The Communication Service that the IC Solutions Provides.

IC Solutions is one of the principal companies that are dedicated to offering communication services to the United States’ correctional facilities. It is a specialist in telephone solutions, and it devoted to providing connection services that link the inmates with their families and friends. The company also offers services that are used in the management of the convicts from their first day in prison to the day that they are released from the facility. IC provides various alternative products and services, and they include voice mails, video visitation, opening accounts, and buying phone services.

The primary solutions that are offered by the technology firm are inmate voicemails, kiosks, customer service, phone and web-based services, and automated information line. The automated information line has an interactive voice response that provides computerized answers to questions that are commonly asked by the inmates and the public. It is also used in the management system of the prisons to prove the latest information on the prisoners such as the bond amounts and court schedules. The phone and web-based deposits are used by the relatives of the inmates to refill their telephone accounts. The convicts use the inmate voicemail service for receiving voice messages, and the kiosks serve as a reliable method for collecting money from the prisoners.

IC Solutions provides it telephone services through different types of accounts. The convenience of these accounts is different, and the Debut Telephone Account is the easiest to use since the user only needs to recharge it for him or her to make a call. The Prepaid Account can be used in making calls to cell phones when collect calls bills are not given by the telephone service provider. The Collect Calling Account is flexible, and the users can make calls to any number that has been verified by the correctional facility. Read more IC Solutions on Pissed Consumer’s website.