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PCS and the Global Tel link are one and the same things when it comes to overcharging the prisons inmate’s calls in their payphones. Global Tel Link has a tendency to tell you that PCS is a fraudulent company as well as PCS says that Global Tel Link is a fraudulent company. This is not, however, the case. Both companies are fraudulent and act a blame game, they all dishonest as they are blaming each other. Both companies have acted unlawfully for all their customers. According to PR, this is because when you use GTL to call an inmate, you will be overcharged and there will be a hidden fee when-when the phone is not picked.
In one short phone call, you put money in the phone ad all of it is gone in one instance of a quick call, and they will demand more money immediately. You will be forced to add money to the phone and call the same day. One client put money to the call and never made a call and demanded his money out. They called him and threatened him asking why he cancelled the calls. They said that as a consumed, he never had the right to cancel the call. GTL has always pretended to save you but in the real sense, they are eating your back. More info on the Consumerist website.

GTL has been one of the most expensive fraud that I there on the market today. It is more fraudulent and more expensive than PCS, reveals This because it is a monopoly to that kind of business and can make any amount it wants from customers. It is high time that we find someone to deal with this issue. I feel that they can increase the charges more and more and become more fraudulent as they have no one to regulate them.

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Our Bail Bond Keeps Global Tel-Link Information On-Hand

Our bail bond office sits alongside a large jail, and we see families come through every day who are in need of assistance. We offer bail assistance in the majority of cases, but we have the odd person enter our office who must get in touch with an inmate. We have been blessed with a direct line due to our business’ profile, but regular citizens must make calls to the jail with Global Tel-Link. This article explains why we share the service with newly-released inmates.
#1: Calling Jails Is Difficult

Calling a local jail is not a simple process that requires a single phone number. You must have account information stored with Global Tel-Link, and we often explain how to register an account with GTL for calling purposes. I keep the pamphlets in the office, and I explain the information to anyone who asks.

#2: Families May Place Calls After A Trial

I have been in contact with family members who must place calls to an inmate after a trial results in prison. They must use the same calling plan as everyone else, and I recommend Global Tel-Link because of its simplicity. Users may keep a card with their calling information in their wallet, and I have a similar account set up for past clients I must contact.

#3: Secure Calling Is Important

Every inmate is entitled to place a secure call with an attorney or family member, and Global Tel-Link has secure calling for all users. I completely understand why families are concerned about their personal business getting out, and there is no chance of that happening over the airwaves with this company.

I share the information about prison calling with Global Tel-Link because it is the right thing to do. Inmates and families should be able to connect when needed. For more info on GTl, visit NY



GTL’s actions brought to light by Serial

Serial has revolutionized the way people think about the criminal justice system. The popular podcast has recently finished the second season. Each season has brought a certain case to light, and fans are becoming more in touch with terms throughout the prison industry. One brand name that was not happy to be featured in the Serial podcast is Global Tel Link. See GTL’s profile on

Global Tel Link likes staying out of the news. They work in prisons where their customers have no choice but to use their system, so they rarely run ads. At the beginning of each episode of Serial a re-recorded announcement from Global Tel Link. Phones play a huge role in Serial. Each case usually involves details from phone conversations or missing phones, but the Global Tel Link phones play the biggest role in Serial.

You cannot take an audio recorder to visitation at a prison, so reporters have limited options when they are trying to look into a case. Most reporters manage to record phone conversations for their major stories. For reporters, using Global Tel Link’s phones is extremely convenient, but for prisoners across the country, GTL is extremely difficult to work with.

According to the Consumerist, Global Tel Link knows that very few people are aware of their business practices. Most people do not care about prison communications companies, so GTL essentially has free reign. Serial shined a light on GTL, and recently several media outlets have begun reporting on their actions. Making calls from prison is ridiculously expensive. Sometimes it can cost more than a dollar a minute. This makes it impossible for people to stay in touch with their relatives.

GTL is under serious investigation for overcharging their customers and the government. Several companies are trying to expose their actions, so hopefully the situation improves shortly.

