Global Tel-Link’s in Trouble: My Thoughts in 3 Points

Global Tel-Link is a pretty big company. It is one of the largest providers of inmate communication services for prisons across the United States. This means that I am not kidding when I say that Global Tel-Link is a big deal, which makes the mess the company is in even muddier. I am going to try to explain what is happening in three parts because I like organization.

Charging the Folks too Much

A lot of folks have been complaining about the amount that they had to pay to talk to their loved ones in jail. There are reports of people paying up to 89 cents per minute, but that was some time ago. People also pay money to use the service, in addition to the minutes they will use for the call. Keep in mind that there are other fees that I have not mentioned.

Excess Led to Greed

You would think that Global Tel-Link was making enough money from the fees and the amount the company charged per minute , but apparently the company was not content. Someone in the company decided that the profit margins were not big enough. This left the company with one choice, which was to charge the people that were making them rich a little more.

The problem was that the charges were bogus. Global Tel-Link charged people minutes that were never used and for fraudulent fees. This is going to be my go-to example when I talk about shady businesses. See,

FCC is Cracking Down

You might be wondering if anything is being done. Well according to PR News, the FCC placed a cap on what companies like Global Tel-Link could charge people. This does not mean that the FCC has found this company guilty of anything. It seems that all the documents released by competing companies like Securus are simply hearsay. I think it is evidence, but you know how the government loves to give the benefit of the doubt to rich corporations. I guess we will see what happens. GTL is on the middle of a controversy, watch this YouTube video explaining the alleged misconduct done by the correctional company.


IC Solutions Is a Communications Company Which Might Be Hindering Communication

Anyone with a family can attest to the fact that they’re often a rock upon which real change is built. It’s hard to imagine trying to recover from a huge mistake without the help of loved ones. And in a similar way, it’s hard for me to imagine how hard it would be to know a loved one is going through all that while being unable to even talk to them. This creates real desperation. And it’s something which is becoming increasingly common within the prison industry thanks to a company known as IC Solutions. I first learned about them when I stumbled on an article written by a frazzled and stressed out parent.

IC Solutions is a company which provides jail phone services and telecommunications resources for a large percentage of prisons. On the whole this seems like a positive thing. It’s been shown that having contact with family and loved ones during a period of incarceration will decrease recidivism rates. However, this is only true if the communication is effective. The big problem with IC Solutions is that they have a history of overcharging and dropping calls. There’s even accusations that appeared on of the company is intentionally taking advantage of the desperation of grieving family members in order to increase their profit. Other accusations point to reselling of payment plans or phone cards at inflated rates in order to take advantage of both desperation and ignorance of the actual charges involved.

The biggest issue simply seems to come from the fact that most people on the outside aren’t paying much attention to how IC Solutions operates. People often forget that the whole point of a prison system is to rehabilitate prisoners so that when they get out they’ll properly integrate into society as a whole. Companies such as IC Solutions are making a profit while decreasing the chances of successful rehabilitation of prisoners. This is especially worrisome given that there’s enough prisoners out there to ensure that any of us could end up with prisoners being released near us. I don’t think I’m alone in hoping that any prisoners released in my area would actually have a strong desire to live a crime free life.


Securus Technologies Continues To Pile Up Advanced Patents

The U.S. Patent office has issued five new patents to Securus Technologies, which is another milestone in the history of the company. Securus Technologies is a leading provider ofinmate communication technologyserving approximately 3,450 criminal justice, private and government organizations in North America. Use of advanced patented technology is a hallmark of Securus Technology, which claims that it has 248 patents compared to 113 patents for the entire industry.


According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, he is proud of his new patents because each one of the patent represents unique requirements of customers and the industry. Unlike other firms, Securus Technologies excels in offering a custom-made solution to its client, which has resulted in an almost unbelievable amount of intangible assets in the form of patents. He also explained that the primary reason for such a high number of patents is huge investment on research and development. In fact, there are more than 200 highly-qualified engineers and 100 field technicians who provide support to a growing number of customers.


Actually, Richard boasted that he is confident that his patented technology is the best in the industry without any doubt. He also claimed that Securus Technologies has consistently challenged its competitors to display the quality of their patents through independent evaluators. However, none of the companies, including one of the other largest inmate communication providers, came forward. Therefore, they had to call for an unbiased test, which clearly demonstrated that Securus Technologies is at the forefront of inmate communication technology sector. It is also notable that the U.S. patent office has granted nearly 90 new patents for Securus in the last three years.


The Role of Securus Technologies in Inmate Placed Calls.

There has been a notable increase in the number of the inmate placed calls currently as reported by the chief of the prisons. This is in reference to the 30 million calls inmates made in March this year. This new development is all thanks to the Securus Technologies a Dallas, Texas-based company that deals with prison technology.

