Unique Concept Employed by Keefe Group in Their Markets

Keefe Group is an initiative that has been running since 1975. They focus on serving correctional facilities, where they originate new products for their clients who are mainly the prisoners. I have realized that they ensure highly technological services across the nation. In order to sufficiently serve their relatively large market, they work with associate companies that are exclusive in service provision. Some of the affiliate initiatives include; ICSolutions and Advanced Technologies Group, Access Securepak, Access Corrections, Keefe Commissary Network and several others. Their properly-implemented model has helped them weather the storm despite the increase of challenges.

Commitment by Keefe Group in Service Delivery

From my observation and KingFish1935 as well, at Keefe, every staff operates with an ultimate goal of providing top-notch services to their clients. As well, they have an exceptional method through which they ensure complete customization of the solutions according to the customer needs. The prisoner needs and wants are many, but so are their categories of services, which are designed in such a way to meet those needs in an unparalleled manner. The employee-base is also large enough to sufficiently handle all client needs in the entire nation.

Ideal Ways Through Which Keefe Ensures Quality Customer Service

I am excited to realize that Keefe serves all their markets regardless of the size. For customers in need of shipping services, they do not charge handling fees on the bulk orders. In the same way, they ensure that they do not derail the clients awaiting products, maintain stability on their charges, as well as employ integrity and respect to their consumers. Their countrywide distributions are also guaranteed, with a recovery plan, just in case of occurrence of a catastrophe.


In my opinion, it is prudent to also focus on the Keefe contract that begun in November 2008 and has since been renewed. They have exclusive rights to provide wide-ranging services inclusive of music, reveals Tampa Bay Times. For all needs appertaining of prison services, there is no better enterprise to liaise with. Keefe Group is the leading servicer in the said market, and they have continued to expand their horizons in an effort to maintain satisfactory services to all their consumers.