The Keefe Group Is Aiming To Help Prison Inmates Have A Great New Year Celebration

The Keefe Group was able to make this Christmas memorable for prison inmates. These memorable moments came in quite a few different ways from Keefe. The main way was through phone calls. Being that it is a holiday, Keefe allows prison inmates to make a free call. The call usually lasts just as long as a physical visit. This also came in the form of video chat sessions. The Keefe Group has a wonderful program for face to face contact between prison inmates and their family members.

Now that Christmas is out of the way, The Keefe Group now has their sights set on the 2017 New Year Celebration. According to cdispatch, Keefe representatives know that many prison inmates spend this day without any contact with their family members. As they accomplished for Christmas, Keefe plans to allow all inmates to contact one of their relatives, for free. Keefe also wants to use their new technology to help inmates speak with a family member of their choice the moment the New Year starts. Inmates everywhere support this. Inmates believe this is a start that will eventually get them to the point of having dozens of free calls annually. There are many inmates who have no money at all. These inmates are especially grateful for a free phone call on the holidays.

The Keefe Group is coming up with many other technological advances that are going to help prison inmates communicate and connect with their family members. In a report by STL Today, a very big recent invention is a software for the commissary program. This software allows family members, right from the comfort of their own home, to put money on an inmate commissary account. Inmates participating in this program are given a credit card from the Keefe Group company. This credit card is used to access the commissary account at all times.

Thousands of inmates have benefited from Keefe Group technology. Either, these inmates are receiving money and are given no fee in the process, or they are communication face to face with their family members on a Keefe mobile device. More and more inmates are choosing Keefe.