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Global Tel Link Under Fire

Global Tel Link recently came under fire for using hidden fees on collect calls. This led to a class action lawsuit where everyone who had either received a call from an inmate or made one was asked to participate. Find more information here… According to reports released by Aclu, Global Tel link had been using many illegal means of generating higher bills per call. These method included starting the call meter before the call was picked up, adding surcharges, dropping connection deliberately to charge customers a higher fee. It was also found that the rates were generally higher than one of the biggest telecommunication companies i.e. AT&T. Global Tel Link was able to do this due to its monopolistic rule in this niche. More information can be found here It is also seen that in some cases, calls were billed twice. The company enjoys a leadership position in this niche market and hence continued allegedly illegal activities for as long as it did. Had it been another telecommunication company with regular competition in the market, things would have surfaced long time ago. Global Tel link is now looking for all possible data to present in front of the judges to make its case stronger. Visit the GTL YouTube page for more info.


Davidson County Will Lower its Charges for Inmates

Thanks to the efforts of Sheriff Daron Hall, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office will lower its charges for inmate phone calls, changes which will take place within a few days.

In the midst when Metro is requesting for more money in order to be able to construct the downtown Criminal Justice Center in Tennessee, Hall is happy to announce that inmates at Davidson County will start paying 5 cents per minute instead of 13. Davidson County will have the lowest inmate phone call rates in the United States, something really unconventional.

According to Hall, it is crucial for inmates to be able to communicate with their families. According to psychological studies, recidivism is substantially reduced when inmates are able to communicate with their love ones on a consistent basis. Communication also reduces the amount of burden that inmates have to deal with, including family members. Alex Friedmann and Jeannie Alexander endorsed the Sheriff. Friedmann is a former inmate and an advocate for human rights. He also manages a prison newsletter. Alexander is a founder of an inmate advocacy organization.

Before inmates payed 13 cents per minute, which was outrageous. According to Carla West, there have also always existed fees that have been added to phone calls. So, instead of inmates paying $8.41 for ten minutes, prisoners will only pay 50 cents. Such rates are only applicable within the state of Tennessee. The Federal Communications Commission passed a law last year stating that jails that size of Nashville’s could charge no more than 14 cents per minute. Before, prisons and jails across the United States were charging at least $14 per minute.

Conventionally, private businesses have been profiting from jails and prisons in the United States. And one of the reasons why they charge so much is due to commissions, and usually the family members of inmates are the ones that have to pay for the high prices. According to Friedmann, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is a great example to the country and represents a good step.

An in-depth look at Global Tel*Link

Being incarcerated isn’t easy. You are told what to do and when to do it; you lose the right to choose how you spend your days. Most people don’t have a problem with that, they figure whoever has been locked up deserves it and more power to the authorities to do what they will with them. The fact people forget is prisoners are just like everyone else, men and women who make mistakes and now have to live with the consequences of their actions. We must not forget that the interned are just normal people who have made the wrong choices.

These misguided souls have loved ones on the outside- family, friends, spouses- and they deserve the right to communicate and interact with them within reason, even if they are behind bars. They are not animals to be mistreated and abused but human beings that have certain inalienable rights that should be upheld and respected at all times. Just because these individuals are interned in state-run correctional facilities does not give big business the leave to exploit them however they wish. Certain guidelines need to be established in order for prisoners not to get taken advantage of, not just on the state level but on the federal as well.

Global Tel-Link is a provider of correctional telecommunications on a national level through a multitude of platforms. They have roughly fifty percent of the market share says PR Newsiwre, which many believe will continue to grow within the next few years. As being the biggest of these providers Global Tel*Link has been under heavy scrutiny because of complaints of prisoner advocacy groups and family members of the incarcerated. Charging ridiculously high rates on calls, scamming people out of their money, and providing horrible service are just a few of the accusations levied at them. For more info read full story on Bloomberg.
Hopefully in the near future more and more people are made aware of these egregious occurrences and with it change will inevitable come.



Staying Connected To Your Love Ones Has Never Been Easier With Global Tel-Link

Global Tel-Link is the leading communications services provider for inmates and their family in the U.S. They are committed to providing an excellency in correctional communications. Inmate communications is a $2 billion dollar industry utilized by millions of inmates, families, and legal counsel. Technological advances are used by Global Tel-Link to provide quality reasonably priced correctional telephone services. They recently reported a record high in phone calls that include over 215 million prison calls totaling over 3 billion minutes. They are the largest correction communication services provider in the nation. Inmates can stay connected when they need to.

