Why IC Solutions Remains a Leading Telecommunications Provider in the Correctional Industry

Once an individual is sentenced to serve jail time or assigned correctional time by a judge, his or her interaction with close acquaintances is curtailed. Many researchers and human rights movements have come up with reports stating that inmates who do not keep close contact with their family members or loved ones are likely to go back to their old behaviors. Thanks to companies such as IC Solutions, the recidivism levels have been mitigated in numerous correctional facilities through a myriad of communication services.
Early in June, Sangamon County Jail joined the list of the numerous correctional beneficiaries of IC Solutions’ technology. IC Solutions was contracted to provide video visitation services in a bid to increase the number of visits in Sangamon County Jail. The remarkable service offered by IC Solutions operates contrary to the previous visitation system whereby an inmate and his or her visitor talk via a handset and are separated by a thick window.

Distinctive Services

Most inmates and their loved ones prefer IC Solutions as an ideal jail phone services provider since its services are customized to meet the unique demands and needs of the correctional industry. With an array of industry-leading services such as Inmate Voicemail, Flexible Calling Options, Automated Information Line, kiosks as well as Phone and Web-based Deposit services, IC Solutions has become a premier services provider in the correctional industry.

Though its inception took place in 2002, IC Solutions makes sure that its technology, services and products evolve with time and emerging trends. This has propelled it to its current status as a leading provider of innovative telecommunications solutions, which leverages on revolutionary customer services and technology. As such, over 260,000 inmates hosted in more than 230 correctional institutions countrywide utilize its services and products.

Further, it distinguishes itself from other players in the market through various traits or services such as round the clock technical support, focused account management and a countrywide network of local repair technicians. For more facts about IC Solutions, check out pissedconsumer.com.


Disconnect Fees And No Refunds With Global Tel

Many people have their own opinions of Global Tel-Link, a communications system that prisons and jails use so that inmates can call friends and family. According to PR News, this is one of the most expensive companies that facilities could use. You have to pay about $25 just to get an account set up, and there needs to be money on the account every time the person calls. At times, the call is disconnected before the allotted time. I was on the phone one day when my boyfriend only got to talk for about six minutes before the call ended. I tried to call Global Tel to report the disconnection, and the company wanted to charge me an additional fee for getting the call back or for making another call.
This is the worst service that facilities could go with because it’s so expensive and because the customer service received from the company is rude to say the least. When my boyfriend got out of jail, I still had money on the account, but the company wouldn’t refund the money back to my card, so I still have a Global Tel account with money on it just in case something happens again for my boyfriend to be back in jail. For more info, visit prisontalk.com and watch the video about GTL on YouTube.

Read more: https://consumerist.com/2014/12/18/long-after-serial-season-is-over-global-tel-link-will-keep-charging-inmates-outrageous-phone-fees/


Keefe Group an Inmate Communication Company

Running a successful business is one of the most satisfying things in the world. Keefe group one of the leading companies all over the world was founded in the year 1975. Keefe group of companies is therefore to be known as the inmate communication company Keefe group has serviced in the correction of the market industry. With exclusive experience in the products, packaging and technology Keefe group has fit in the services of the supply chain. This is through the affiliation in the supplying of food products through the correctional way. With full experience in different categories, Keefe Group Company has therefore delivered solutions by providing quality needs. Below are some of the categories that Keefe group deal with and are responsible to handle. These include;

Services offered by Keefe Group Company
• Processing the inmates deposits in their accounts
• To prepare sales of the prepaid cards and processing the inmates funds
• Computer
• Software’s
• Jewelry
• Footwear
• Financial system
• Food stuffs
With the above categories, Keefe group [check out their profile on Corrections.com] has brought attention to the consumers about what they should do. With the fight of the Keefe group corruption, this has made the company take a different direction. With the prisoners all over the world, corruption has abused and subjected the prisoners. This is therefore done under the imperialism of the prison industrial complex. Therefore, prisoners have taken a campaign in order to act against the Keefe group company. Therefore corruption has brought those results of the prisoners not to get their rights fully. Being a government project, this has to ensure that all the prisoners are well put and able to access their rights. Keefe groups company should be a running a corruption free company. This will therefore ensure quality work and availability of services to the prisoners. For more facts about the Keefe Group, visit Prisoncensorship‘s website.

Reference: http://www.cdispatch.com/news/article.asp?aid=39055


Prisoners and Their Families Fight Back Against Predatory Calling Rates

Across the country, inmate’s families are being held prisoner by exorbitant phone call rates. Global Tel-Link, the phone carrier of choice for many prisons, charges fees that are cost-prohibitive for many prisoner families. As Global Tel-Link provides all phone services to many prisons across the U.S., families have no choice but to pony up for expensive collect calls [watch this YouTube video]. These high rates mean many prisoners will lose touch with their loved ones and their vital links to the outside world.
How Global Tel-Link Works

When a prisoner wants to make phone calls home, he is allowed a certain amount of time each day to use the phone. The recipient of these calls has to accept and pay for each call. Rates for calls can be more than $1.00 per minute for calls between states. This means that a family with an inmate incarcerated in California will have to pay nearly $18 for a 15-minute phone call with their loved one. In addition, Global Tel-Link charges a commission on each call—funds that go directly into the prison’s coffers.

