Telmate’s Insightful Facts

Telmate is making a big difference in communication trends between inmates and their loved ones. With state of the art communication devices, inmates and county jail authorities are now able to use phone calls, video messaging and other online facilities to increase connections and make intelligence decisions that help with convictions especially for the county jail authorities.



The industry has a system run on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Everything at Telmate solution is web-based making it easy to run daily operations. Among the selection of state-of-the-art communication phone devices Telmate prides itself in are, wireless phones, housing options, short and long corrections grade phones, and many others.



With the touch of a button, friends and families can accept calls from inmates. Inmates also get the ability to leave voicemails without worrying about any loss of their recordings. Through, friends and family can deposit inmate funds. This they can do online with the use of a mobile app for smartphone and iPhone. To aid them in doing this, Telmate has live operators at their kiosks. All calls made using Telmate devices are compatible with skype, google voice mail, international numbers and all kinds of mobile phones.



Besides the telephones, Telmate also offers video visitation, paperless grievances, photo and message sharing and education to the inmates. The benefit of video visitation increases security and reduces the time spent by staff on guiding visitors as they meet and interact with their loved ones in county jails. Safety and security also get better, and there is a tremendous decrease in sneaking in contrabands to the inmates.



The most recent addition to Telmate features is the installation of tablet devices in the office’s correctional centers. This helps to serve all the inmates through secured services and operation systems that are detention-safe. This newest feature is greatly beneficial to both the inmates and the staff at the correctional centers. The tablets help the staff to transform the inmates’ lives by offering them self-improvement skills training them on various skills and educating them on a variety of other things.



Telmate is fully compliant with FCC and offers some of the lowest call rates in the communication and technology industry. All the services are easily accessible from any device or computer that has an internet access and a web browser.

Every call processed and stored is secure in data centers monitored 24/7. Maintenance of the data centers is up to date, so no one has to worry about any losses or disruptions. With the automated identity verification system, it is easy to know who interacts with an inmate and what time they do.



You will not find a better communication partner than Telmate. Connect with your loved ones today at any facility without worrying about incurring huge amounts of money.