Selecting A Reliable Inmate Communications Service Provider

Do you have a loved one who is in a prison or jail facility? Seeking a trusted Inmate Communications Company? Possibly you are aware that Keefe Group comes highly recommended in the industry and are seeking a way to sign up for an account.

Ongoing contact with helpful relatives and friends is very crucial when someone is incarcerated. Keefe Group provides reputable inmate communications technology solutions that help them maintain contact. Lots of correctional institutions throughout the nation rely on Keefe Group for secure, convenient and reliable technology solutions that are quite easy to use and always accessible.

As STL Today suggests, when it comes to picking inmate communications company, it is extremely crucial to do your home work prior to making a decision. It can be very costly trying to stay in touch with loved ones when you are incarcerated. To lower the financial hardship on you and your family, it is recommended to join a company that is famous for offering budget-friendly rates on their phone service and related features.

Keefe Group provides products and companies that are designed to strengthen communication between inmates and their relatives, and their rates are reasonable. These include Debit Telephone Account, Prepaid Account, Secure Deposits, Voicemail Messaging, Collect Calling, Video Visitation and other features.

They provide products and services that are designed to help families and their relative stay in touch. The company provides you with different options for putting together an account and ordering telephone services. You will also have the capacity to leave voice notifications and even chat in real time during video visitation.

There are many companies that offer inmate communications systems but not all of them provide the level of program available from Keefe Group. The customer service delivered by Keefe Group is world-class and numerous families are raving about the outstanding service they receive whenever they have a question or issue to be settled.

Setting up an account with Keefe Group is quick and easy. Take a look around their website to find out more about the company and its outstanding services and features. Read more about this company on



Responsibilities of Keefe Group to Correctional Markets

It always feels good knowing than one of the people you care about is safe and is in good health, even though they are in a collection facility. Keeping in touch with the inmate is the best thing you can do for them since it gives them a sense of security. Keefe Group provides correctional facilities with products, technology, software, telecommunication and clothing. Since it was founded in the year 1975, it can been pioneering packaging of products and evolution of technological products to ensure they meet all the needs of inmates in facilities.

Keefe group has been working together with Access Securepak, IC Solutions, Advanced Technologies Groups, Keefe Commissary Network and Keefe Supply Company to provide high quality services to all correctional markets. The firm has more than 200 employees working in their distribution networks which are in 16 locations in the country. Keefe has been working for correctional markets for more than thirty five years. This gives the experience on which items are needed, how to package products and ensure they meet all their requirements.

Their Responsibilities

Keefe is responsible for processing deposits made by inmates, processing their trust funds, selling prepaid credit cards and many more. Inmates are also in a position to purchase music downloads and players from Keefe hence making their lives much better. They strive to ensure they offer quality services and exceed all the expectations of their clients. With this as stated by STL Today News, Keefe Group has been able to build a good reputation and gain more and more clients over the years. They also provide inmates with commissary items which include food products, hygiene products, clothes, snacks and many more to make their lives much easier.


Despite anything they have gone through, Keefe has always been in a position to offer their clients services. One of its affiliates, Access Solutions, has been of great help by providing them with the latest technologies. With this, Keefe is always in a position to provide cutting edge services which are safer, secure and efficient to facilities national wide. It has always been a position to raise their monthly income over the years by offering quality services to facilities as well as their different clients. To learn more about the correctional market, visit



Normal People end up Paying for Global Tel-Link’s Greed

I have seen my share of problem children. I am one of three school counselors, and trust me when I say that some children really make you question your sanity. Still, I love what I do, and I love being helpful. Not too long ago, I began treating this young girl who was a regular student, until recently. She began to lash out, and no one understood why until I started digging into her life a bit. Apparently, her brother was just sent to jail. I was certain that her behavior changed because of what was happening at home.

I suggested that the parents find a way for little Lily to talk to her brother more often. This was not easy for them. The parent’s said that the communication company, Global Tel-Link, in charge of communications charged way more than they could afford. I know that the family is not doing well financially, but I made a plan for them using some of the budget tips my sister taught me. The parents took my advice, and Lily talked to the brother more often. I told the parents to help Lily cope with the problem; she needed to channel her anger in a more constructive way. The idea worked as Lily began to excel in her classes again, and her behavior gradually improved.

Why am I saying all this? Well, I recently watched a YouTube video that Global Tel-Link was charging rates that were beyond normal for people like Lily’s parents. There we all were, trying to figure out how to pay those rates to find out that the ACLU organization and FCC thought that rates like 89 cents per minute was too high. I also found out from that Global Tel-Link added minutes and fees to bills without the customer’s consent. In short, the company cheated people. I have contacted my senator to take action because, in some strange way, I feel like GTL cheated me, too. It is horrible to see American companies take advantage of people. It is just sad.