The company, Securus Technologies, operates under a VoIP (voice over internet protocol), a platform that is currently the world’s leading. Having VoIP used by all not only helps save money but also helps communication manageability very easy.

Calls made to inmates or by inmates are also recorded for a maximum of ten years, to aid in the future referencing in the case of occurrence of problems that need to be examined. However, confidentiality between the lawyer and inmates is guaranteed as no record of the calls between the two is made.

Securus technologies keep the flames burning in the relationships between inmates, their friends and also families. Securus technologies can comfortably conform to any prison owing to it’s over 900 distinct features. The fact that this company has its software updates makes it very reliable as it knows of any problematical concerns before they are even recounted.

This company’s system is a safe one as any breach to their system is immediately detected and calls not diplomatically made dealt with quickly. The company has upgraded their billing methods to ensure there is a free flow of communication.the inmate may opt for a credit calling card with various denominations, direct billing or debit account where an inmate can make a call by using his trust fund account. Source article.



IC Solutions Is Causing Serious Damage To Inmates

It is often said that the more we understand each other and relate to each other, the better the world will be. Sometimes we need to take a step back and really put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. As they say, until you have walked a mile in someone’s shoes, it can be hard to understand what they have been through, how they have lived, and what they have done. Judgement is not the answer. The answer is trying our best to understand one another to the best of our abilities. When it comes to inmates, it is the same thing. Even though they are in prison, we must ask ourselves how they ended up in prison and how they can stay out of there in the future.

However, it is a process and it does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of self-awareness and self-discovery. Sometimes people need to step back, look at themselves, and find out how they got there in the first place. A big part of that is jail phone services with the people that are closest to the inmate. They need to find out where they went wrong and how it can be prevented in the future. They can offer advice, wisdom, and knowledge.

Since they are in prison, a lot of this happens over the telephone with IC Solutions, an inmate communications provider. The only problem with that is IC solutions, as pointed out in the RipOffReport website, is not conducting business in a way that is becoming of a company. People are unable to speak to the ones they love even after paying the price that they charge and all of their fees. Fees are just a fancy way to get even more money out of people that simply can not afford it.


Global Tel Link Provides Integrated Correctional Technology Solutions For Correctional Facilities

Global Tel Link has been a leading provider of integrated correctional technology solutions for the past 25 years. Reston, Virginia is where the headquarters is located, and the company has 10 regional offices throughout the country. Global Tel Link provides a variety of services including processing equipment, visitation scheduling and video visitation. Over 2,400 facilities and 1.3 million inmates use Global Tel Link.

Global Tel Link is focused on improving safety and communication in jails, prisons and other correctional facilities. It is estimated that this company provides service to 50 percent of inmates in the country. Additionally, seven out of the 10 largest city and county facilities in the country use Global Tel Link.

According to PR Newswire, Global Tel Link is one of the companies that has been scrutinized because of the cost of its phone services. The company has been accused of overcharging customers. GTL has stated that the reason the company charges the prices it does because is committed to offering high-quality services. The Federal Communications Commission has been trying to put a cap on the amount that prison phone companies can charge for service. However as one revealed on Prisontalk forums, Global Tel Link believes that doing this will reduce the quality of service that inmates an facilities get. To learn more, check out


IC Solutions Is Anything But

A company like IC Solutions, an inmate communications provider, is supposed to make things easier for their customers. After all, they are a portal between the inmate and the the person they wish to speak to on the telephone. It should not be a complicated process. It should be as simple as someone picking up the phone, calling someone, and being able to have a conversation that helps the rehabilitation process for the inmate. Chances are that their time in prison has been eye-opening and frightening and it has forced them to reevaluate what is truly important in their life and how they wish to proceed with life going forward.

If not, there is probably not a lot of hope for them. However as written on, they have people that care about them and wish to see them get better and get home as soon as possible. In the meantime, they can talk to a therapist over the telephone, their friends, and maybe even their children. It can remind them of what is important in life and how vital it is that they get their life back to the way it was before they were in prison. It is all part of a long process, but like anything in life, anything worth having does not come easy. It takes a lot of sacrifice and a lot of commitment.

IC Solutions is the roadblock between them and their healing process. They are charging outrageous prices that very few, if anyone, can afford. It is all part of their game and it is a sick little game they are playing, to be quite honest. Like most things in life, it boils down to the bottom line, which is money. They are in the money game and that is all that is important to them at the end of the day. Read more about this company on The State journal register.






IC Solutions Is a Growing Inmate Communications Company

The inmate communications industry serves an essential purpose. Helping prisoners see the happiness of the outside world so that they do not grow angry at the system. IC Solutions is a company that is devoted to serving individuals in this arena. Some customers of IC Solutions complain that the service provided by the organization is something to be desired.