How Can Global Tel-Link Save You Money

Prepaid Services

Prepaid services are now available in two ways with Global Tel-Link. Their Advanced Pay Program allows customers that have cellphones to get (1) complimentary call from a correctional facility. At which time, you will be prompted to set up a Advance Pay account. Advance Pay allows you to purchase prepaid services and receive calls on a cellphone which are usually restricted from operator assisted or collect calls. You’ll have the privilege of staying connected with your loved ones for a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Video Chatting Features

GTL now utilizes advanced technology features to reduce the financial cost of correctional communications by combining wifi features that allows video chats. In fact, inmates can make video chats calls with their legal representation and witnesses as a conference call with Global Tel-Link’s innovative video chatting features.

As Global Tel-Link continues to pioneer the forefront of correctional facility communication, monitoring, and surveillance they have vowed to stay committed to affordable communication and new technology that will enhance the method of how users verbally interact with inmates. For more info on GTL, visit PR Newswire, the New York Times or their website.

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IC Solutions to the Rescue for Inmates

The inmates that are locked away may have little hope if they are not able to connect with their family members on the outside. The rehabilitation of a criminal that cannot connect with family is futile. These inmates will not see a need to leave the prison once they have become a part of the prison culture. They will find family inside and become hardened criminals. Fortunately, IC Solutions has come to the rescue for criminals and made it easier for many of them to reach out and stay connected with family members.

This is a company that specializes in communication for the prison industry. And according to, this company has managed to become a catalyst for video communication between inmates and family members on the outside. I think that this is one of the best things that could have ever been created for inmates. Making phone calls is good, but it definitely doesn’t beat the concept of the video visitation. This is such a joyous thing for inmates to engage in. It makes them feel connected with their family members. I think that this is something that motivates them to be on good behavior while inside. Many prisons are already overcrowded so their good behavior can often lead to an early release. This is the type of effect that IC Solutions has on the prison system.

This company has a lot of competition, but I believe that it has become one of the favorites with many customers because it is easy to use the software. There is a video chat app that is simple to utilize once your account is funded. This is also quite reliable software. I have never had any problems with this freezing up. It is one of the most stable platforms when it comes to prison communication application. Visit the PissedConsumer website to view the IC Solutions company profile. Check their website:

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Keefe Group Takes Bribes

The Keefe Group, a subsidiary of Centric Group LLC, has been exposed for its corrupt dealings with the prison system. According to, it has been easy for the company to take advantage of the system since it basically has the monopoly of its industry throughout county, state, and federal prison systems. One of these corruptions is that some of its authorities have been exposed as accepting bribes. In exchange for these bribes from businessmen, they gave part of their prison vending business to these individuals. Tape recordings of these shady dealings have even been discovered, making the case even stronger.

Although the bribing businessmen have been prosecuted, no charges have yet been brought against the Keefe Group leaders who accepted the bribes. Studies have shown that a large percentage of U.S. companies commonly profit from this sort of thing. I and many other outraged individuals encourage people to therefore write the Keefe Group for itself to demand a full explanation for its operations. Writing directly to them and any responses will aid in getting documented abuses to build up a possible case for a future lawsuit against them. I also suggest researching any individual legal fights against them and making them known to the public.



How Do I Offer IC Solutions To My Clients?

I have clients who have been trying to get in touch with family for a long time, and sometimes they realize that these people might be in jail. The only way for them to get the results that they need is to make a call with IC Solutions, and I have been telling people to use IC Solutions because they can get in touch with people pretty easily. It is a service that allows you to pick out the person that you want to talk to, and then you can get connected to them without much of a problem.

I am sure that I will be able to get people on the phone if we just search for them through the IC Solutions system, and I have seen people talk to long lost family for the first time. It is really nice to see the looks on their faces, and I know that I am really making a change in their lives. There are a lot of people who can use this system to just to find someone, and it is very important that these people keep up the search for the people who have left their lives. Sometimes this is the only way to find them.

The IC team helps people make sure that they are going to have a chance to get someone on the phone, and the only way to be sure of this is to call using their system. The system helps people get in touch with their family and friends, and shows them that they can have a real talk with someone that they love. I know a lot of people are going to need this system, and I have been thanked many times over just because I had access to the IC Solutions call system.

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