The charges stemmed, in part, from the commissary agreement between the correctional agency and a subsidiary of the Keefe Group.

The task force has made a number of important recommendations. According to prisoncensorship.info, these include doing away with no-bid contracts and injecting competition into the inmate commissary system.

IC Solutions Slapped With Regulation After Over-charging Inmates In Alabama

I believe that we should all be mindful of this hidden economy that exists within our criminal justice system. You probably don’t put too much thought into our prisons and jails, but these facilities require all sorts of services that are provided by third-party companies. These third-party companies become the exclusive provider of jail phone services through government contracts. As it turns out with the telecommunications and the things, these contracts can be quite lucrative. But we should be very careful and we should regulate these companies so that abuse does not occur.

IC Solutions, and inmate telecommunications company, is taking advantage of its position of power within the state of Alabama. IC Solution is really a fourth-party private company because they are contracted out by Century Link which holds the exclusive government contract to be the sole provider of telecommunications to all 28 prisons and jails inside of Alabama.

Century Link is responsible for paying the state of Alabama $.57 per day per inmate in the state. This adds up to more than $5 million per year. In order to recuperate that cost, Century Link and IC Solutions Charge inmates and their families a ridiculously high rate per call. In fact, one Alabama woman claims that she spends more than $100 per month talking to her son. This is at least double the average monthly rate for a cell phone.

These rates have become so sky high that the state of Alabama and the federal government have moved into regulate. Unfortunately, this does not stop Century Link or IC Solutions from abusing their positions of power. The companies simply sidestep the protocol price regulation by adding hidden fees, such as a fee to put money into an inmate’s account. These regulations need to become more comprehensive to stop IC Solutions from more abuse.

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Extra Charges From Global Tel

When you’re dealing with Global Tel Link, you think that it’s just one simple company. However, you’ll soon find out that the company uses a few different names and will appear on your debit card statement under those different names. According to My3Cents, this is how they can sometimes get more money from people who set up an account so that family and friends can make phone calls from jail or prison. When my wife was released from jail, I was happy to know that I wouldn’t have to deal with Global Tel any longer.

However, a few weeks after she was home, I received a charge on my debit card from a company name that Global Tel uses. I called the company and found out that they charged a fee that they forgot to charge when I had my account open, so they had to recover the money that needed to be paid. I was livid about this information and called a supervisor. The amount that was being charged didn’t change, so I knew that it had to be from GTL because it was an amount that I had paid when my wife was in jail. After being on the phone for a month off and on and talking to my bank, I had to get a new debit card just so I wouldn’t be charged anything else. Read out GTL on more about GTL on yelp.com.


Unique Concept Employed by Keefe Group in Their Markets

Keefe Group is an initiative that has been running since 1975. They focus on serving correctional facilities, where they originate new products for their clients who are mainly the prisoners. I have realized that they ensure highly technological services across the nation. In order to sufficiently serve their relatively large market, they work with associate companies that are exclusive in service provision. Some of the affiliate initiatives include; ICSolutions and Advanced Technologies Group, Access Securepak, Access Corrections, Keefe Commissary Network and several others. Their properly-implemented model has helped them weather the storm despite the increase of challenges.

Commitment by Keefe Group in Service Delivery

From my observation and KingFish1935 as well, at Keefe, every staff operates with an ultimate goal of providing top-notch services to their clients. As well, they have an exceptional method through which they ensure complete customization of the solutions according to the customer needs. The prisoner needs and wants are many, but so are their categories of services, which are designed in such a way to meet those needs in an unparalleled manner. The employee-base is also large enough to sufficiently handle all client needs in the entire nation.

Ideal Ways Through Which Keefe Ensures Quality Customer Service

I am excited to realize that Keefe serves all their markets regardless of the size. For customers in need of shipping services, they do not charge handling fees on the bulk orders. In the same way, they ensure that they do not derail the clients awaiting products, maintain stability on their charges, as well as employ integrity and respect to their consumers. Their countrywide distributions are also guaranteed, with a recovery plan, just in case of occurrence of a catastrophe.


In my opinion, it is prudent to also focus on the Keefe contract that begun in November 2008 and has since been renewed. They have exclusive rights to provide wide-ranging services inclusive of music, reveals Tampa Bay Times. For all needs appertaining of prison services, there is no better enterprise to liaise with. Keefe Group is the leading servicer in the said market, and they have continued to expand their horizons in an effort to maintain satisfactory services to all their consumers.