Getting A Refund

One of the things that I have noticed with Global Tel Link is that the customer service is awful. My husband was released a few days earlier than I thought that he would be, but I had already put enough money on my account for a week or more. When he came home, I called the company to see if there would be any way to get a refund. As soon as I got on the phone, I knew that it was a mistake. The person I talked to was so rude and didn’t want to give any money back at all.

This was money that I wouldn’t be able to use because my husband wasn’t in prison any longer. Her recommendation was to let it stay on the account in case I needed it again. After talking to a supervisor, I was finally able to get part of the money back but not before paying a $5 fee for the refund to be transferred. I will never deal with Global Tel again and will write letters if the situation happens in the future. The Consumer Affairs says it’s not worth the hassle of dealing with the customer service representatives with this company that is more like thieves.

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Keefe Group May Be Facing Negative Publicity

Anyone who has been to jail knows that it is not a fun place to be. A lot of very decent people end up county jail because they made one or two bad decisions. The main idea behind commissary food is that prisoners that are behaving get the reward of purchasing snack foods. It is a simple mechanism that prisons use to ensure that the inmates remain complacent. Inmates that have something to look forward to are less likely to create trouble.

A problem in Florida has arisen because the company that owns the contract to Florida commissary food is abusing its power. Keefe Group’s contract gives them the exclusive right to sell inmates food, MP3 players and prepaid debit cards. Most inmates have very little money in jail. They can get some income through very low paying prison jobs. The rest of it comes from the outside. This seems to be how Keefe Group is raking in millions of dollars in profit. They can set any profit margins that they want because they have no competition.

The kingfish1935 blog talks about the issue. Arrests made in connection to bribery have caused Keefe Group to appear in very damaging central Florida news articles. The company should do a complete reversal of its current policies. It may be better for them to reduce their profit margins. They currently risk completely compromising their reputation. This information is still under the radar in Florida. The company could quietly change its business tactics. South Florida has massive rates of fraud that show no signs of slowing down. The laws are very relaxed in regards to what businesses can get away with.

Inmates have considered taking actions to stop Keefe Group. It can be hard for inmates among multiple jails to organize protests. Some feel that Keefe Group isn’t doing anything wrong by overcharging inmates. I disagree with this sentiment. This may be true from a legal standpoint, but the recent arrests in relation to the company may force them to rethink that strategy. In a report by, Governor Rick Scott should consider renegotiating the contract with a business that will treat inmates fairly.


Inmate and families view high calling rates as unfair

Inmate and their families have often complained about the rates that they pay to make outgoing calls from prison. While those rates are currently at historic lows, they are still often far above the market rates that would be paid for similar calls outside of prison. Why should a family be required to pay hundreds of dollars per month to call their loved one in jail, when they only pay $50 per month for an unlimited cell phone plan? While the plight of these caller is understandable, particularly the feelings of innocent family members who are just trying to maintain a minimum relationship with their incarcerated loved ones, it turns out there are good reasons for the slightly elevated costs of prison phone calls.



A little extra money for a lot of value


The truth is that today’s prison calling rates are at historic lows. In the state of Louisiana, the average cost of an outgoing phone call for prisoners is roughly $.15 per minute. This cost is low enough that phone use in that state’s prisons has exploded, keeping inmates and their families in touch with each other like never before.


This has benefits for the institutions. Most of the commissions that they keep from phone calls go directly to operations budgets. It also tends to lower security risks and makes the job of guards easier by creating more docile inmates. But the greatest benefit of lower calling costs is the reduced recidivism and ability to keep families intact through periods of incarceration.



Illinois Citizens are in Favor of State Prison Reform Shows Survey

A poll in Illinois recently showed that 92 percent of Illinois voters were in favor of prison reform. This majority is in favor of reducing the sentences for those convicted of low-risk, non-violent offenses that are taking up space and tax payers’ money in Illinois prisons.


This survey, conducted by the U.S. Justice Action Network, also showed that citizens were in favor of reduced sentences to create a stronger probation and parole system. The same majority was also opposed to mandatory minimum sentencing, which prohibited the judge from allowing a criminal who deserved a longer sentence to get off with a lighter sentence. The majority of voters also supported eliminating the barriers between ex-offenders and their ability for work and employment.


Allowing prisoners to go back to work was unanimous with the voters who were polled. Over 90 percent emphatically agreed that ex-prisoners need the ability to work and support their families. Enabling prisoners to get jobs that provide substantial work would allow them to stop being dependent on the government that inevitably cost Illinois taxpayers.


