The Keefe Group Provides Data Detection For Jails

The Keefe Group provides data detection for all of the jails they sponsor. This data detection is primarily used by officers of the law. This service allows officers to track outside individuals visiting and giving money to multiple inmates. This software is easy to use. Once it is installed, several representatives from the jail along with several representatives from the local police station are taught how to use this service.

Police officers will easily be able to identify individuals from the outside that are trying to commit crimes with inmates on the inside. This service works to protect inmates, too. Inmates may be setup from people on the outside without even knowing it. Police officers can quickly stop visits and stop money from being sent to certain individuals within jail.

The data detection software (read more about this on does all the work. All officers of the law have to do is analyze the data provided by the software. The software is setup to watch for daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual patterns. This software collects names, dates, time of day, and more. More amazingly, none of this data will ever be erased. This is great for court cases that take place five or even ten years from now. All officers have to do is log into this software and bring forth the information.

Jails have seen a decrease in criminal activity since allowing this software within their inmate community. Many of the regular visitors to the jail are no longer visitors. Jail representatives are happy with this, mainly because it gives inmates more visits with those that really care about them. It also gives inmates the opportunity to focus on themselves instead worrying about the drama and criminal activity taking place outside the jail. Many inmates are now going to school in jail, and some of them are even working in jail while going to school.

Jail representatives hope more jails accept this new software as soon as possible. They believe this software will bring a positive change to all jails. This is one of the few ideas both jail representatives and inmates both support. Learn more about the inmate community on