One of the major complaints of reviewers of IC Solutions is that the company does not help very well with the refund process. IC Solutions is associated with Keefe Group, a monopoly organization with exclusive rights to taking care of the needs of prisoners in many institutions of the Southern United States.

The monopoly may be a contributing factor in the poor customer service. There is not enough market competition for jail phone services, which tends to jack up prices and lower the incentive to be kind to those incarcerated. If you have multiple organizations serving a prison, there will be more of an incentive to compete and offer better service at a lower cost. Keefe Group was recently shown to have been engaging in bribery of high ranking political officers in Florida in order to maintain its favored status. High ranking officials took large bribes to help the Keefe Group and its subsidiary companies, which include IC Solutions. One customer complained of paying $49.28, never hearing back from the firm.

It is necessary that the government reign back the authority of these firms, making sure that they do not unfairly influence those in power to make the overall service for prisoners poor. reveals that any people find it unsavory that corruption is high in the prison services business. It seems ironic that there are crooks servicing the needs of crooks. Holding suppliers to a high standard, with stern penalties for failure should clean up the filth.


Choosing The Right Inmate Communications Service For You

Are you trying to find an excellent company that offers high quality inmate communications service? Would like to save money, prevent hassles and have a convenient way to keep in touch with your relatives? It could be that you have heard about Keefe Group and the different services the firm delivers in the industry.

Having someone in jail or prison can create all sorts of communication barriers. But there are ways to overcome these issues, and you need to choose carefully.

Keefe Group is a reputable inmate communications company, delivering outstanding services for many years. This provider according to has been serving the correctional facilities around the nation and is well recognized in the industry.

Inmates and their relatives desire to communicate and they want an efficient way to do so. There are many firms out there offering to render this necessary service but not all of them deliver the high quality or level of service that a lot of people want. That is why it is vital to choose a firm that has an established history of meeting the needs of inmates and their families. When it comes down to picking inmates communications provider, Keefe Group comes highly recommended.

Keefe Group has sophisticated products such as their Edge Keep Trak inmate banking software and inmate self-service kiosk. They also offer other high quality services including Access Corrections suite of technological innovations that are designed to enhance day-to-day processes of facilities, consequently producing a safer, more secure facility environment.

The team of well certified and experienced representatives at this firm care about the full satisfaction of their customers and clients. They make it a priority to address customer support matters right away, and deal with issues accordingly.

By listening closely to their customers and clients and rendering exactly what they need and request, Keefe Group continues to lead the way in inmates communications and correctional commissary supply. To learn more about Keefe Group and the several services and products they supply, talk to their experienced representatives. Visit their website to get in touch with their customer service agents. To learn more about Keefe Group, visit Tampabay‘s website.



The relation between the Keefe group and the American Correctional Facilities

The Keefe group through its various affiliates has been instrumental in providing a range of solutions to the correctional market in America. The service of Keefe group has seen an alternative market sprung up for inmates which include services like personal care products, electronics, clothing, telecommunications, software solutions to food products.

Since its inception in 1975, the Keefe group has pioneered the evolution of products and technology services nationwide. The Keefe group has been offering its inmate service at state and local prisons in dozens of states in America. See, for more info.

The Keefe group took over the contract with MDOC inmate service to provide a range of services which saw it coming to effect on November 5, 2008, under a $40.4 million deal. This has been renewed over time since then and was signed upon by the then commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Corrections Chris Epps. The Keefe group held responsibilities such as:

– Handling and processing inmate deposits.

– Sale of prepaid debit cards and processing of inmate trust funds.

– Exclusive right to sell music players to inmates, the commission of which also went to MDOC inmate services.

– Exclusive rights to sell items related to food, hygiene and tobacco products.

Before the contract of the MDOC went to Keefe group, the MDOC inmate services were using the services of GT Enterprises under Cecil McCrory until the whole venture was sold to the Keefe group. Allegations of wrongdoing surfaced when it was proved that GT enterprises received $3,225,475 in 2007 and 2008 from MDOC. Mr. Epps and Mr. McCrory were both indicted for 49 counts of bribery and fraud by a federal grand jury.

The Keefe group is battling corruption charges against itself for the correctional services run by them. In a report by of separate incidents, two Gainesville businessmen admitted paying bribes to state prison officials and officers of Keefe group. An investigation followed with the two businessmen admitting to the corruption allegations against them. The lawyers of the indicted parties said on separate occasions that the Keefe Commissary weren’t indicted or even took to the stands because of their deep political connections.

A separate five-member task force was formed and met after the indictments to agree on various recommendations to promote transparency in the government and avoid situations like these in the future. If and when the recommendations are put into effect, it will see the banning of no-bid contracts along with other sanctions that will be necessary for every vendor to follow and act upon going forward.