The Communication Service that the IC Solutions Provides.

IC Solutions is one of the principal companies that are dedicated to offering communication services to the United States’ correctional facilities. It is a specialist in telephone solutions, and it devoted to providing connection services that link the inmates with their families and friends. The company also offers services that are used in the management of the convicts from their first day in prison to the day that they are released from the facility. IC provides various alternative products and services, and they include voice mails, video visitation, opening accounts, and buying phone services.

The primary solutions that are offered by the technology firm are inmate voicemails, kiosks, customer service, phone and web-based services, and automated information line. The automated information line has an interactive voice response that provides computerized answers to questions that are commonly asked by the inmates and the public. It is also used in the management system of the prisons to prove the latest information on the prisoners such as the bond amounts and court schedules. The phone and web-based deposits are used by the relatives of the inmates to refill their telephone accounts. The convicts use the inmate voicemail service for receiving voice messages, and the kiosks serve as a reliable method for collecting money from the prisoners.

IC Solutions provides it telephone services through different types of accounts. The convenience of these accounts is different, and the Debut Telephone Account is the easiest to use since the user only needs to recharge it for him or her to make a call. The Prepaid Account can be used in making calls to cell phones when collect calls bills are not given by the telephone service provider. The Collect Calling Account is flexible, and the users can make calls to any number that has been verified by the correctional facility. Read more IC Solutions on Pissed Consumer’s website.



Services provided by Keefe Group

Keefe Group is a well known company, for its provision of quality services to different correctional services. Keefe together with the correctional facilities management works hard to ensure they raise the standards of living to all inmates. This firm is one of the leading inmate communication companies in the county and one of the best all over the world. This company supplies all facilities withcommissary items, technology, food products, electronics, clothes and telecommunication. Keefe Group works together with its partners in order to ensure they provide quality services to all their customers. Its partners are Advanced Technologies Group, IC Solutions, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepack, Advanced Technologies as well as Access Corrections just to mention a few. The combined effort has greatly improved services of this firm and has enabled the firm to meet different needs in different facilities fast and fully. Keefe Group also enables prisoners purchase variety of items like hygienic products as well as personal care using their funds directly. The company allows inmates to call their loved ones since it understands how important it is to keep in touch.


Keefe has enough experience in the correctional market; this enables the firm to deal with difficult situations faced by the facilities as well as inmates. Keefe Group has been serving the facilities for more than 30 years since it was formed. Keefe Group is responsible to sell music gadgets to inmates to help them ease their minds while in the facilities. In order to survive, inmates need personal products that are also supplied by Keefe Group. Keefe Group helps in processing inmates trust funds and sells to them credit and debit cards. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the firm keeps records of the money deposits and withdrawals, reveals STL Today. Prisoners are allowed to receive money from visitors only if they have opened accounts with Keefe Group.


Since the company was started it has been offering cutting edge services to their clients. Keefe Group was started in 1975 ,, where it started working with other agencies to meet all needs of their customers. This company ensures all correctional facilities are served with the latest technology, communication, food, clothes and hygiene products and more others.


The Battle Between Global Tel-Link & Securus Shows the Value of Laissez-Faire

I think it is wrong to make the U.S. a government-controlled country. I know that there are a lot of liberals thinking that it might be a good idea to let the government run things, but this is a mistake. I want everyone to see what is going on with Global Tel Link. The company has been under investigation for years, and the FCC has done nothing to bring down the company. Securus, its competitor, dug up some information ( that showed that Global Tel Link did steal from customers. The FCC surely cannot let the company get away with this now that Securus gave it that nugget of evidence.

To me, that is an example of laissez-faire working and big government not working at all. In all those years of investigating the business, all it did was put a cap on the company’s rates, but it was truly Securus that got the ball rolling against Global Tel-Link.

It is in Securus’ best interest to take down Global Tel-Link because this will give it the upper hand in the inmate communication industry. It is clear to me that businesses will be monitoring each other, just like Securus did with Global Tel-Link,–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html. The people will simply need to listen to what is discovered and stop using the company. That is how our government should work, but as the NY Times sees it, liberals are still trying to use useless agencies to keep them safe when the power truly rests with the people, not with the government.