Keefe Group Makes Money From Prisoners

I have long heard stories of the prison industrial complex in America, and I have been concerned about how our nation locks up millions of people who pose little or no danger to society. I was researching this topic, and I learned that our nation’s exploitation of prisoners goes beyond simply imprisoning them. I was shocked to learn from that a company called Keefe Group has been been able to profit from prisoners by selling them basic necessities.

Keefe Group was first created in 2006 with it landing major contracts to provide commissary services in 2008. Since this time, Keefe Group has been able to renew its contracts despite a number of scandals, and the founders of Keefe Group being convicted of forty-nine counts of fraud. In addition, the founders of Keefe Group have been forced to pay over forty million dollars in court fines as the result of their practices.

One of the things that shocked me the most was how this company is able to profit by charging prisoners for basic services that allow them to maintain contact with their families, and to receive commissary items. Keefe Group’s exploitation of prisoners begins the moment that they enter the prison system. The group converts their money into a prepaid debit card that they can use to purchase products in the prison. A fee is charged for this required service. The group then charges prisoners an exorbitant about of money to make phone calls. The group charges prisoners over a hundred dollars for a MP3 player that I realized could be purchased online for less than twenty dollars. A fee is charged for all song downloads, and any purchases at the prison commissary carry a twenty-four to twenty-nine percent fee.

These revelations shocked me and firmly established that our prisons are designed to enrich a few corrupt individuals. I encourage all people to look into the abhorrent behavior of Keefe Group, and I feel that the only way to stop this group is by letting elected officials know that this behavior will not be tolerated. Read more here:


IC Solutions: Corruption Is Their Game

If someone were to look up IC Solutions like I have, they would find themselves quite enraged and upset at what they see online about the company and how they have taken advantage of so many people out there. It is almost like they enjoy and get a kick out of it. That is what the makes the whole thing even more disturbing. They know what they are doing and they choose to ignore the negative reviews online that can be found all over the place like right here: For most companies, this would be a death blow and something that would be doing major damage to their company.

However, IC Solutions just keeps growing and growing, which is disturbing. It is quite simple, as they are an inmate communications provider. If someone is in prison, even though they are in prison, they have family members and friends that care about them and wish to speak to them. It is not like they just end up prison and everyone forgets about them. They are still a person and they are a person that people care about and they want to see them do well and succeed, even though they have ended up in prison.

IC Solutions sees this as a weakness as people need to speak to someone. Even though it is not a weakness, IC Solutions is corrupt and they never hesitate or back down from the chance to profit off someone else in a dire situation. They are probably foaming at the mouth as they know this is their chance to cash in big. The thing, though, is a lot of these people don’t have a lot of money in the first place. Because of this, sometimes they lose a ton of money they need for food and to survive simply for the phone call. Read more about the company and its services on the State Journal Register website.


I Hope Global Tel-Link Faces the Music

It was strange to hear my father say that he was proud of me when I told him I wanted to be a police officer. He has been in jail for some time, and I thought he would be shocked, but he was happy for me. I wanted to tell him earlier, but I never found the time. We didn’t talk often because Global Tel-Link’s rates were sky high at the time. GTL is one of the largest inmate communications companies in the country.

My father’s name is Bruce. He has been in jail for about 18 years now for armed robbery. A person was hurt when he and someone else attempted to steal money from a local bank. I do not condone what my father did, but he is still my father. He told me that he did it because we were going to lose the house, and he did not want us to be homeless. We lived in hotel rooms for some time after he was caught, and it was hard for me to forgive him, but I did.

Forgiving my father was one thing, but forgiving Global Tel-Link for taking advantage of people like us is a different thing. You may not know this, but Global was caught stealing ( from people. In a report by PR News, the company altered bills to include extra fees and minutes. We ended up paying this company much more than what was owed, and most of us did not even know we were being taken advantage of. The FCC released this information, and Global Tel-Link did not even ask for forgiveness. The crooks decided to try to fight the cap the FCC put on their rates. This company has definitely shown no remorse for what it has done.

My father is better than the people running that business. This is the reason why I believe that Global Tel-Link does not deserve to be forgiven, and the FCC should make an example of this company. To learn more about GTL’s fraudulent doings, watch this YouTube video.


IC Solutions: Theft Without Prison

There are two things that incredibly ironic when it comes to IC Solutions. First and foremost, it is hard to ignore their name. Their name is IC Solutions, which implies they are going to offer solutions for their customers. They are a way for inmates to speak to family, friends, and loved ones over the telephone. However, they are not giving solutions to people. They are making it more frustrating than ever. People are being doubled charged for their product,, yet they are unable to get the service they have paid for, so that is not a solution at all. That is pure theft.