The Illinois prison system is one of the most crowded in the country, and it is desperately in need of reform. In 2015, $1.4 billion was spent to revamp the correctional system, but no real rehabilitation was produced because over half of all ex-prisoners in Illinois were re-arrested and returned to the prisons.


By changing old policies and focusing on those incarcerated now the community will change. The key is to focus on the prisoners themselves by improving rehabilitation and recovery while in prison and encouraging employment after they are released. The emphasis should not be focused on punishment and warehousing criminals, but on making the “time fit the crime.”


The result of positive rehabilitation will be seen in lower crime rates, reduced incarceration rates and increased public safety. Prison reform is a win-win situation.


Amid controversy, one Southern sheriff threatens to pull phones from jail

As the debate over prison phone calls and their cost rages on, some prison and jail administrators have tired of the hoopla and have announced their willingness to go with the nuclear option. Critics shriek that removal of the phones would be an unconscionable injustice and a violation of prisoners’ human rights. But the sheriffs blithely chuckle at the vacuous agitators, returning fire with unassailable citations of the U.S. constitution and a menagerie of sabre-toothed court decisions that rip their opponents’ puerile juristic fantasies from their hare-brained corpus.



More trouble than worth


Agitators scream and wax messianic over the perceived inconvenience of duly convicted, violent felons having to pay above market rates for the luxury of using the prison’s telephones. Cranford Jordan, the sheriff of Winn Parish, Louisiana, has had enough. While the sheriff raises considerable revenues from telephone commissions, he has stated, in no uncertain terms, that if he continues find himself the target of harassment in the form of lawsuits, phone calls and nasty editorials, he is going to pull the phones from his jails. Inmates will no longer have any means of communicating with the outside world. And, as Sheriff Jordan is quick to remind his adversaries, it’s all 100 percent legal.


But the sheriff has also stated that he does not want to take phone privileges away from the inmates. He is aware that telephone access can lead to a more docile population of detainees, helping his staff do their jobs more efficiently and under less stress.





IC Solutions Is Causing Problems For People All Over The World

In regards to IC Solutions, they are causing serious issues for people all over the world. For those that are unfamiliar with them, they are an inmate communications provider that works as a way for inmates to speak to family, friends, and loved ones while they serve their prison stay. It is hard to say exactly how long they will be in prison, but regardless of the stay, they rely on those phone calls. As shown in great detail on by a number of people, they are not playing fair. They are playing by their own rules. That is how they see fit and that is what makes them happy.

While they are happy with things, as they making tons of money and creating havoc in people’s lives, no one else is happy, especially the customers and the inmates. When an inmate is in prison, their mind can be the most dangerous weapon. They can go to some dark places and feel as if they are out there all alone with no one that cares about them and feel as though the world has given up on them and forgotten all about them while in prison. They just don’t realize that people have called IC Solutions, paid IC Solutions, and tried to get through to them, but they were unable to because of the many obstacles put in their way by IC

When they feel like no one cares about them and they are left all alone, they feel like they have no one to improve for or get better for in the long run. They need to know that they need to stay positive, work on self improvement, and do the little and big things right so they don’t end up in prison ever again in their lifetime.


Thin ice cracks beneath the feet of prison phone rate reform advocates

Prisoner rights advocates have long targeted the prison phone system as being unfair. The complaints are many, but they usually center around the fact that it is often the inmates’ families, not the convicts themselves, who end up footing the monthly phone bills for prison telephone services. These bills can be outrageously steep.

These advocates including ACLU often have unrealistic views of what can be accomplished, however. Some of them believe that there should be a rate cap of just 7 cents per minute. Others believe that prison phone calls should be subsidized by the taxpayers and free to inmates. These ideas are not likely to take hold any time soon.

The advocates have no shortage of compelling anecdotes. In many of the worst cases, there really are families, many of whom are living in grinding poverty, who end up paying $5,000 per year, money that they clearly cannot afford, just so that their children can have a father. It’s almost impossible not to sympathize with their plight. But as in every social question, there is a balance that must be struck between individual inconvenience and the greater public good.

What the advocates fail to mention in their vilification of companies like Global Tel Link, which have actually done a remarkable job of keeping phone rates low in most prisons where they operate, is that most of the money that these inmates and their families pay goes directly to the operating budgets of the prisons. This money, in turn, keeps the incarcerated loved ones of these families safer. In fact, reveals, the U.S. prison system is one of the safest in the world, precisely because it has the funds to keep properly staffed and maintain up-to-date, secure facilities.

But without that revenue from companies like GTL, it could begin to look more like the prison systems of Brazil or Honduras, where inmates, once imprisoned, are unlikely to be seen or heard from again.

How the IC Solutions has been serving its Clients.

