The High Cost of Calling the Imprisoned

Ms. Anthony Kofalt is one of the millions of people who suffer calling their friends and family in prison. For over five years now, her husband has been in prison following the incapacitated income solutions because of the GTL increased calling rates into prison. Ms. Kofalt spends much of her income to call her husband in prison.


Anthony Kofalt was arrested for walking out of the Walmart with over 21 boxes of Crest without paying. This is the reason why the Pennsylvania police arrested him for the charges. While he is in prison, he would love to know how his family is going on out of prison because the prison apartment is over 40 miles away, they would not afford to walk in every day. This means that their only option is to get in touch through the phones as always.


The cost of a normal call out of prison for a 15-minute call is about 60 cents. However, the cost of calling for someone those who are in prison are about $15 for the same duration. If you look at the two charges, there is no relationship. This shows us how the correctional facilities have been turned into money-making syndicates for the few companies who secure the deals to operate in the prisons.



Whenever one wants to make a call to prison, they must subscribe to the calls for a weekly fee of $25. Once you have paid the fee, you will be allowed to start paying for the 15-minute calls that are charged at exorbitant prices. If the person you are calling does not answer the call, the subscription and calling fees are extended. This means that your money expires as soon as they don’t pick the calls. With these rates, no one in the world would allow the company to continue operating in their wake.