I know that our country is not doing too well when it comes to its national revenue. The United States is suffering, and we need to do something about rebuilding our economy. I think the first thing we should do is get rid of useless agencies like the FCC and others. I do not know if this is going to disrupt our way of living too much, but I think we need to shake things up a little.


South Carolina Seeks Authority To Block Cell Phone Calls For Inmates

The State of South Carolina is once again asking the Federal government for the authority to block cell phone service within its prisons. The reality is that while cell phones are not allowed within the prison walls, they sometimes find their way in anyway. It could be a sympathetic guard or just a resourceful family member who finds a way to get one in. Whatever the case may be, the State would like to see that the service those phones receive be blocked. reports that under current legal configurations, it is expensive and not all that effective to block the cell phone services in those prisons. This is because of the rules set out by the Federal government. Therefore, South Carolina would like to see changes to these regulations to make it easier for them to pull this off.


Clearly, the danger that is posed by someone within a prison having the ability to make a cell phone call is real. A monitored call through official prison phones can and is recorded. However, a call from a cell phone that has been brought it cannot be monitored.


The FCC has created rules that make it illegal for a state to use cell phone blocking technology. One might wonder what the point of this would be, but it is actually for the safety of corrections officers. The FCC has argued that in the event of an emergency, the corrections officers may need to use their own cell phones to call out for backup. However, in the state of South Carolina it is not permitted for officers to carry their cell phones to work with them during work hours in the first place. As a result, it is reasonable for this particular state to want to see a change to regulations.


Securus Enhancing Communication By Providing Intelligence Devices

Securus Technologies recently announced that that it had deployed over 84,000 intelligent communications devices, which do more than just allowing inmates to make calls. Securus Technologies is a company that investigates and offers civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard Smith, said that in the 28 years his company had served the prison market, they have successfully managed to install 80,000 inmate telephones, which provide communication for the prisoners. He said that presently, there are more than 84,000 ‘intelligent inmate devices’, which were serving USA and Mexico prisons. He explained that the intelligent inmate devices are sophisticated inmate tablets, video visitation kiosks, and proprietary S-Phones. All of these devices were designed with the highest level of security.

The intelligent devices educate the prisoners, both at the high school and college levels; allow video communications between inmates and friends and family; allow efficient grievance filings; and also provide entertainment, which helps maintain a safe environment in correctional facilities. Detainees can now enjoy better access to law libraries and also find jobs when released.

Securus Technologies is playing a huge role in the rehabilitation of prisoners by providing education. The education they are providing helps to ensure that prisoners are well prepared for life after their time behind bars comes to an end. The more education that inmates receive, the less likely they are to return to prison.

Securus Technologies is investing heavily in the jail industry. The CEO said that he expected more than 150,000 intelligent devices in prisons by the end of the year. He said that this investment would serve not only the prisoners, but also friends, family, and law enforcers. He concluded by saying that provision of the intelligent devices were improving communications and making the jail environment safer.



Keefe Group, An authority in the large correctional market

Keefe Group is a company that offers different services to correctional facilities and to inmates. Keefe Group is well known for providing quality services and products such as telecommunication, personal care products, food products, software as well as technological solutions to all correctional amenities. In the year 1975 the company started and has grown to become the correctional industry leader all over the country. It has been serving the facilities and has lead to the invention and development of cutting edge technology services, provision of high quality products trying to fulfill all the inmate needs nationwide. Keefe Group packs its products with clear packaging bags to ensure no illegal products are supplied to the prisoners in all facilities.

Secret behind the firm’s Success

According to STL Today, the company has enough experience on how to go about complex matters that occurs in the facilities. Keefe Group has been serving the correctional industry for more than 40 years. Keefe Group provides private label products to correctional facilities; federal jails as well as notable public safety foundations just to mention a few. Different prisons are served differently according to their sizes and scope. The customer service department is well organized with trained personnel and well equipped to cater for all clients needs. Calls from customers are professionally answered and on time. The company aims to make lives in the facility better to all prisoners. Keefe Group has its amenities that work together to see all facilities are a better place for inmates. The partners are IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Keefe Supply Company, Access Securepak and Advance Technologies. This subsidiaries help to give services such as; exceptional packaging, price stability services and shipping.