IC is one of the United States’ top companies that provide communication technology to law enforcement facilities in the country. The primary service that the firm offers is telephones for prisoners, and it is devoted to ensuring that the inmates have a way of keeping in touch with their loved ones such as family members and friends. It also develops various products that are useful in controlling information in the correctional facilities and can collect data from the moment the inmates are confined to the day they are released. The enterprise has diversified its services into voicemails, creation of accounts, video visitation, and acquiring of phone aids.

The product and services that IC Solutions offers are wide and they include automated information, kiosk, customer facilities, as well as phone and web-based deposits. The function of the automated information line is to offer computerized answers to the common questions that the inmates and the public ask. The phone and web-based deposits provide a suitable method that can be utilized by the family and friends of the prisoners in replenishing their calling accounts. The platform consists of a highly interactive voice response that is embedded into law enforcement amenity’s control system. It is a useful tool is collecting and saving inmates data such as their court schedules, bonds, and the days that the will be freed. The function of the voicemail service is to inform the convicts whenever they have voice messages while the kiosks assist them in collecting funds.

The clients of the IC Solutions company benefit from various calling accounts. They include the debit telephone account that requires one to recharge it before making any call. It is the simplest and most popular account. The collects calling package allows the inmates to connect with phone numbers that have been scrutinized and accepted by the facility while the prepaid account calls to cell phones only. The receiver of the prepaid call pays the bill.

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How Keefe Group Is Transforming The Correctional Facilities In The USA

Keefe Group is considered among the top companies in the USA, and it has been providing different types of products, services, and solutions in the country. However, their primary focus market segment is the sensitive correctional or prison facilities in the country. This company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and they have a massive network of manufacturing facilities throughout the country. Ever since its inception in 1975, Keefe Group has been providing quality products and services to some prison installations in the USA, and through this process, they have actually transformed the industry.

According to kingfish1935, the Group has a total of six diversified subsidiaries under its umbrella which are Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak, Access Corrections, ICSolutions and Advanced Technologies Group. Each of these companies focuses on different products or services, and through them, Keefe Group provides different things to the correctional facilities such as consumer/packaged food, personal care products, electronics goods, technology, clothes, telecommunications and software solutions to the correctional market. At the current time, they are considered as the leading company that caters to the American prisons.

From the very beginning, Keefe Group had a single priority of customer satisfaction, and according to Tampa Bay Times, they have been working very hard to develop innovative products and services to transform this market. Initially, they started their business by supplying instant coffee by packed in a pouch to the Florida Prison. Later on, they changed the packaging system to make safer products for the prison environment by replacing glass and steel components. They are also involved with creating new food items which are nutritious and healthy for inmates in the prisons. In addition to that, they provide Kiosk machines to the correctional facilities through which the prisoners can run their financial transaction more securely and accurately. In recent times, they secured a massive contract from the government to provide technology-based entertainment solutions to the prison as well. Apart from providing quality products to the jail, Keefe Group also provides packaging services to some top U.S. brands as well. While operating on such a massive scale, Keefe Group never makes any compromise with its quality standards and always deliver the best products. Through their drive for innovation and excellence, they have actually transformed the correctional facilities in the country.

An Outstanding Consumer Review about Global Tel-Link

I have consumed Global Tel Link (GTL) and Prison Phone Call Services (PCS) and realized that they are the same. When you use PCS, GTL tells you how fraudulent PCS is. One agent told me to renew my subscriptions at PCS to enjoy their new, affordable rates. Even when you do not answer the phone calls, both companies levy hidden charges to your calls. Both companies grab all your money once you make a short phone call. They always want more.

I recharged my phone. I made a call and canceled it once I heard that my niece was released. They threatened me and demanded answers as to why I have canceled the call. This means that my right as a consumer was not conditioned. I had a claim at PCS and GTL managed to get back my money for a fee. Wells Fargo claimed the eligibility of PCS and made me lose some money. For this reason, GTL pretended to save me.

In a report by Consumer Affairs, Wells Fargo investigated PCS and claimed that their business is legitimate. They refunded their money from my GTL account. I lost $50 because of their lofty bank procedures. My niece has arrested again. I checked my balance and noted that I had $50 missing. My balance was $14.95. They would have kept the money past the 90-day period refund if my niece was not arrested again.

GTL owns PCS. ACLU reveals that both companies are fraudulent and protect their interests. PCS threatened to charge me three times the normal rates because I canceled a call. Wells Fargo skips PCS from the investigation. They refund $50 to GTL. Because GTL and PCS are a monopoly, we do not have any redemption. The prison system makes inmates worse than they got in. Families get ripped off their savings through the fraudulent, expensive calls.