Why Global Tel Link is A Ruthless Rip-off

Talk about Global Tel Link (GTL) and you are talking about controversy in the name of one of the largest inmates communications company. Incarceration, no matter the reason for it, is not exactly a piece of cake for friends and families of the unfortunate person. Sometimes, the only comfort and source of hope for them is the opportunity to regularly get in touch with them without unnecessary difficulty. Every now and then, however as globaltellinkreviews.com says, Global Tel Link succeeds in sinking those hopes.

Shameless Fraud

Any day, Global Tel Link would try to make you believe that Prison Call Services is a fraud. I did some research and found that the latter is really owned by GTL. Ok, no problem there. What stinks, however, is the two companies’ shamelessness in their effort to reap where they did not sow by charging you for the same single service.

Threats and Slyness

I’ve come across countless incidences in which the communications services provider and its affiliate are accused of unfair charges but the worst of all is the tendency to charge you for services they simply did not provide. According to My3Cents.com, they will still come for your money even when your loved one has been released from incarceration. If you cancel any deposit to your account, they will resort to threats, never minding about your right to cancel any wrong transaction.

It’s really a game of slyness. GTL will make a show of how best it is trying to help you out of the situation and you may get your money returned to your account. However, it will soon be sneaked out of your account on the grounds of legitimacy of PCS.

Final Thoughts

Offering communications services to inmates and their loved ones is a noble profession. I live for the day GTL will understand the pain of having someone living in confinement. Only then will the company quit adding more anguish to an already unfortunate situation. I wish organizations like the ACLU does something about this.

Read More: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/global-tel-link-gtl-issues-inaccurate-press-release–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html