The Fight Against Fees

Now people are fighting back. According to LAw360.com, families of inmates have filed class action lawsuits against the provider, claiming that their high fees are unlawful, and represent an interest in putting profit over prisoner’s needs. The suit argues that regular contact with friends and family reduces recidivism and provides the support that prisoners need to improve themselves while in prison.

The California State Legislature and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took steps to reduce calling rates and commissions for interstate calls. The agencies conclude that it is predatory to charge high commissions to families who are overwhelmingly poor. They add that the welfare of prisoners is paramount, and profits should not supersede the rights of prisoner families to engage in regular contact with their loved ones.

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Great Jail Communication with IC Solutions

Dealing with a loved one in prison can be difficult when it comes to communicating with them. When a close friend of mine was put into prison, I realize that it was a lot more difficult to get in touch with him than I had originally planned. This is why I began to discover different types of systems that worked to develop prison communication systems. The one in particular that I had been using is called IC Solutions and it is one that I can’t really recommend protecting families to this day.
IC Solutions has completely changed the way that I, as well as other people, have been communicating with those who are in the prison system for many years now. It allows you to video message these individuals so that you feel that close connection that you lack and you do not have to worry about making long trips to the local prison just to be able to see them. I will never go back to the old way of communicating with my loved ones now that I know that I see Solutions is available and easy to use.

One of the main benefits to IC Solutions is the technology that they put into their video messaging services. You do not have the problems that you normally would when doing video messaging with a person in prison. Another wonderful aspect of using IC Solutions is that they are inexpensive and can pretty much fit into any budget that you can afford. This is a great option for prison families and people who have friends who might be in prison as well and just want to have better communication skills with this person. Make sure to consider IC Solutions as an option for yourself because it has worked for me and many others in this aspect. For more info on IC Solutions, read report by Pissedconsumer.com and visit their website: icsolutions.com.

Jail Phone Services

The High Price Of Communication With Global Tel-Link

Global Tel-Link is one of the most expensive phone services that jail systems could possibly use, reveals AL.com. I have had the experience of using the service when my boyfriend was in jail, and the costs that are associated with the system are enormous. You have to pay a fee to set up an account, and you have to pay a fee for each call that is made. When a call is made, you’re not even guaranteed to talk to the person for the entire time as some calls are dropped by either the system or the jail. When it comes to refunds, they are almost non-existent.
“Serial” as posted on Bloomberg, is a podcast that has featured the name of Global Tel-Link. Even though the name has been used to strike up business, the company isn’t lowering any of the prices that are associated with the calls. Some of the issues in the podcast revolve around phone systems, such as a cell phone that was used by a man who was convicted of murder and that the phone was detected by local towers when it was used. Being able to talk to people outside the jail is important for inmates, but the only way that they can do that is with a system set up by the prison. In many situations, that is Global Tel-Link. The first minute is rated at about $4 with the other minutes at roughly $.89 each. Prisons choose a company based on how much money it will receive from the phone provided instead of choosing one that is the least expensive. Global Tel-Link is expensive, and the prices don’t appear to be decreasing in the future.  Learn more about GTL, visit globaltellinkreviews.com.



Choosing A Trusted Inmate Communications Service

If you are seeking affordable and convenient inmate communications service, you are not alone. The costs associated with staying in touch with incarcerated relatives is getting outrageous.
Many families and inmates across the country are getting tired of paying the huge costs associated with staying in touch with their loved ones, and are looking for ways to cut costs. There are many companies out there offering to help inmates and their friends and families save money on their phone calls but you need to be sure you are being offered a good deal.

Most people prefer the services and rates offered by Keefe Group, a highly regarded company in the industry. Keefe Group has a high reputation for delivering on their promise. The company has been providing excellent services and users of their services are completely satisfied with the quality and rate they receive.

Keefe Group [see, prisoncensorship.info] provides inmate telephone service, messaging system, video visitation and much more. The company strives to ensure that families and inmates are extremely happy and will continue to enjoy these services. The video visitation is fantastic and is a great way to save time and money. With visitation, no travel to a corrections facility is necessary as you can schedule a visit remotely, right from the comfort of your own home.

Take the time to learn more about the various features provided by Keefe Group, create an account, and start using the service. Many are enjoying the ease and cost-effective solutions of these systems provided by Keefe Group, and so can you.

Their customer service representatives are there to help you with any issues you may have, so contact them if you have any questions or need help with anything.

I enjoyed their services and save tremendously, and I highly recommend Keefe Group. Learn more about Keefe, visit the Corrections website.