That goes into my next ironic point. They are supposed to be a gateway for inmates that are in prison to speak to people. The inmates are in prison for a variety for a reasons, some are even theft. Yet, here you have a company like IC Solutions that is literally stealing from people and taking money from people. Instead of them going to prison or facing any sort of jail time, they are getting more money. On what planet is that fair? They are the ones that should be behind bars for what they are doing. It is even more maddening that they get away with it and there is no one there to stop them.

They pick on people where they know they can’t fight back and they can’t do anything about it. That is their game. They don’t pick on the rich and they don’t pick on the people that can take this to the courts. They pick on the vulnerable and weak. They are like vultures. When they smell blood in the water, they go after it, and they do not hesitate for one second. They actually enjoy this process, which is disgusting. Read more about IC Solutions company and their video visitation service at the State Journal Register website.


Global Tel Disagrees with the New FCC Regulations

Global Tel link is one of the leading inmate communication providers in the United States. The institution was started several years ago, and its main aim is to offer the best communication service to inmates and their families. The company is headquartered in Reston, and it has other offices in different parts of the country.

Not long ago, the company expressed its dismay concerning the new regulations by the Federal Communication Commission. The new regulation from FCC introduced some caps on the current rates and fees charged to the prisoners when making calls to their loved ones.

According to the ACLU, the Federal Communication Commission regulations will have a serious effect on the financial status of the companies in the industry. The quality of the services offered to the prisoners will be also affected by the new orders.

Global Tel has not accepted the new regulations. In a report by Bloomberg, the management of the company has decided to seek help from the judiciary to make sure that the new regulations are reviewed. The company has also asked other companies in the industry to challenge the new orders.

The CEO of the GTL, Brian Oliver believes that the new orders from FCC will have a negative impact on the inmates and the people they communicate with. Brian argues that the commission is not helping the inmates in any way. The low rates offered to the inmates might seem like a good idea, but the quality of the services might be compromised at the end of the day. It is also possible for the inmates to have no communication at all.

The Federal Communication Commission thinks that the low rates will enable the inmates to communicate often with their families. However, the companies in the industry say that the rates will bring a massive financial crisis to them. Some of them might even be forced to terminate their contracts.






Stay Connected With IC Solutions

IC Solutions is a communications company that allows inmates to contact their friends and relatives from jail. The company provides ( the ability to choose between a prepaid account that allows the account holder to receive calls, and a debit telephone account for the inmate to call any other non-restricted number. The account holder adds funds to one of these two accounts and the inmate is able to call without having to impose a collect call. Each call made incurs a connect fee, and then each minute is deducted at a reduced rate from the account. Before the call is live, the company notifies both inmate and account holder of the account balance and the incurred fee before connecting the call. Because neither the jail nor the inmate has access to sensitive banking or personal information, this type of third-party account for contacting inmates is ideal. With IC Solutions, the account holder adds funds to the prepaid or debit account, and then the company debits the account funds with each phone call. The company alerts both parties on the phone how many minutes have transpired for the duration of the call. The company has also implemented technology for video conferencing for inmates and their friends. In some jails around the country, this type of virtual visitation has replaced physical visitation for inmates. Get started with setting up an account here:

RipOffReport website says be prudent with an online search, however, as there are a plethora of fraudulent companies posing as the real IC Solutions.


IC Solutions: Bad To The Very Core

In all my years of reading reviews and reading about companies on the State Journal Register webiste, I don’t think I have ever come across one like IC Solutions. In my opinion, I have no idea how they are still around and still in business. A lot of people might be unfamiliar with IC Solutions, so I’ll give you a quick update. They are an inmate communications system which allows an inmate to speak to someone over the phone while they are in prison. The person they are speaking to, however, fits the bill and pays for it. It seems simple enough, right? However, there does not appear to be too much in the choice of variety when it comes to inmate phone calls.

It is as though IC Solutions has the market cornered on this sort of thing. That is why another company needs to step up and do right by the customers since IC Solutions is clearly not the company. They are not even interested in becoming that company. That is of zero interest to them. As pointed out in this Pissed Consumer review,, this person disliked just about everything with IC Solutions. That is a lot to dislike, but why would they make this up? There is no reason to make up stories.

I might believe they were making it up had I had not read so many articles about other people that have gotten screwed over by IC Solutions. If you are one of the lucky ones and you happen to speak to the inmate over the phone, there can be dropped calls. If I were you, I would not be waiting on that refund because it simply isn’t happening. That is why there needs to be options. After all, variety is the spice of life. There can be a company that allows for inmate calls and also makes money the proper way.