The firm supports international and national organizations with different services and products. The firm had funded an organization known as National Sheriff Association. This conference was held in Minneapolis Minnesota where Keefe Group launched its advanced vending machine. This firm has faced challenges on its way to success but it persevered by working together. The services providers from Keefe Group are well trained, insured, determined and work hard to attain the goal of the company.

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A Change Is Brewing For Inmate Calling Companies

For those of us who have someone we love who is incarcerated, life is challenging. We are faced with a social stigma. In addition, when that person is our spouse we are often left acting as a single parent who struggles to provide for our family while keeping it together. Unfortunately, the corrupt business practices of inmate calling providers like Global Tel Link make this next to impossible.

Global Tel-Link is one of the largest inmate calling companies in the United States. They have received large amounts of complaints from consumers like you and I. is loaded with negative reviews which can be viewed here. Unfortunately, GTL is not receptive to the idea of providing a sensible calling solution to their customers.

This is why the FCC has finally begun to step in. Recently, they have adopted calling rate caps for telephone calls located within the same state. Inmate calling providers have vowed to fight these new proposed caps every step of the way. More on these new rules can be viewed here.

Unfortunately as the Consumerist exposed, these calling rate caps do nothing to limit the amount the companies can charge for calls across state lines. This is why the ACLU and FCC must continue working to adopt legislation that encourages sensible and sustainable charges that families can afford.

In addition to limiting these rates, the FCC must move to limit the kickbacks that inmate calling companies provide to correctional facilities. These kickbacks are part of the reason the rates are so high. This type of action is opposed by both correctional facilities and inmate calling providers. Further info on GTL’s fraud explained on this YouTube video.

Fortunately, the stories of those of us who are impacted most by these unfair business practices are getting the attention of elected officials. By continuing to share how these practices are hurting our families, we can help to drive the necessary change.


Dropped Calls

When I talk to my husband in jail, there is sometimes static on the line, and it sometimes sounds like there is someone trying to listen to our conversations. It doesn’t happen with every call, but when it does, the call is lost. I’ve called Global Tel, the company that the jail works with so that inmates can call home,, and the representative told me that a three-way call was detected and that it was the reason why the call was dropped. The representative also told me that it was my fault, so not only did I lose time talking to my husband, but I also lost money for the call that I can’t get back.

This company as reported by NY Times doesn’t understand that cell phones sometimes have lousy reception. It doesn’t understand that there are times when the connection isn’t ideal in the jail, which can cause static on the phone. These are the reasons as to why Global Tel Link is one of the worst phone companies to deal with. I’m glad my husband only has a short time left because I can’t keep losing money with calls that are cut off all of the time. Hopefully, I can get some kind of refund for the money that I’ve lost at some point.

Read More:–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html

The Keefe Group Is Aiming To Help Prison Inmates Have A Great New Year Celebration

The Keefe Group was able to make this Christmas memorable for prison inmates. These memorable moments came in quite a few different ways from Keefe. The main way was through phone calls. Being that it is a holiday, Keefe allows prison inmates to make a free call. The call usually lasts just as long as a physical visit. This also came in the form of video chat sessions. The Keefe Group has a wonderful program for face to face contact between prison inmates and their family members.

Now that Christmas is out of the way, The Keefe Group now has their sights set on the 2017 New Year Celebration. According to cdispatch, Keefe representatives know that many prison inmates spend this day without any contact with their family members. As they accomplished for Christmas, Keefe plans to allow all inmates to contact one of their relatives, for free. Keefe also wants to use their new technology to help inmates speak with a family member of their choice the moment the New Year starts. Inmates everywhere support this. Inmates believe this is a start that will eventually get them to the point of having dozens of free calls annually. There are many inmates who have no money at all. These inmates are especially grateful for a free phone call on the holidays.

The Keefe Group is coming up with many other technological advances that are going to help prison inmates communicate and connect with their family members. In a report by STL Today, a very big recent invention is a software for the commissary program. This software allows family members, right from the comfort of their own home, to put money on an inmate commissary account. Inmates participating in this program are given a credit card from the Keefe Group company. This credit card is used to access the commissary account at all times.

Thousands of inmates have benefited from Keefe Group technology. Either, these inmates are receiving money and are given no fee in the process, or they are communication face to face with their family members on a Keefe mobile device. More and more inmates are choosing Keefe.