Analysis Of The Different Services Offered By Keefe Group To Correctional Facilities

Keefe Group was founded in 1975 and has since focused on provided correctional facilities with different products and services. These include food products, clothing, technology personal care products as well as telecommunication and software solutions. The group has established itself as a leader in the industry whose services have brought tremendous changes in the lives of both inmates and prison staff. The group has affiliate companies that are charged with the duty of providing specific services to correctional facilities. From my research, I have found that these member companies are Keefe Commissary Network Keefe Supply Company, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, Advanced Technologies Group and ICSolutions.

I believe that the high quality of services offered by Keefe Group has been critical in ensuring the sound partnership between the company and correctional facilities. The most outstanding factor about the company is that it is continuously pushing hard to improve its products and services despite being ahead of the competition. As a result, the company has not only seen most of its contracts being renewed over the years, but has also been able to land new deals. This information was originally mentioned on Correction Media’s website corrections.com.

Currently, Keefe has many contracts with the MDOC. These contracts date back to as early as 2006. Owing to customer satisfaction, the firm has always renewed contracts with its clients. Some of these contracts allow it to offer correctional facilities with services such as processing inmate deposits and sale of prepaid debit cards. It also has a contract to sell music players and song downloads to prisoners. As per the contract, every MP3 player goes for $115 while each song is $1.70. The MDOC receives $15 and $0.10 from each sale made respectively. Additionally, the group has a contract to sell commissary items such as tobacco, food and personal hygiene products to inmates. The deal sees the company pay MDOC up to 29.4% of the sales proceeds.

Previously, Keefe Group was called GT Enterprises. However, the name was changed to Keefe Group in 2008 when Cecil McGregory sold it to Keefe. The change in ownership has seen the company grow even faster, as the new owner focuses on increasing the services offered by the firm to correctional facilities. This information was originally reported on Jackson Jambalaya’s website as outlined in the link below http://kingfish1935.blogspot.co.ke/2014/11/prisoners-are-money-keefe-404-million-g.html

Reference: http://www.cdispatch.com/news/article.asp?aid=39055

Prisons Continue To Utilize Shady Phone Services

The prison phone industry is one that has many subtleties to it, although it seems as if the issue should be relatively straight forward. Inmates should be allowed affordable communication with their loved ones, even if those communications have to be monitored for the protection of the system. Unfortunately according to Bloomberg News, prisons continuously use prison phone services that aren’t too far beyond criminal organizations themselves, at least based on the horrendous practices under which these businesses operate. A prime example of a dubious prison phone company is Global Tel Link, and they happen to be one of the largest prison phone companies in the United States.

Phone calls fall under the category of minor importance when the standard citizen considers what rights prisoners should and should not have. According to Al.com, most people tend to have an attitude toward prisoners that favors the institution imprisoning them. Those people don’t bother looking for injustices toward prisoners, because they believe prisoners deserve injustice. That might sound insane to the rational, empathetic person, and that is because it is insane. Companies like Global Tel Link have taken advantage of the situation by offering bare minimum services and support while charging exorbitant prices. Some companies go so far as to fight against regulations that would protect prisoners from their illicit activities.

Global Tel Link is just one the fraudulent prison phones businesses out there, read http://www.law360.com/articles/792851/global-tel-link-accused-of-smear-campaign-amid-patent-row and they have a stranglehold on many families simply trying to stay connected with their incarcerated loved ones. These businesses claim their ridiculously high prices and shady billing practices are to offset the cost of monitoring prison calls, but independent studies have shown the costs could be dramatically less and these businesses would still be able to turn a profit. These sorts of companies exist for one reason, and that is to take advantage of those in a tough situation by forcing them into a singular option that is not only expensive but also inadequate. Read more about GTL on globaltellinkreviews.com.


IC Solutions Helps Keep Inmates in Touch With Their Loved Ones

IC Solutions offers services to individuals who are currently serving time. This makes it easier for inmates to keep in touch with their families or loved ones while they are in prison. Emails, phone services, message services, video visitation, photos and money transfers are all possible with the use of IC Solutions.
Inmates have many different services at their disposal when they use IC Solutions for their communications. They can have a debit or prepaid telephone account. Collect calling is available. Voicemail messaging is a possible option. Video visitation with your family and friends in real time is another great perk of IC Solutions. Secure email, photo sending and money deposits to your family and friends are additionally a plus to getting IC Solutions for your communication method.

To create an account with IC Solutions Advanced Technology, you just have to access their website. Click on the “create an account” tab. This will take you to a page that will ask you to fill in your user name, pin, password and a password confirmation. From there you can fill in what kind of communication plan you want.

Contact the customer support twenty-four hours a day if you need any assistance with your IC Solutions plan. If you have a prepaid account you can call: “888-506-8407”. If you have a debit telephone account please call: “888-888-8407”. For more info, visit Al.com.

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