Video Visitation Technology is Made Available to Inmates

Video visitations are the next big thing in the incarceration sector of criminal justice. The new service has many benefits and a few disadvantages for loved ones visiting inmates by way of visuals.


One advantage is the ability for the entire family to visit an inmate instead of just the adult members of the group. Children were not allowed to see their parents in jail because of regulations that prohibited certain individuals under the age of eighteen from being entering the visitation quarters. Video enhancements, however, make it possible for small children to see their mom or dad during telephone sessions with incarcerated loved ones.


Visitation technology also gives families the option of connecting with loved ones from the comforts of home. Such benefit is a life-saver when a mom wants all of her kids to talk with their father at once. The latest enhancement lets the kids see their dad and converse with him without mom having to get everyone dressed for a day at the jailhouse.


One disadvantage associated with video visitation technology is its expense. This relatively new system has irregularly high fees that some families may not be able to afford. Such is the reason why many loved ones who could benefit from video visitations the most do not have access to such technology.