The New Innovative Cost of Calling Home

The industry of inmate communications has flourished tremendously in the last couple of years because of the escalated incarceration rate. There are several leading companies who supply correctional institutions with communication systems for inmates to keep in touch with their family members while they are imprisoned. According to U.S. Prison News, Glob Tech Link is embarking upon a new endeavor in the arena of penal communications. Glob Tech Link in a trial phase is offering tablets to inmates in Nashville, Tennessee, Davison County institution. Each of the 1,500 jail inmates received their own tablet in which they can make phone calls, purchase online games, and music on demand for $25 a month. For every purchase made by the inmates, Global Tek Link is making money. There are some advantages for the use of tablets in correctional environment. For the inmates, they no longer wait in line to use the telephone system, they now can make calls right from their cells by using the tablets. For the correctional staff, inmates using tablets is observed as a management tool, noting that it keeps the inmates relaxed because it provides communications and entertainment. Another advantage for the correctional staff is that the system can be easily monitored by officers and the internet service can be obstructed when needed for protection purposes. The future of inmate communication is changing the way institutions will administer the high cost of calling home. The industry leading company is accelerating to improve the outlook of prison communications with face-to-face interactions such as the use of Skype. Global Tel Link is endeavoring to become the frontrunner in corrections innovation using new technical tools to enhance the environments within the correctional institutions.


I-Pads in Prison: Global Tel Link New Venture